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Jamie's Italian (Covent Garden) Address 11 Upper St Martin's Lane, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9FB
Jamie's Italian (Covent Garden) Phone 020 3326 6390
Jamie's Italian (Covent Garden) Opening Hours Monday - Sunday : 12noon - 10:30pm
Friday & Saturday : 12noon - 11pm
Jamie's Italian (Covent Garden) Food Price £35 - £60 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about Jamie's Italian (Covent Garden)

142 reviews
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  • The staff was very friendly they got bread for the people who were waiting there

  • Our waitress was very pretty and she was very helping

  • Only problem was that Jamie's Italian (Covent Garden) was filled so we were served pretty fast and that is understandable

  • Jamie's Italian (Covent Garden) was horribly crowded today and I am glad I reserved it in advance

  • The service was excellent and always waiting around in case we needed something

  • A word of advise is that come as early as possible as the queue can become long as the time passes by

  • Both the dishes were worth every morsel

  • Given the bar staff are the first point of the contact with the public they surely need some re training

  • Jamie's Italian (Covent Garden) is too over hyped and was a complete disappointment

  • The service was still efficient

  • I had fried squid to start and they were mouth watering

  • I went to this restaurant last night with three of my friends and was very disappointed

  • The white wine I ordered was so warm that I asked for a cold glass

  • The crispy squid was so oily that it should be renamed to oily squid instead

  • We visited Jamie's Italian (Covent Garden) in a group and were pretty excited about Jamie's Italian (Covent Garden) but anyhow at the end were disappointed

  • We had booked the order for 2 and by the time we reached no one was present there to greet us at the door

  • The table where we were seated was quite dirty and the drinks that we had ordered more or less were dumped on the table instead of being placed

  • After being disappointed with the food and the bad service we did not leave any tip

  • The food is really good whether it's pizza or pasta and even the drinks like beer and wine are of very good quality

  • I don't have much idea about the desserts as we were over stuffed

  • I visited this restaurant with my friend for a meal and was really impressed

  • The food is awesome here and the staff is quite nice and friendly as well

  • The most amazing thing about Jamie's Italian (Covent Garden) is that they offer good value food

  • Had an hour wait but was to be expected

  • The weird thing was that when we asked for bread

  • Which we sat (eating) wondering if the bread was good or bad

  • The lamb chops were very good and so was the turkey mains

  • Even the vegetarian mains were very well done

  • The chicken mains that we ordered was a bit salty and we happily overlooked it since most of us understand that in a busy restaurant such things can happen

  • Unfortunately we were too stuffed to enjoy them throughly

  • I ordered the sausage which dosen't sound like much but it was sooooo nice

  • Great flavour and it came with polenta chips which was great

  • My friend had the port and is still talking about it till this day

  • The waitstaff were very friendly and provided prompt service

  • The overall dining experience was first class

  • Even though it was all hectic but Convent Garden has always been the best place to hang out at

  • I went there a couple of months ago when the weather was really cold

  • I went to his new restaurant Jamie Oliver's Diner and I didn't like it (burnt and dry burgers with soggy fries)

  • The place was packed with families and couples surprisingly mostly English people (not that many tourists

  • We decided to start our meal with two non alcoholic cocktails

  • Some dishes were a bit bland and overpriced in my opinion for what they were

  • Special mains were both good but I think it could be easy to find something similar for cheaper elsewhere in central London

  • This restaurant is owned by Jamie Oliver

  • The mountain of tagliatelle was cooked perfectly al dente and the beef ragu was rich and juicy with plenty of lean meat

  • Can sit outdoors on a sunny day (which it was and we did

  • The Italian nachos came with a funky tasting sauce

  • We started with the Italian nachos

  • The prawns were quite small and simply boiled and pretty much lacking flavor (why not grill them

  • Though the pasta was slightly undercooked

  • So its just fair to visit a restaurant which is rustic in appearance as well

  • Oh what a delight it is to be at this restaurant

  • Many people would complain that the place is always noisy and busy and all that crap

  • Local beers are also available

  • The first one as the name suggests is a mix of gin

  • The second one is a mix of limoncello

  • Like the one which is coming up next

  • I think its alright as fresh ripe tomatoes are a little difficult to find during this period

  • The sauce and polenta was rich and heavy

  • Juliennes of wild rabbit breast cooked in a ragu with garlic and herbs

  • Luckily I was with my vegetarian (yeah

  • Believe me I was happy that Sarah was with me

  • We ended our meal with a divine Tiramisu

  • I felt like I was eating my way through one of Jamie's recipie books

  • Classical Jamie's Italian Restaurant with a nice and warm decoration

  • I like Jamies' especially cause they are kid friendly

  • Pasta dishes are simple &

  • Not over the top nor are they complicated

  • The waiter was very nice and the food was great

  • The location is just perfect near picadilly circus

  • Great option if you are looking for a place to have a fancy friendly chill dinner or maybe a casual date

