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Novikov - Italian Room (Mayfair) Address 50A Berkeley Street, Mayfair, London W1J 8HA
Novikov - Italian Room (Mayfair) Phone 020 7399 4330
Novikov - Italian Room (Mayfair) Opening Hours Monday - Saturday : 12noon - 12midnight
Sunday : 12noon - 11pm
Novikov - Italian Room (Mayfair) Food Price £5 - £10 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about Novikov - Italian Room (Mayfair)

137 reviews
  • Novikov is the hottest and preferable place to have a dinner or drinks with friends in the most posh area Mayfair

  • The kitchen is magnificent and works till late

  • The crowd in the lounge is magnificent and the rooms in bar are covered with comfortable and cozy couches everywhere

  • Novikov offers both options and it is one of the best to go to

  • It's located in Mayfair in a really nice area and it's divided into two parts with two different atmospheres

  • The quality of food was top notch but I must say it was quite expensive

  • The staff was polite and the service was impeccable

  • I doubt the food was freshly made as it arrived at our table soon after we ordered

  • We were a group of ten and we were celebrating a friend's birthday

  • Crab legs with mayonnaise are not a good combination

  • I was planning to go there with my whole family so I booked a table for 7 people

  • We were struck in traffic and I called Novikov - Italian Room (Mayfair) and told then that we are going to be late in which she rudely said that if we are not here by the time we have booked on

  • I ran so that I could get my table while my father was looking for a place to park

  • I saw that around 5 tables were empty at that time so what was all the rush about

  • Anyways our waiter was also pretty rude to us

  • Our dishes were awful and when we complaint about this to the manager he was very sorry

  • The service was disappointing

  • Both of which were terrible in taste

  • I am sorry to say that it was one of my worst dining experiences

  • I was utterly disappointed with the service at Novikov - Italian Room (Mayfair) and did not expect such a follow up even after writing then an email stating the same

  • My expensive and branded dress was spoiled by the drinks dropped by the staff there

  • The manager had assured me that the damages caused would be recovered but that was a false promise itself cause i have not received any re reimbursement yet

  • The menu has great selection of dishes on offer and the quality is definitely supreme

  • The food was just average and not even close to the price for which it was charged which put us off

  • The service was just fine and nothing great and the staff was trying us to choose as much as possible to sell their things off

  • I visited this restaurant with my friend a while back and we had a good time there

  • Our experience was not that great considering that the food was not well prepared and lacked flavor to an extent of being tasteless

  • I had a meal here with my colleague and it was a more formal outing than a casual one

  • A suggestion to the management would be to maybe cut down on the price and not on the quality of meat which is being served

  • We were terribly dismayed by the way our meat was cooked or even presented

  • Do not go by the crowd Novikov - Italian Room (Mayfair) has in and around for waiting as it is everything but a good experience

  • Novikov - Italian Room (Mayfair) is truly disappointing

  • The service that they have been providing is also very good

  • The atmosphere of the place is amazing and the service is quick and attentive

  • We ordered the Spinach and some Ricotta dumplings which were mouth watering

  • The Novikov to try aperitivo which is on my list of favorites

  • I've been to the place before and thought it was pretty average by all means

  • The prices were exorbitant

  • Novikov - Italian Room (Mayfair) is much more than authentic Chinese or Japanese food

  • The service is rushed but not chaotic

  • I have been tot his restaurant only once with some of my colleagues and what a lovely time we spent there

  • The ingredients are fresh and speaks volumes about the competency of the chef

  • The portions are decent too

  • I've been a lover of Asian food all my life and Novikov - Italian Room (Mayfair) offers some of the best Asian cuisine around London

  • We called for some Wagyu dumplings which were nicely prepared and the Singapore noodles were extremely delicious

  • I went here a couple of weeks ago with three other friends

  • The layout of Novikov - Italian Room (Mayfair) is quite intriguing and the decor very good

  • The atmosphere is lively and buzzing

  • Novikov - Italian Room (Mayfair) is a sheer delight and cannot wait to come back again

  • Would suggest coming early to grab a seat as it is definitely worth

  • The servers are friendly and attentive without being overbearing

  • The presentation of food is also well thought after

  • The prices are little steep but worth it

  • The decor there was quite nice and the seating comfortable

  • The service was plain rude and most of the servers seemed unhappy to serve us

  • Novikov - Italian Room (Mayfair) offers some really nice food and their Crispy tuna maki is worth dying

  • The service is incredible

  • Novikov - Italian Room (Mayfair) is a must try when you are in London with a group of friends

  • The atmosphere is just chilled out and relaxed

  • The food is offered in a large variety and is a little expensive but with the excellent service that is being offered you would not mind paying that amount

  • The food that we ordered was appealing and appetizing and each dish was different from the other and had its own unique flavor

