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Darbaar (Shoreditch) Address Bradway Quarter,1 Snowden Street, Shoreditch, London EC2A 2DQ
Darbaar (Shoreditch) Phone 020 7422 4100
Darbaar (Shoreditch) Opening Hours Monday - Saturday : 11:30am - 12midnight
Sunday : Closed
Darbaar (Shoreditch) Food Price £35 - £60 per pax
Cash only

What people say about Darbaar (Shoreditch)

79 reviews
  • We were surprised that service was still pretty chaotic

  • All of the portions were quite small

  • The starters we had the beef kebab with aubergine caviar

  • Shrimp cocktail with coconut and potato and date samosa

  • The soups and salads section of the menu was not available ahd the seabass was sold out

  • I thought the highlight of the night was the grilled prawn

  • From the Chefs Special we had the goat biriyani and baby aubergine with chillies and dried plum

  • I found the biryani a little stodgy but one of my companions who is crazy about stews and slow cooked meats found it to be the best dish of the night

  • The best of these was the spinach

  • In restrospect the food was all pretty tasty

  • There seemed to a structural problem with a lack of system here

  • The ambience is oriental and the place is spaciousss and very luxurious

  • Authentic Indian taste with a modern twist for our starter which was a samosa with potato and date sauce

  • A traditional biryani and butter chicken for main course which was satisfying and rich in taste and ingredients

  • Simply the best I have ever had

  • I might say this is my favourite Indian restaurant in London

  • Went to a meet up masterclass event here last night with my friend who runs a PA company and a variety of other food bloggers

  • There is a few impressive features to Darbaar (Shoreditch) they have a chef's table and a private dining room which is really cool for private events/corporate dinner

  • Upon arrival we were given a lovely prosecco and peach liquor cocktail and shown around

  • With beautiful Next the owner and head chef discussed the science of spices which was very interesting

  • This was a fun experience and mine was delicious lashing of garlic

  • This was washed down with a lovely South African Chardonnay which was delicious

  • This was very interesting as I have never treated my chicken with lemon and salt etc but it made a difference the meat was so succulent

  • I had a look at the prices and it was all very affordable

  • The restaurant area is grandÂ

  • The food at Darbaar is designed to be shared and the menu is made up of small bites (including Keralan shrimp cocktail with coconut)

  • Appetisers (king scallops with red cabbage or nawabi chicken pasanda with rock moss

  • Inspired by the dishes which were the iconic sharing feasts of the Royal Court)

  • Naans and vegetables) and chef's specials (including baked leg of rabbit on the bone with Rajasthani chilli and corn sauce

  • Spice crusted sea bass with shrimp and coconut sambal wow

  • We started with 'hariyali' date and samosa chaat

  • Even though the menu is limited the quality is excellent

  • One corner of the restaurant was used to pile high all the dirty plates and dishes cleared from the tables and another for all the used glasses from the evening

  • Some of the cooking was subtle and even the coffee was great

  • The disaster was the Nizami baby aubergine curry floating in so much oil that it would've made a Brick Lane restaurant proud

  • Really high expectations when it comes to Indian food (and probably why he had never found an Indian restaurant he was happy with in London)

  • 30 PM but we were made to wait till 8

  • We realised it was very limited and very badly organised

  • The starters we ordered was extremely tasty

  • The main course was extremely bad

  • Specially since it was supposed to be Indian Subcontinent food but the taste was not at all close to the said dishes

  • We are forced to be there for Christmas lunch and it is totally not worth it

  • What I want to say is that the food and service does not deserve its price

  • A gorgeous restaurant with outstanding food

  • So much to choose from on the menu and the staff were very helpful

  • Made the booking on the phone only a few hours earlier and requested a nice table and when we arrived we were not disappointed

  • The restaurant is a little out of the main road and it is just down after the Hakkasan which is next door so easy to find once you get on the right road

  • Modern design with low light levels and separate bar area as well as a separate private dining room so great for events and private parties

  • No need to shout here and music is background and not overpowering

  • During a normal dinner the level of background music was perfect so you can actually talk without needing to shout

  • Many options here but as i do not drink i focus on the mocktails and they had a good selection and again the staff were able to adjust and amend any based on your taste

  • It does seem at first that there is a limited vegetarian selection but this is not the case as they are able to accommodate and make dishes off the menu

  • One of the party was vegetarian and did not go hungry

  • Portion size is perfect as any more and we would have wasted it

  • Corn Fritters Veg option and small portion size but it was nice but not spicy

  • The selection and food was fresh and clean

  • All tasty but mild with the exception of the Lamb Sheekh which had a little kick to it

  • Chutney served with the dish was just right

  • T really like Aubergine (just the consistency i think) but i did enjoy the dish and great vegetarian option for a main course which is not on the menu

  • I noticed another review said it was caked in oil but i did not find this was the case when we visited

  • Garlic nan was really nice and not overpowering

  • I was lucky as the special was one of my favourites a Dark Chocolate Fondant with Cinnamon

  • Really lovely chocolate sauce inside and it was really good

  • Even though i was full i could not resist and had to eat all of it

  • Highly recommend this dessert if you are a fan of chocolate

  • There was only some confusion over a second drinks order but this was rectified with no fuss and it is important to know that any issues are dealt with

  • Head Waiter was always attentive and kept passing by and was always able to help and advice on dishes and happy to make amendments to a dish and even suggested and made off the menu items

  • We were also introduced to Abdul Yaseen who is the owner and is an award winning chef and a modern Indian food connoisseur who originally came from Jaipur to London fifteen years ago

  • Abdul Yaseen is really nice and welcomed us taking a photo and real pleasure to meet

  • We had three in our party and we shared dishes with only mocktails and no alcoholic drinks and the bill came to £

  • 150 total for three of us) which i think is reasonable for fine dining

  • I am looking forward to going again with the 888 crew and doing a full Youtube video review so you can see more of the restaurant and private dining room

  • Would be higher if the view outside was anything special and if they had more signature dishes

  • Indian food is my one true love

  • My step father is in fact the reason why I love it so much

  • S been half of a company which has provided almost the entire UK Indian restaurant scene with tandoori clay ovens and even fitted the one here at Darbaar

  • National Curry Week is on from 9 to 15 October and among the restaurants celebrating it in London is Darbaar

  • I have been here with my colleagues

  • Highly recommended dishes are lahori fish

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