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Signor Sassi (Knightsbridge) Address 14 Knightsbridge Green, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7QL
Signor Sassi (Knightsbridge) Phone 020 7584 2277
Signor Sassi (Knightsbridge) Opening Hours Daily : 12noon - 11:30pm
Signor Sassi (Knightsbridge) Food Price £42 - £72 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about Signor Sassi (Knightsbridge)

139 reviews
  • Atmosphere was so warm and friendly

  • The waiter was singing in between serving us and the portions were sized well

  • The specials were priced around £

  • Thankfully we opened the next menu which was exactly what we were after

  • Signor Sassi is certainly one of the most prestigious restaurants in London

  • All the waiters are very much Italian and exemplify Italian traditions with their clothing and friendly interactions

  • Signor Sassi is without doubt on the more expensive end

  • This is one of the best restaurants I have been to

  • Servers explain what the dishes are and how cooked

  • Don't come here if you are in a hurry

  • S better if you can book a table in advance but is not essential

  • Signor Sassi (Knightsbridge) is big enough to contain a lot of people

  • The food as you expect is hearty and true

  • It is all fresh and the prawns with a hint of chilli are a must try

  • A little fiddly to eat they go down well with tagliatele and a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc

  • Booking a table is recommended

  • This is probably one of the best Italians in the region

  • Delicious food dished up well and with the true Italian flair

  • The most interesting thing about Signor Sassi is that it provides you with elegant

  • The food and service were excellent and would definitely recommend this restaurant as it is unique and original

  • Signor Sassi (Knightsbridge) serves really nice Italian food that is suitable for a quiet night out

  • They could do with fresher ingredients

  • Cor is amazing and the food served by them is pretty amazing

  • It is a lovely place with some nice interiors

  • The dining room is very thin and winding

  • The seating is the kind one might find in a banquet

  • There are two dining rooms with a capacity of seating sixty people each

  • I really like Italian food and is absolutely in love with Signor Sassi (Knightsbridge)

  • The service is quite friendly and takes care of all the customers very well

  • The waiters here were amicable and over friendly

  • What was most disappointing was the extra bottle of water added in our bill

  • I am their regular customer it is been more than 20 years

  • Signor Sassi (Knightsbridge) is so great that you will never get bore

  • The food is pretty amazing and everyone in your family is going to like the choices that they will be providing you

  • The service is good but they can use some lessons

  • It give you a complete fine dine experience serving some exquisite cuisines along with a good wine

  • We went here because we have tried the food at a restaurant belonging to the same chain and were disappointed

  • The food here was very poor as compared to the other place

  • The atmosphere is also quite vibrant all the time

  • The only downside for me were the sauces which were absolutely dry and tasteless

  • Signor Sassi (Knightsbridge) should be ranked among the best Italian restaurants in the United Kingdom

  • The atmosphere of the place is lively and the waiters are generally singing or joking in Italian

  • Well cooked and is utterly delicious

  • Everything is delicious and perfectly cooked

  • The place can get a little crowded so it is advised to book a table in advance

  • Milanese and Pasta both were splendid to our taste buds

  • Everything about Signor Sassi (Knightsbridge) was very appealing interiors were soothing

  • We ordered for Tagliatelle with monk fish and ravioli with crab and lobster

  • The ambiance was also not that good

  • At the end of our meal we were asked to give 12 percent tip which according to me is optional but according to my waiter it was necessary

  • The service is impeccable and flawless

  • The desserts are out of this world

  • I decided to visit Signor Sassi (Knightsbridge) which looked like a good choice as it was fully packed

  • I ordered Antipasto Romano which came with traditional Roman Antipasti of Salami

  • The waiters were very slow on their feet and their service was lacking big time

  • It is a decent restaurant but there are other places that I would love to go to

  • I mostly go for their Lobster or prawn spaghetti with extra spice

  • They use Marzone tomatoes which are simply the best ones

  • The food here is absolutely wonderful

  • The desserts were equally good

  • The service is not that great though

  • This petite place is tucked away in an alley

  • To begin with the service is as great and appreciative as the food at Signor Sassi (Knightsbridge)

  • Their Blackcurrant sorbet was delighting and did it for me

  • On an expensive end but that is not surprising in this area

  • None of the dishes are great but every dish is good enough hat you will feel good that you are having it

