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Royal China (Marylebone) Address 24-26 Baker Street, Marylebone, London W1U 7AB
Royal China (Marylebone) Phone 020 7487 4688
Royal China (Marylebone) Opening Hours Monday - Thursday : 12noon - 11pm
Friday & Saturday : 12noon - 11:30pm
Sunday : 11am - 10pm
Royal China (Marylebone) Food Price £28 - £48 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about Royal China (Marylebone)

133 reviews
  • The beef chili dishes are excellent as is the Duck and Rice plates

  • The negatives in the baker street branch is the waiting time on weekends

  • Mains from the a la carte menu are good but can be a bit too oily

  • I loved the food at royal china it was so good i thoroughly enjoyed myself at this outlet

  • I ordered some veg mixed veggies which were also very good i loved my experience at royal china

  • The ambiance was great the cutlery was nice and the staff was quick

  • The restaurant is located in a nice place it is very prominent and one can't miss this restaurant

  • So the ambiance is not of an elegant and intimate restaurant

  • There is enough space between the tables that you are not bothered by your surroundings

  • Now the food is what you need to know about

  • My favourites are the Crispy Noodles with Chicken

  • Not only do you get to try more things but it also makes it much less expensive per person (although the value is already very good)

  • The restaurant is filled with all types of clients from businessmen to friends to romantic couples

  • An amazing Chinese restaurant with a complete feel of the Chinese culture and extremely friendly staff and relishing Chinese food

  • The restaurant is one big room

  • You will be the happiest if coming with a group of friends so you can order a couple of dishes

  • The crispy duck is an absolute must have here

  • I would also highly recommend the vegetables with crispy noodles

  • Singapore glass noodles with chilli and pork (only available at dinner time) and the chicken with cashew nuts

  • If you eat gluten free your options are limited but you can still enjoy the meal

  • The shredded duck still tastes amazing with egg fried rice (even without the sauce and pancakes)

  • Nothing else is gluten free

  • Royal China Baker Street is an established restaurant with quality food and a pleasant ambience suitable for families and friends

  • A gold feature wall with concealed lighting adds to the modern and understated decor

  • The salt and pepper prawns are probably my favourite appetiser

  • Deep fried in a savoury batter and garnished with garlic and dry chilli

  • You must try the Peking duck with pancakes great to have as a course in between starters and main for the ultimate feast

  • Deep fried goodness with a sweet coating that goes perfect with their vanilla ice cream

  • This is a very beautiful restaurant with good food to match

  • I'd recommend beginning with a serving of spring rolls and chicken and sweet corn soup

  • I've been coming here for close to 10years and after experimenting with different rice dishes and the results have yielded an unequivocal conclusion

  • The lotus leaf rice is the best one

  • They have a bar if you fancy a drink and the staff are professional

  • Royal China (Marylebone) is on the more expensive side its definitely worth visiting especially if its a special occasion

  • This has to be the best I have had until now

  • The flavors emergent from the dim sums were brilliant and very subtle

  • I visited Royal China (Marylebone) with my partner last week and had one of the most disappointing dining experience ever

  • We booked the table in advance but were denied of it once we got there

  • The quality of food was like a revenge for troubling the staff to get a clean glass of water

  • The food at Royal China (Marylebone) is the only good thing about it

  • The service is inattentive and really falls short of basic expectations

  • The pork dumplings were served very gooey and lacked flavour

  • The food here is delicious and absolutely appetizing

  • It is well prepared and and is delightful and fresh

  • The food is not very cheap and the prices are a bit high

  • The best pert is that you don't have to book a table in advance like most other places

  • This restaurant is perfect for a family meal and the menu was quite a varied one

  • We had duck which was quite crisp and we really enjoyed our meal

  • We had dumplings which were absolutely delicious and I must recommend you all to try Royal China (Marylebone) and I am pretty sure that you won't get disappointed with your choice

  • This is a pretty huge restaurant with a capacity of around 200 people at a time and the ambiance has identical gold and black lacquer decoration

  • This branch is a little bigger than it's sister branch

  • The food is amazing here and the quality is also pretty amazing

  • The service is very good here and the waiters are very friendly

  • Were stuffed with garlic and chilli

  • We also had an easy and pleasant merlot to do with the eggplant wrap with shrimp and pork

  • Is quite expensive but does a good job at filling you up with lip smacking flavours

  • Royal China (Marylebone) is serving real good authentic Chinese food

  • The only major downer is their staff who did not provide me extra chili sauce on my demand and asked me to buy a bottle if i want extra

  • Royal China (Marylebone) is awesome in every aspect

  • The customer service is amazing here and same goes to the quality of the food

  • The food is cooked perfectly and everything which is offered here is loved by me and everyone who comes with me

  • The whole process of reaching to the dining area is very stressful and time consuming

