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A.Wong (Victoria) Address 70 Wilton Road, Victoria, London SW1V 1DE
A.Wong (Victoria) Phone 020 7828 8931
A.Wong (Victoria) Opening Hours Monday : 5:30pm - 10:30pm
Tuesday - Saturday : 12noon - 2:30pm, 5:30pm - 10:30pm
Sunday : Closed
A.Wong (Victoria) Food Price £31.5 - £54 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about A.Wong (Victoria)

155 reviews
  • I did a walk in on a sunny lunch time (it's best to book though

  • One of the things that really hit me about Andrew Wong's restaurant was just how "

  • It was hard to eat with chop sticks

  • The next two dishes were more substantial

  • Seafood and Beancurd Cannelloni with Pickled Cockles the pickled cockles adding just the right amount of kick to the canneloni and the Sesame buttered Smoked Chicken

  • A dish that is perhaps not to everyone taste

  • The dessert menu was so inviting I seriously struggled to choose from 3 of the 4 dessert options on offer

  • I eventually choose the Coconut Ice cream dish which was nothing like I expected based on its description

  • It arrived in a martini glass topped with candy floss

  • Much to my surprise I had finished my meal with a superb dessert in a Chinese Restaurant

  • The best thing I think any diner can say about a Restaurant is that they will be back

  • I find your review way out of kilter with the meals I have eaten there

  • Comments like this are not unusual you're never going to get a complete consensus about a restaurant (not even Tayyabs) and under ordinary circumstances I would have shrugged my shoulders

  • The one thing London hasn't done is move on from A Wong

  • Whose instagram feed from countless dinners there is as good an advertisement for the place than pretty much anything else

  • Breathlessly expectant along with my five other dining companions (all the better to cover more of the vast menu)

  • With any luck over the next few paragraphs I'll give you some of the reasons why it's pretty much the best Chinese restaurant in London

  • One with tofu and one with some kind of seafood I think

  • Pickled vegetables are something that A Wong does very

  • Shanghai steamed with ginger vinegar

  • Are these prawn and porky things each topped with a square of crackling and more pickled veg

  • Honey roasted foie gras with candied pork jerky and pomelo"

  • The foie was declared by more than one of our group to be the best they'd ever eaten

  • Here a chilli roasted pineapple with Sichuan pepper ice cream came topped with an impossibly light ball of marshmallow of some kind

  • Rich puddle of banana and nuts as sauce was poured on top

  • There isn't sadly enough time to go into detail about just how the food at A Wong is unlike anything else I've tried

  • Perhaps and I have to allow for this possibility perhaps I was just plain wrong

  • Because all that matters is what's happening now

  • Genuine innovation is generally to be welcomed

  • Innovation comes with associated risks

  • It's all very well convincing yourself that what the world is missing is a Surströ

  • Those experiments are more likely to shock than delight

  • As had I not been assured by the menu that this was a regional Chinese delicacy

  • I would have quite naturally assumed it was a block of halloumi cheese

  • Blimey this halloumi is salty"

  • At the other end of the experimentation scale is something titled 'Seaweed'

  • (sounds painful) tofu was unremarkable other than the fact it was served in an irritating tiny glass bowl and contained too much soy sauce

  • Century egg had a really lovely flavour but for some bizarre reason was chopped up into tiny wibbly cubes which made it totally impossible to eat with chopsticks

  • Far less edible was Gong Bao chicken which was so utterly drowned in Sichuan peppercorns it was like eating a bowl of liquid mercury

  • Too often Sichuan dishes are toned down in London but the other extreme is just as unpleasant this was completely unbalanced and pretty careless

  • If they thought it was an improvement

  • Sweet and fresh and studded with dainty discs of salami

  • Beige room plagued with airflow issues (it was like having dinner in a wind tunnel

  • I found a terrified child trapped in the corridor to the toilets because they couldn't prize the door open) is not an experience I'm in a hurry to repeat

  • The dining room is quite smart in a modern style

  • Seating 40 at the ground floor level with a similar number downstairs

  • Main course dishes were relatively small in size with prices to match

  • The wine list was a rather odd mix of ambition and omission

  • This matters less for a simple Antipodean wine where the weather and hence the wine is consistent from year to year