  • Only to have our cutlery thrown at us as though they were obliging us

  • Do not waste your time here as there are better options at your disposal

  • Signor Sassi (Knightsbridge) is one of the most authentic Italian restaurants in London with an over enthusiastic crowd always at it's tables

  • I followed it with the chicken with spinach stuffing it was very dry and tasteless

  • The service was very rushed

  • The review was just a formality

  • Signor Sassi (Knightsbridge) has always lived up to my expectation and that is the reason I keep returning every time for more

  • The service is great and the staff very polite and friendly

  • I was a little disappointed with the staff behaviour

  • The food was excellent and the ambience of Signor Sassi (Knightsbridge) is warm and nice

  • The only thing that put us off was the rude staff behaviour and I would like to suggest the management to work on the service and would prefer if the staff could be more warm and friendly

  • I recently paid a family visit to Signor Sassi (Knightsbridge) and it was a pleasant experience

  • The service is pretty quick and efficient and the staff is quite warm and friendly as well

  • Overall it was a wonderful experience and thus

  • I was here with a couple of friends and had a wonderful time

  • The service was quite efficient with the staff being warm and friendly

  • The ambience was just perfect and we had a great time here

  • I went here with my family for an early dinner

  • All the servers are mostly Italian

  • We got free flow bread compliments and the butter is shared on the table

  • Everything was perfectly cooked

  • The lobster itself was yummy and full of meat

  • One of the best Italian restaurants in London the singing waiters always make me giggle the decoration is so quirky and the food is always on point

  • The spaghetti in lobster bisque (on the specials menu) is literally the best spaghetti I've ever eaten

  • An amazing Italian with so much character

  • The food (especially the Veal) is out of this world

  • The fact that the staff sing and shout adds to the experience and the food is always amazing

  • The fettuccine Alfredo is how it should be and it's definitely the best tiramisu I've ever eaten

  • Signor Sassi (Knightsbridge) is really nice

  • Spaghetti Lobster is the dish to go

  • The food and dessert were both phenomenal

  • I was impressed with their menu

  • This is the best Italian I have ever had in London

  • The lobster was oh so good it blows my mind every single time

  • A very popular place with celebrities

  • The service is brisk and professional

  • They are famous for their lobster spaghetti which was really nice

  • The pancakes are very good too

  • Everything was extremely delicious

  • The only problem I had was with the service

  • The waiters are rude to some customers

  • With many celebrities who have graced this restaurant with there presence

  • The restaurant while busy for dinner was just too loud

  • Grilled fish was just 'grilled fish'

  • The best thing I felt was penne arrabiata full of flavour and taste

  • It goes unsaid that this is my favourite Italian restaurant in London

  • So many GOOD memories are made here with my closed ones

  • Our orders were served on time contrary to other reviews that i've read

  • We came at around 2 in the afternoon and there were still a lot of people coming to eat luckily we found a vacant table for us

  • The waiters were also friendly

  • Beautiful interior and delicious Italian food ❤ Signor Sassi is one of the most traditional Restaurants in London

  • This is not the best Italian food I have had but I should say Food was really good both in terms of taste and quality

  • Service was quite good and ambience was very homely

  • My only little complaint is you have really maximized your space and all of us were feeling kind of claustrophobic and so were the others around us as we could hear a few comments going around

  • The only downside would be that the space is tighter than what I'd be comfortable with

  • The aroma here is everything you would wish for in an Italian restaurant

  • The service there is fantastic and the food was good

  • The fried calamari was crispy and the sauce that it accompanied with was outstanding

  • The truffled mash potato was the highlight of our meal

  • The truffle's taste was so strong and I LOVED IT

  • The veal reale was delicious as well but I would prefer the one in C London tbh

  • We tried several ones and all of them were up to standard

  • The ambiance was ok just one issue the restaurant has food cooking smell

  • Is not a restaurant is THE restaurant

  • Dinner last night was a fantastic experience

  • Both the dishes were outstanding and would give them full marks

  • Signor Sassi is one of my favourite restaurants in the world and a visit is highly recommended

  • The food here is delicious they make this vegetable based pasta with butter garlic sauce and it is truly divine

  • The service is second to none

  • The staff in their crisp white uniforms are super friendly

  • Our current favourites are rack of lamb in red wine and herbs and sea food risotto

  • The bread here is at par with what you get in Italy

  • Unusually humongous servings per dish which is rare for most Fine Dining restaurants

Signor Sassi (Knightsbridge) Specialties

  • Italian
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