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Langan's Brasserie (Mayfair) Address Stratton Street, Mayfair, London W1J 8LB
Langan's Brasserie (Mayfair) Phone 020 7491 8822
Langan's Brasserie (Mayfair) Opening Hours Monday - Thursday : 12noon - 11pm
Friday & Saturday : 12noon - 11:30pm
Sunday : Closed
Langan's Brasserie (Mayfair) Food Price £66.5 - £114 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about Langan's Brasserie (Mayfair)

48 reviews
  • The ambiance is great with the place buzzing even mid week and the service very friendly makes it a relaxing evening

  • Its a little expensive but with this location that must unfortunately be expected

  • Most of the famous Langan art collection was sold at auction in late 2012

  • A scallop shell contained sliced scallops with a crust of breadcrumbs and chorizo

  • My only criticism is that the dressing for the salad was a bit sharp

  • Pleasant Marie rose sauce but lobster that was served in rather large chunks and was not perfectly tender

  • Red cabbage was tender enough

  • Had too much sweetness and not enough vinegar (12/20) though French beans were carefully cooked (14/20)

  • Veal Holstein is a very retro dish named after Count Holstein

  • It being a Weiner Schnitzel topped with an egg to add just a few more calories to a slab of deep fried meat

  • Chocolate fondant had a hazelnut ice cream topping and was suitably rich

  • The warm liquid chocolate filling was enjoyable (14/20)

  • Chocolate ice cream was good but mango sorbet had a slightly grainy texture (13/20)

  • The cooking was between 13/20 and 14/20

  • Every window pane has Langan name with illuminated red fluorescent lights

  • Is a semi hemisphere enclosure draped with thick velvet curtain

  • Stepping inside Langan's is like a transformation from the pandemonium on Piccadilly Street

  • Peter Langan and Richard Shepherd were the three that brought Langan Brasserie to where it is now with a menu that

  • The dining room on the ground floor is just a massive 'L' shaped room

  • Private rooms are available for hire on the 1st floor

  • I do not think there is a formal dress code but the lunch diners are largely on business

  • I am glad that there was no background music to compete

  • Comfortably warm but the toilets are like cold rooms

  • Many diners were already gay and merry halfway through their main courses

  • Countless cups of Irish coffee were ordered after

  • Not sure if they were trying to sober up just enough to make their journey home but still in keeping with the tipsy spirit

  • It is hard work trying to cope and keep sane with the crowd as such

  • Langan's Brasserie is a proper London brasserie serving just good honest

  • I am afraid that there is no room left for desserts

  • Just a pot of peppermint tea (akin to having chinese tea with chicken rice) to ease the surfeited stomach

  • Generous portion of cod served with proper tartar sauce

  • I substituted the chips with mashed potatoes

  • Grilled sea bream with marinated peppers GBP 19.50 &ndash

  • Slow roast shoulder of lamb with boulangere potatoes GBP 17.50 &ndash

  • Cutlery etiquette should be forgiven with a dish like as it only does justice to the chef and plate of food to use my hands

  • Langan's is an elegant London restaurant with a really nice atmosphere but a menu that I wouldn't travel far

  • Coming to Langan's is a nice experience

  • The restaurant is elegant and the service is really great

  • I thought that the menu was more British than typical brasserie food

  • I felt that the menu was really not extensive and we had very few choices

  • As always the best Brasserie in London

  • Lunch with my old school pal a delight and the Rhubarb Crumble with Ginger Ice Cream spectacular taste

  • Fine dining is something which is completely foreign and scary to me

  • I managed to win a meal through work so was super excited to finally try something new

  • The decor of Langan's Brasserie (Mayfair) is simple but very impressive

  • The staff were so friendly and as expected the service was first class

  • Everything was well cooked and the choices were very enticing

  • Can't wait to go back when we are next in town

Langan's Brasserie (Mayfair) Specialties

  • British
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