  • An unusual nibble was a tapioca cracker with satay sauce

  • As was a Shanghai a soup dumpling with a liquid centre

  • Also pleasant were steamed pork and prawn dumpling with pork crackling and a plain dumpling

  • The latter with a hint of sweetness (13/20)

  • Made from fried taro with an excellent ginger accompaniment (14/20)

  • 12.95) was good though the pancakes could have been lighter (13/20) but the best dish for me was gong bao chicken (£

  • 4) served in its shell was carefully cooked (14/20)

  • 6) was enjoyable though for me was light in spice (13/20)

  • The best dishes here were already very good indeed

  • This is very useful if you are dining alone or with one companion

  • My least favourite was the pot sticker (£

  • Perhaps was cooked a fraction long but I think this is probably a matter of personal preference rather than any serious flaw in the dish (13/20)

  • I was particularly impressed with tofu (£

  • Prettily presented and with silky texture

  • During lunch and the commute the streets ripple with pressed for time suits

  • The name above the door is that of London born Andrew Wong

  • Each morsel from the 25( ish) dim sum plates offered at lunch are individually priced allowing for relaxed and unfettered finger pointing at whatever dumpling takes your fancy

  • Pork and prawn were delicate siu mai embellished with a light and crispy pig skin hat

  • Balls of sticky sesame foie gras were so near perfectly round that on delivery

  • They had a pleasing chew but there was little detection of fattened liver

  • Shanghai steamed dumplings placed on spoons were consumed whole

  • The Taiwanese has had them with slightly thinner skins (in Hong Kong)

  • Seafood and beancurd cannelloni with pickled cockles

  • The dandan noodle dish with striking egg yolk colouring was like an Asian bolognese with a rich minced beef sauce and pickled vegetables

  • Then there was a chocolate sphere concealing tobacco smoked banana

  • Pandan jelly and peanut cream came furnished with some candy floss and was too

  • Wong not only are the things coming out of the kitchen very good indeed

  • Not to mention that during our visit a photographer from Tatler Magazine was snapping away for their 2014 restaurant guide

  • Andrew and his team are set to go places

  • Very nice food with full flavours and excellent presentation

  • Menu is different from other higher end chinese restaurants in london which is refreshing

  • Most of the things on the menu are quite nice and different from the traditional london dim sum places

  • Price point is amazing given the quality

  • I think in part it has something to do with the the takeaways and cheap 'British style' Chinese restaurant that are still abundant in London

  • Every time i dine at a Chinese restaurant with a Michelin star

  • Cutting edge chef in the kitchen or just street food snacks which are new to me i realise i haven't seen anything yet

  • Some of the best I've eaten in London

  • It seems that even monthly the restaurant is only improving as time goes by

  • Our epic lunch time divulgement started with some prawns balls with abalone (perhaps the oddest thing I've ever eaten) and a light chilli vinaigrette

  • The next mouthful of food was such a delight that if you don't order enough of it the pleasure can end far too quickly

  • Seafood and bean curd cannelloni with pickled cockles

  • One of the best dim sum dishes i have ever eaten

  • Are concealed below a thin layer of pork crackling was actually one of the least exciting dishes of our lunch

  • Light and airy but the dumpling just didn't quite have all that flavour i was hoping from it

  • The sauce marinade was excellent delicate and rich with a real depth of flavour but the meat was a little chewy and didn't come away from the bone as easy as I'd hoped

  • Menu is inventive and quality shows skill but the service is too slow that dishes suffer

  • Probably the best xiao long bao I've had in London with the thinnest skin but they sat on the counter too long before the service staff collected them and stuck to the paper

  • The chef remade them but it was still slow

  • Been twice and was the case both times

  • We get to experience this unique centuries old fusion cuisine at A Wong where Macanese Foopd Ambassador Florita Alves has collaboration with Andrew Wong to create an 8 course tasting menu

  • The main dining room is packed and oddly

  • It appears that among the guests at this lunch to launch the Macanese menu are some transplanted Macanese and representatives of the Macau community