  • You have to keep in my mind your ticket number and be alert to see who is immediately before you and who is after you

  • As soon as our name was called and we finally got a table

  • The menu features typical dim sum that we were already familiar with

  • We ordered a selection of dim sum from the main menu with notions of trying a few specials later

  • S Xiao Long Bao were just as tasty as the ones I&rsquo

  • D tried in Shanghai with a rich broth

  • They also come with a chicken and mushroom filling and I regret not being able to find extra room to try these too

  • Aromatic prawns mixed with vegetables and bamboo

  • Ve ever had and they were packed full of well seasoned pork filling and nicely browned on one side

  • Flaky glazed pastry filled with piping hot succulent pork

  • 3.80) which had a similar topping to prawn toast but the steamed rolls were filled with pieces of succulent prawn

  • T win me over was Honey Roast Pork Cheung Fun (£

  • The honey roast pork inside the rice rolls was perfectly cooked and I liked the accompanying sweet soy sauce

  • We found room for some dessert and were tempted by the Steamed Sweet Egg Custard Buns (£

  • Piping hot and perfectly round buns were filled with a dense

  • Creamy egg custard with just the right amount of sweetness

  • Royal China Baker Street is a great spot for a dim sum fix and is very affordable for the portion size and quality

  • The music was rather kitsch and service was reasonably quick but a little stiff at times

  • D definitely go back to try more of the menu and Royal China Club is now high up on my foodie list

  • I've got to say its one of the best Chinese restaurants I've eaten at

  • These popular Cantonese bite sized dishes are always a winner in my books

  • I just love the idea of sharing loads of small plates with a group of friends and having that extra interaction over food with a bit of table chaotic ness

  • Royal China have a number of locations doted all over London as well as Singapore and are well known for their traditional

  • They have a gigantic menu with a huge selection of fried and fresh dim sum which is available from noon until 5pm

  • Starting off with a royal summer drink of passionfruit

  • Prawn cheung fun a little hard to grasp with the chop sticks if your a clutz like myself

  • Scallop dumplings name speaks for itself and I am obsessed with scallops so I guess my opinion is of a biased one

  • Absolute perfection with the pork mince

  • Stuffed eggplant and mixed shrimp with black bean sauce WOW just wow

  • Egg Tarts not sure it was a wise move to order these but I am a huge lover of egg custard desserts so greedy guts me couldn't go past trying at least one

  • It was fair to say that I was feeling more than just satisfied

  • The service is sterling plenty of staff floating the floors to top up your tea and clear empty plates

  • Its not the senior staff but the waiting staff that are the culprits

  • Actually everything is a shade on the pricier side

  • Its hard to find any fault with the food and that's the reason one keeps returning to endure the unfriendly service

  • It's well priced and service on occasion is fast but staff are quiet rude and unfriendly

  • Their dim sum is much recommended

  • The Peking duck is a good option to order only if there are a number of people sharing

  • Since the portion is relatively large

  • Chinese food with chilli oil on the side is as perfect as maple syrup on waffles

  • A good place with a nice ambiance

  • The service was not up to the mark

  • The Sichuan Prawns were only ok but the Egg Fried Rice and Chicken with Chilli are both recommended

  • Ve shared a table with many others who had their own ideas of the &lsquo

  • Nothing else was exceptionally good

  • The lotus stem was honestly the highlight of my beef in oyster sauce dish

  • The tofu dish was overcooked

  • Though since most of the dishes are less than £

  • Asked for a change of seat with an empty restaurant and was told to wait

  • This coincides with the stellar service and quality of the food

  • A fish that was to remember

  • The noodles were done perfectly

  • I would recommend the Peking duck which is amazing but the banana in syrup not so much

  • The restaurant is big but always very full

  • The physical attributes of Royal China (Marylebone) were reminiscent of Chinese fine dining restaurants

  • The crisp white table cloths are typical of such restaurants

  • It looked polished but the ambiance was more casual

  • They were very cordial when asking if I was ready to make my orders and equally polite when giving me more time to scan the menu

  • I was amazed at how they were able to keep their energy level high on a such a busy service

  • I assumed it is like that everyday

  • The spare ribs was impressive

  • The meat itself was soft and juicy while the sauce was sharp

  • The minced garlic was a good addition to the sauce

  • The pork was tender and moist but with the flavours seemingly scaled back

  • It wasn't the best I had but it is up there

  • The pork cutlets had a crisp coating but with soft and moist inside

  • The egg fried rice was cooked well but a bit too salty

  • I now understand why my friends speak about Royal China (Marylebone) with so much gusto

  • If you want to feel as if you are eating a casual canteen and want to pay a lot then you must go here

  • The only thing half descent was their mock chicken

  • Lunched at this nice Chinese Restaurant today in Baker Street with three friends for the very first time

Royal China (Marylebone) Specialties

  • Chinese
  • Dim Sum
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