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Bocca Di Lupo (Soho) Address 12 Archer Street, Soho, London W1D 7BB
Bocca Di Lupo (Soho) Phone 020 7734 2223
Bocca Di Lupo (Soho) Opening Hours Monday - Saturday : 12:15pm - 3pm, 5:15pm - 12midnight
Sunday : 12:15pm - 3:15pm, 5:15pm - 11pm
Bocca Di Lupo (Soho) Food Price £5 - £10 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about Bocca Di Lupo (Soho)

34 reviews
  • The view We started in Campania with smoked mozzarella

  • The flavour of the smoked mozzarella with the oily borage was in balance

  • We got the suppli which are rice balls with mozzarella coated with breadcrumbs

  • The olives stuffed with minced pork and veal

  • You will be familiar with Bocca Di Lupo if you love eating out in London

  • T quite by accident that I was drawn to the New Year Day release of The Theory of Everything &ndash

  • Hawking writes an equation to prove that there was a beginning of time

  • A book that was born of a preoccupation of a more delicious kind &ndash

  • S obsession with the right shape of pasta for the right sauce

  • S name comes from the tool that was used to cut the pasta &ndash

  • Or perhaps it was named after the chef

  • 9) was pinched into delicate pleats and stuffed with pork and veal

  • Housewives had to fill long winter evenings with some sort of activity

  • Pappardelle with venison ragú

  • In the Veneto and Romagna with a pigeon one

  • I had mine with a venison ragú

  • The only place they could be was in the moment

  • Being Italian I inevitably feel ripped off when I leave a restaurant with overpriced food I feel I could have made better at home

  • The ingredients are incredibly fresh and tasty

  • I happened to be sitting near the spot at the counter where dishes were coming out of the kitchen and into the restaurant and every single dish looked amazing

  • Sit at the counter table and enjoy every meal while watching what is going on in the kitchen

  • Reservations are never easy to get

  • Unless planned with a lot of notice

  • Their bolognese is delicious and its a perfect place for a pre theater dinner or a casual meal seating at their bar area (no booking area)

  • Were all made with homemade pastas

  • Next time I'd like to try the fish and many of the other dishes they were making in front of us

  • Sitting on the bar stools was fun but maybe next time will also try reserving a table

  • I know that it is quiet Hard to get a table but we were lucky to get one

  • The restaurant offer counter seating behind the bar as well as a more formal table setting at the back with table service

  • I was pretty impressed with my first dinner experience at Bocca di Lupo four years ago and wondered if much has changed since then

  • We ordered a good variety of food so we were all able to try different dishes

  • Sitting at the bar was a great experience as we could see the chefs in action

  • The polenta dish was amazing too

  • The website has limited availability (for no clear reason) so make sure to call them for a reservation and ask for the counter which is more fun than the tables in the back

Bocca Di Lupo (Soho) Specialties

  • Italian
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