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HKK (Shoreditch) Address 88 Worship Street, Broadgate Quarter, Shoreditch, London EC2A 2BE
HKK (Shoreditch) Phone 020 3535 1888
HKK (Shoreditch) Opening Hours Monday - Friday : 12noon - 2:30pm, 6pm - 9:45pm
Saturday : 12noon - 4pm, 6pm - 9:45pm
Sunday : Closed
HKK (Shoreditch) Food Price £56 - £96 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about HKK (Shoreditch)

92 reviews
  • The bai hua prawn was the first of our courses

  • Peach and elderflower) is certainly a more sophisticated offering than that of Hakkasan and Yauatcha we loved the paintbrush for applying soy sauce

  • With one topped with caviar and one filled with pata negra

  • The next course was the cherry wood smoked peking duck

  • Where the dish was finished and presented (using some pretty advanced chopstick skills) and received an explanation of the ingredients

  • The duck (sourced from Ireland) was slow cooked overnight over cherry wood chippings

  • The poulet de bresse soup was a bit more straightforward

  • The flavours were nicely balanced and evidently the quality of the ingredients used was very high

  • I love how confident these guys are with vegetables matches every bit with the meat for me

  • The wagyu beef course was very tender

  • I'm not overall a massive fan of wagyu but I enjoyed this dish as the quality of the meat was very high indeed

  • It was matched Korean style with a sweet potato crisp with a more traditionally chinese caramelised water chestnuts and rice on the side

  • The first of the dessert courses was the mandarin sorbet

  • The jasmine meringue gave a similar aromatic lift as with the previous course and did well to add to the complexity of the flavours without making the dish over muddled

  • The pineapple fritter was surprisingly light and yet substantial enough to hold its own as the main component of the dish

  • The attention to detail and service is just as good as the fantastic food

  • It's an unbelievably slick operation and we were very well taken care of

  • I wish we could get the name of our waiter to single him out with praise but the whole team deserve full credit for a great experience

  • The dim sum selection was impressive

  • The dumplings themselves were very light indeed

  • The quality of the ingredients used was much higher than run of the mill Chinese restaurants (17/20)

  • The duck used here is of much higher quality than places in Chinatown and this shows

  • The pancakes were thin and delicate

  • Sweet scallops that were lightly cooked but they were just a touch colder when served than would be ideal (15/20)

  • 30) was seared with soy and jasmine tea and served with yam

  • Here the texture was extremely delicate

  • Course this is hardly cheap

  • The standard of the ingredients is far higher than normally used in Chinese restaurants in London

  • The restaurants at which he is executive chef certainly are

  • Is intended as a showcase for the best food the group can produce

  • At that time was owned by Alan Yau

  • Situated a few minutes walk from Liverpool Street in what was a fairly run down area of warehouses

  • The showcase metaphor is literal here

  • Well spaced and adorned with crisp white linen

  • The fifteen course tasting menu was priced at £

  • Example wines were Le Cigare Blanc "

  • Warm luffa melon with aubergine and chilli

  • Lychee tapioca with passion fruit ciboust and jam was refreshing

  • While pineapple fritter with salted lime jelly and vanilla ice cream was also excellent

  • In a conversation with our waiter it transpires that the waiting staff at HKK go on a two week training course before being let out in the dining room

  • Ve always loved Hakkasan as a great place for dinner with a cool environment

  • The concept of HKK is inspired by the Chinese banqueting tradition and the restaurant offers a tasting menu both for lunch and dinner

  • The interior of the restaurant is metallic and a little cold but gives the restaurant a &lsquo

  • It was a celebration after all) and we were asked if we had an allergies or food aversions as we would be eating a 15 course tasting menu

  • With so many fantastic courses it would be hard to describe every single one so here are the highlights

  • Poulet de Bresse puff was our amuse bouche

  • It featured incredibly light and delicate pastry with a spicy sauce on the side

  • The cherry wood roasted Peking duck was carved in the centre of the room on a separate counter

  • The dish was made of three parts and we instructed on the order to eat it to get the very best experience

  • A gorgeous touch was the little paintbrush so that the soy sauce was lightly dabbed on to the dumplings

  • At the end of the meal we were presented with a quartet of delicate petit fours

  • These the chocolate peanut stick was the most delectable

  • Me this meal was utterly wonderful and almost faultless

  • Service was excellent and waiting staff were thoughtful and attentive throughout the meal

  • I had mentioned it was Mr Silver's birthday and the staff presented his dessert of pineapple fritter

  • With 15 courses you have a full experience ahead of you and a rather large price tag at the end but it is most certainly worth it

  • Shortly after we visited HKK was awarded a Michelin star

  • HKK was an enjoyable encounter although perhaps better suited to those with small appetites

  • Indeed I would say that it is slightly above average compared to other similar fancier Chinese restaurants

  • I find it difficult to justify its significantly higher price for food which is very familiar to me

  • So naturally with the weightier price tag which a star grants I would be looking for something special and different to distinguish itself from my favourite Chinese restaurant

  • It was the latest of the Hakkasan Group but was very quick to impress

  • Square room decorated with subtle sophistication

  • S all there is to the dinner menus

  • Tasting menus are typically rigid in nature

  • A friend took me here for lunch today and I was impressed by the quality of the food

  • It might not be the most authentic but the dim sum were beautiful and very light (I had the fish choice)

  • Our main of Peking duck was also beautifully presented and the right amount for a mid week lunch

  • My friend ordered the pannacotta which was a triumph of colours and delicate

  • It is a pricey restaurant but the service is very good and the ambience is perfect for a relaxed lunch

  • Opulent colours of red and gold and ornate carvings are the usual sights in Chinese restaurants

  • HKK is all cool greys and muted colours and it is the touch of bright pink orchids decorating the bar that stop it from being too boringly corporate for words

  • Okay it's not exactly a favourite but I've found myself becoming a big fan of Asian cuisine recently and this post is about the demonstate why

  • If you haven't heard of it HKK is the newest offering from the group behind Hakkasan (when I say new it's been open since 2013) and it styles itself as fine dining Cantonese

  • It's top notch Chinese food probably the best I've ever tried

  • Presentations are excellent but the food is not the best value for money

  • Usually either a lovely little restaurant tucked away somewhere with fantastic home cooking &ndash

  • It was the best of all time&rsquo

  • Even bigger was Mr S&rsquo

  • S smile as duck and pancakes are quite possibly his favourite food ever&hellip

  • Travelling across China is one such dream but it is a little low on the priority list

  • The menu promised to take me on journey across the eight provinces of China that were most influential from a culinary perspective

  • Once inside the feeling of the restaurant was very relaxed and friendly

  • All four courses were delicious and half a bottle of champagne is the perfect amount

  • Apparently one duck between two people but only the best cuts are served

  • This alone is worth the trip

  • The portion was good that makes me full but not too full compared to the tasting menu from other restaurants

  • HKK is part of the Hakkasan group and is located right in the heart of the City

  • So I knew I was going to like HKK but didn&rsquo

  • A great again restaurant with amazing interiors and great service

  • The dim sums were amazing and chestnut stuffed lamb was the star of the night

  • The presentation of the food is superb food is value for money and ambience of HKK (Shoreditch) is awesome and amazing

HKK (Shoreditch) Specialties

  • Chinese
  • Dim Sum
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