  • Definitely not the best Italian food in London

  • One of his many business endeavours as a restauranteur is his chain of Italian eateries

  • Were established in 2008 in partnership with his mentor

  • I left quite disappointed with our meal at Jamie&rsquo

  • My expectations were high and I don&rsquo

  • T think the food was particularly special or worth the price

  • Mushroom pizza and chilli pizza all 3 brilliantly done but the latter a bit too spicy for me also (the waiter did gulp when we were ordering it and suggested us against it)

  • Not all food on the menu is authentically Italian

  • Jamie's Italian is super popular and gets very busy

  • S almost impossible to go anywhere in London these days without seeing something with Jamie Oliver&rsquo

  • T be long till there is a fleet of Jamie Oliver branded London buses

  • I thought it was worth a twirl

  • When we left the place the waiters was making a joke about the tip we had left

  • The place is really neat and clean and perfectly decorated with lots of jamie's books

  • We went there for lunch in order to try the super lunch menu which is available from 12am to 6pm

  • The flavour was spot on and the texture was very smooth and crispy right when it was supposed to

  • The freshness of the whipped creme fraiche and of the orange really contraded with the hotness of the cake itself

  • We recently were over in the UK and Paris and as has become customary

  • S Italian in Covent Garden as we were attending a west end show nearby

  • Some items were not available to order though

  • The Roast pepper and tomate soup with a focaccia bread was a wonderful combination and so deliciou that I could eat every day

  • Very nice but my mind was on the soup

  • The food is so tasty and the place is lovely and well decorated

  • Sumptuous Italian with an amazing ambience

  • Food is served with warmth and a blow of delicious tastes

  • Food is delicious and people are incredibly nice

  • All ciders are worth trying

  • Sea bream fillet served with juicy clams

  • The mussels and clams were fresh and succulent and the cannelini beans were so soft and melts in your mouth

  • The shrimps linguine was really good but needed a bit of cheese

  • I ordered burrata cheese but unfortunately it was not available

  • I order a pasta that was made to my order and taste

  • Otherwise it was a good meal

  • What should have been another awesome experience at Jamie's was unfortunately marred by horrible Maitre'D

  • Where all the servers were storming back and forth with good and empty plates

  • My experience with the restaurant is that he (RACISM) Does not respect human rights they Ruling on man through skin or religion

  • Thank you for opening my eyes to the fact that racism is still unfortunately present among us

  • Pasta was great with good flavours and the bread was really nice too

  • They could've done better with their steaks

  • We asked for medium but got more medium well and it was quite tough

  • The chocolate fondant was broken when it came and the ice cream was already half melted

  • It was a Friday evening and it was almost full

  • The dessert was disappointing

  • The starters were very good and the Tiramisu I really recommend

  • Happy staff who are well trained and professional

  • Overall great experience that is well priced

  • Our friends were praising the food and really eager to go to a Jamies

  • Also since it was near the venue where we were watching a play

  • The service was also very thoughtful

  • Overall it was a good experience

  • The pasta if it was fresh did not look and as for the house wine

  • A restaurant with this name ahead weight should be more careful with the choice wine

  • I know that I am very lucky because here in Portugal there are very good Italians

  • As expected i was so pleased

  • Juicy creamy served with pesto and tomatoes

  • Juicy and the herbs stuffing is just perfect

  • We tried veggie tagliatelle bolognese and sicilian chicken not remember the exact names i can briefly say pasta was disappointing

  • What we really like was their homemade ketchup and mayo

  • That is served together with smashed avocado and lemon zest

  • Is squid ink ravioli stuffed with lobster and prawns in a creamy tomato and shellfish sauce

  • The only problem is all these delicious stuff is served in small portions (at least for me

  • Very good service plus stuff is also very humble

  • There pasta are fresh and delicious i will personally recommend British crab spaghetti

  • Good price despite the area but even though the food is good it&rsquo

  • S Italian food mixed with other western elements

  • Price does the justice with food and the staff is really attentive and humble

  • Nice and casual very chill all the food was great couldn&rsquo

  • Our waiter was amazing very friendly &hearts

  • Coming from Australia to visit our son who is working here he had been to the restaurant before so highly recommended by him

  • Seated downstairs we were greeted by Kelvin who kept us informed and entertained all evening

  • His service (and other staff) was outstanding and all of our group enjoyed the fine Antipasto and Pasta dishes being served

  • Apart from the food the Italian themed wine list is very appealing as I chose a Venetian Pinot Noir which was outstanding

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