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La Petite Auberge (Islington) Address 283 Upper Street, Islington, London N1 2TZ
La Petite Auberge (Islington) Phone 020 7359 1046
La Petite Auberge (Islington) Opening Hours Monday - Sunday : 11:30am - 11pm
Friday & Saturday : 11:30am - 11:30pm
La Petite Auberge (Islington) Food Price £5 - £10 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about La Petite Auberge (Islington)

52 reviews
  • This little french restaurant looks very cute and the prices are very affordable

  • The neighbourhood is amazing as well

  • They maybe went a bit over the top with the stereotypes in the decoration and in the menu

  • The cuisses de grenouilles and Escargots are not really representatives of french tastes

  • Only for big cheese lovers but if that is the case you will not be disappointed

  • This restaurant is located on Upper Street in Islington

  • The atmosphere is nice enough

  • A perfect place for a dinner with friends where you can talk without shouting

  • The menu is quite simple but it smells like France and the prices are affordable

  • The time I went there I had a fried Camembert entry followed by a steak with potatoes and a dessert

  • At the end of the note for 4 with a bottle of wine was less than 100 pounds

  • The Staff (mostly french) is truly kind

  • The inside is warm and welcoming with red and white checked table cloths and soft lighting which is accentuated by the candles that sit in the middle of each table

  • Another lovely touch is the crepe bar to the right of the restaurant which provides a variety of delicious looking sweet and savoury crepes which are made to order

  • So be careful not to go over board if you are planning on ordering more than one course

  • Starter I had the vodka and chilli fried prawns which were light and perfectly seasoned

  • S starter which was deep fried camembert

  • Rich flavour and was very filling

  • S rabbit stew was a warming bowl of comfort food which came with a side of buttery mash

  • Most of the waiters were French which kept up the authentic feel

  • I trust that this is for good reason

  • I came to La Petite Auberge because I was looking for a good place to have crepes and I definitely came to the right place

  • I tried the Kinder crepe which is essentially a crepe with melted kinder chocolate inside and it was AMAZING

  • The restaurant is split in two areas

  • One in which you can eat a full meal and the other which is a bit more casual with high tables and barstools where you can just sit to have a coffee and a crepe

  • La Petite Auberge (Islington) is really cute and casual and has a really french rustic look with wooden tables and wooden mirror frames

  • The prices are reasonable and the service is great

  • A glance at the menu suggested that most of the mains were quite creamy dishes so we decided to order two starters to share between our party of four

  • When they arrived there was a big difference in portion size between the two starters

  • The prawn dish consisted of only 3 prawns whereas the Camembert was a large whole Camembert

  • Despite this massive size difference both were extremely delicious and very much enjoyed

  • The prawns were meaty and flavoursome but the Camembert perhaps slightly too filling to be had for one person alone

  • Though as suspected all were extremely rich dishes so we were very full afterwards

  • My rabbit casserole was very tender and is definitely recommended

  • Overall the staff were extremely friendly and attentive to us

  • They also put a candle in my dessert which I thought was a cute touch

  • I was recommended to this Bistro by my Pregnant Best Friend who was frequenting almost on a daily basis

  • This bistro is nothing spectacular to look at and it would be easy for you to walk on by but my friends that would be criminal and here's why

  • Oooh wee this little family was balanced succulent and one of moment when you wished you had a never ending stomach so you could carry on eating

  • Ha everyone was jealous but I was not sharing

  • Portion was good and value for money is actually unbelievable

  • All the starters was of high standard but I don't want to dwell on them because I need to go straight on to the dessert

  • As SOON as I sit down regardless of not ordering any starters and whether it was on the menu (which it wasn't btw)

  • It was coupled with hot chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream that I devoured AFTER I finished the soufflé

  • As I didn't want to taint the flavour with anything else

  • With me but she said her chocolate sauce tasted of meat and thought I was going mad if I liked the sauce

  • We swapped sauces and in fact hers was a chocolate gravy lol (I secretly enjoyed it I mean what's not to love

  • To be fair the gravy pot was extremely similar to the chocolate one but it shouldn't happen

  • Petit auberge combines the best of all worlds

  • The prices are reasonable

  • Had a lovely lunch with my missus and son

  • The roasted lamb shank is an absolute triumph

La Petite Auberge (Islington) Specialties

  • French
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