  • The service was slow and the prices are high but still Novikov - Italian Room (Mayfair) is great for a one time experience

  • If a classy dinner is what you're looking

  • My boyfriend and I came here to celebrate our anniversary with a classy Italian dinner

  • Is the Coralli pasta with venison ragu

  • His venison ragu was cooked to perfection

  • The restaurant is very elegant

  • They have maybe the best service in any restaurant I've been to in London

  • Beautiful food and beautiful surroundings I was so impressed by this novikov with it split level restaurants and bars

  • The food choices were vast and such high quality I will definitely return here again

  • Went here since it was my Mom's last day in London before heading back home

  • Waiters zipping around with trays that seem so precarious

  • The music is loud but so is the place which means you can hardly hear the background songs

  • The Italian Room is one floor below and is in a large hall with multiple tables

  • The Tiramisu was just outstanding

  • I didn't know they done Italian food which is one of my favourite cuisines

  • The food was okay and the staff was very rude however the atmosphere and the interior of Novikov - Italian Room (Mayfair) was amazing

  • Probably the best restaurant in London overall

  • Has a bar downstairs as well which is always busy

  • Hasn't got best reviews because people are jealous that everyone who goes there is rich

  • Novikov is that Russian name with an Asian and Italian restaurant under one roof

  • The open kitchen is fantastic to watch the chef cook food

  • Regional Italian dishes with a contemporary twist&rsquo

  • The buffalo Mozzarella from Campana (served with very sweet datterini tomatoes and basil) was fresh

  • The fried Calamari was crisp with a good tartar sauce

  • The tagliatelle alla Bolognese was good but rather overpriced at £

  • The not terribly tender lamb chops were disappointing

  • The grilled baby chicken (with Salmoriglio sauce) was nicely browned on the outside and juicy inside

  • The chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream was delicious and I do recommend ordering this

  • You will be told that each seating is for 2 hours

  • While downstairs is the Bar Lounge where you can order food from both restaurants

  • The cocktails are also amazing virgin and the normal ones

  • We were suggested (by my friend) to try the Italian room coz the place is so beautiful

  • Everything is just perfect

  • The service is also very nice

  • All the staffs are so polite and serve quickly

  • Goat's ham with caperberrys (7.5/10) potatoes gnocchi (9/10) and salmon set (10/10)

  • The lunch we had at Novikov was the best and most memorable lunch that we had during my 8 days visit in London

  • I strongly recommend this restaurant for couples because the place is also romantic

  • The fish is so fresh and the staff are so friendly

  • I have been to the Asian Room and the experience was not really memorable

  • The service was excellent as expected

  • I also appreciated that not only were there a lot of options to choose from they also had halal dishes on the menu (bonus points

  • It was certainly the best choice of dining options in a very long time

  • Filling me with excitement from the 'get go' for the evening ahead

  • Once though the door you are yet again greeted by

  • My reservation was quickly found

  • The background music was at an enjoyable volume of being able to hear it but without being intrusive

  • The lighting however at the start of the early evening was a little too bright

  • You are spoilt for choice with an array of starters

  • I would also like to state that the portion sizes are on the large size and perfect for sharing

  • Alongside the Burrata with datterino tomatoes and olive oil

  • Both of these were wonderfully put together dishes tasting fresh and delicious

  • The wood oven pizza with black truffle

  • The cheese was creamy and melt in the mouth

  • Mains were the Scottish Lamb cutlets with new season tomatoes and mint sauce

  • Both of which again were enhanced by the carefully selected ingredient's

  • The stand out side was the roast potatoes

  • The fresh berries were ripe and moreish

  • The wine glasses were left on the table for a long time into the meal even though a bottle of champagne was being consumed

  • Subtle hints were needed to have them removed

  • The basket of bread was forgotten needing a gentle reminder to one of the waiting staff to have it delivered to the table

  • One of the best places I have visited

  • I felt like it was summer in Italy again when trying the arrabiata

  • Food was spectacular and service was immaculate

  • Spaghetti and oven baked chiken for mains alongside with red wine bottle for my hus and I

  • The service was good and staff were quick and informative

  • This super expensive and popular restaurant in Mayfair is home to Asian and Italian food

  • Upon arrival we got seated instantly and found on the menu that there is a minimum billing of 50 pound per person

  • Coming to food and service everything we got was great except the pasta

  • Truffle pizza 3.5/5 expected thin crust but was a little soggy

  • I guess the Asian food is perhaps better

  • One of the best italian restaurant in London

  • I love restaurants with white table clothes and beautiful design and comfortable in the same time

  • If you want a good restaurant in London this one is one of them

  • In my opinion the bests mains are the lobster fettuccine and the mushroom risotto

  • Good Italian food with good service

Novikov - Italian Room (Mayfair) Specialties

  • Italian
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