  • I thought I was back in Hong Kong

  • Macau was a Portuguese colony for several centuries and was one of the last remaining ones until their handover back to China on 20 December 1999

  • The first Macanese woman was a Malaysian woman from Melaka

  • Macau does not have a large population but their community keeps their old cultures and traditions alive with many festivals

  • Macanese cooking is kept alive by grandmas and mothers cooking with their daughters for these events

  • The 8 course tasting menu was designed to showcase dishes which epitomise Macau and is served tapas style

  • The highlight of the lunch menu at A Wong was the African Chicken dish

  • The Bacalha married a Potruguese ingredient with Chinese Dim Sum techniques

  • Smothered in garlic was an easy winner

  • Loved the pudding of the Pasteis des nata wiht flaky pastry and the coffee jelly with coconut pudding was a great combination

  • I don't ever recall encountering a restaurant with outrageous and disgraceful service but there is always a first time right

  • The restaurant is small and cosy with an open view kitchen

  • Chef patron Andrew Wong can always be seen leading his team and this was no exception during our visit

  • Offering a wide range of dim sum dishes during the lunch service and larger dishes for dinner where the emphasis is on ordering a selection for sharing across the table accompanied by rice

  • Quality Peking duck is quite rare in the UK

  • The first course was smoked duck with pomegranate

  • Next up was a Shanghai soup dumpling with crispy duck skin

  • Innovative accessible Chinese food A Wong is in my view one of the leaders in the country

  • Since trying the mindblowingly good Peking duck feast last year I was intrigued with the dim sum and regular dinner menu and it was only until recently that I could return to sample both

  • The attractive aspect of the dim sum menu is being able to order per individual piece rather than a portion

  • Restaurant was quite busy when we arrived but service was very fast

  • We ordered sweet and sour Ron to start with and the chengdu tofu

  • The tofu especially was sublime served in tiny cup

  • Taste of tofu was so silky and the balance of flavor and texture was fantastic

  • All of them were very tasty

  • Only thing to note is the portion size is quite small

  • The first to arrive was the Shanghai steamed dumpling

  • Wong has infused the ginger vinegar into the dumpling which means that this was super juicy and you will need to pop this into your mouth all in one go

  • Remember to pinch the top of the dumpling with your dumplings and not the middle part to ensure you wonâ

  • Chef Andrew is bringing regional dishes to London that most people wouldn't think of as being Chinese food

  • Plus some old favourites with a modern twist

  • They also do a lunch time menu with over a dozen different types of dim sum

  • The food is really tasty and it is nice to see how they incorporated some new component into the dish

  • Service was good and the place was comfy but I would recommend booking in advance especially for weekends

  • At the heart of it are a bunch of dishes which punch above their weight at a good price

  • 70 for two was a steal for food of this quality

  • Last night I had a delightful evening with friends at A

  • Every dish was mouth watering delicious

  • All the staff are super friendly and helpful

  • Possibly one of the best meals I've had recently

  • We got a seat at the bar with a full view of the kitchen and what we saw was unprofessional and frankly disgusting

  • The head chef spent more time texting on his phone than cooking not only was this extremely unprofessional

  • It was unsanitary that he was touching his phone and then cooking

  • 5 minutes later as he was plating up someone else's food and spooning sauce on top

  • I am so appalled at this behaviour he was arrogant and unsanitary at best

  • A complete shame since the food was tasty would not recommend

  • I can't believe this is still a Chinese restaurant without Michelin stars

  • Plenty of posts will be coming up in the next couple of days as I try to catch up with all the eating that I have been doing

  • The consensus was to go to a Chinese restaurant

  • Is the bar with the uninterrupted view of the open plan kitchen

  • I'm not a massive fun of dumplings the bread and butter of this restaurant but with that being said I quite enjoyed my Friday lunch here

  • The dumplings were super delicate

  • This is probably the highest rising restaurant in town at the moment complete with a recent Michelin star

  • The now closed HKK was my first taste of this finer cuisine in London many years ago and I hoped A

A.Wong (Victoria) Specialties

  • Chinese
  • Dim Sum
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