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The Holyrood 9A (Old Town) Address 9A Holyrood Road, Old Town, Edinburgh EH8 8AE
The Holyrood 9A (Old Town) Phone 0131 556 5044
The Holyrood 9A (Old Town) Opening Hours Monday - Sunday : 9am - 12midnight
Friday & Saturday : 9am - 1am
The Holyrood 9A (Old Town) Food Price £5 - £10 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about The Holyrood 9A (Old Town)

54 reviews
  • With one dubbed Chilli Death there was little reason to review them all

  • The burgers were both fantastic

  • I could have used a bit more of a kick from the chilli but was an entirely satisfied customer

  • So as a burger fan it was odds on I was going to visit

  • Huge range of craft beers and are dog friendly too

  • There is a great selection of beers from around the world behind the bar I think 11 are always on draft and lots of bottles too

  • The service is always quick

  • The pork and chorizo is also tasty

  • The staff are generally really friendly and the decor is a little more upmarket than your average boozer

  • Or a bite to eat in a relaxing environment not too far off the royal mile/high street then this is your place

  • Us locals its a fab place to catch up with friends over a drink and some great grub

  • Post workout sometimes the best thing for you is a burger

  • Allegedly one of the best burger joints in town

  • I imagine that in winter it is delightfully warm and cozy inside

  • The chicken was crispy and the lemon mayo was totally to die

  • I wolfed mine down with great gusto

  • Choosing the latter because we were already a little sweaty

  • His burger was delish oozing with barbecued goodness

  • So as far as the best burger in Edinburgh goes

  • I would say we are winning here

  • There are still so many burger joints I want to try but to have this as my local is no bad thing

  • The bbq burger was always my burger of choice

  • Your favourite food bloggers were back in Edinburgh on Friday and preparing themselves for another great night

  • The selection of beers was extensive and mesmerising

  • They offer smaller pints (Halfs or Thirds) giving us the best chance to sample the fine nectar on show

  • All I can say is that the Lagers &

  • The one with Grapefruit was my favourite

  • The Appetiser side of the menu was a little underwhelming in terms of choice with only 4 to choose from

  • We got the Garlicky Flat cap Mushrooms which were great and strong in flavour

  • We also got some Rye bread with dipping oils and the fried buttermilk chicken

  • Vegetarian and even some alternatives with Haggis &

  • The burger was brilliant but a let down on the spicy side but try telling that to one such member who was wiping the heat sweats throughout

  • Was packed with smoked bacon

  • Smoked cheddar with a tangy BBQ sauce

  • Our desserts came but there were more important matters at hand

  • The deserts were great and thoroughly enjoyed&hellip

  • Things were hotting up and emotions were running high

  • A few things were said in the heat of the moment but we&rsquo

  • The Holyrood 9A is literally just down the road from my flat and I can't believe it's taken me so long to try it out

  • I had the BBQ burger and it was absolutely delicious

  • You could tell that it was really good quality

  • We went for lunch on a Saturday and it was really busy so maybe book in advance for peak times

  • Inviting and comfortable with an understated Scottish feel stags heads

  • The one thing I loved the most is that their burgers are served with chips and it's included in the price

  • The brioche bun was super fresh and soft

  • T he ketchup was very spicy and the relish was sweet

  • Personally I think there is too much going on in this burger as the taste of blue cheese and smoky bacon was lost due to the overpowering relish and ketchup

  • Every biteful is enjoyable (just next time I'll ask them to hold off on the ketchup)

  • So far on our quest to find the best burger in Edinburgh

  • They have a great selection of beers and the food is also quite nice

  • Otherwise it's a very nice choice if you are looking for tasty pub food (and you are vegetarian)

  • By far my favourite is the Veggie Haggis Burger

  • Next stop on the Edinburgh haggis hunt is an Old Town pub where the grub is burger and the beer is craft

  • Worth checking out if you are a fan of craft beer for sure

The Holyrood 9A (Old Town) Specialties

  • Burger
  • Grill
  • European
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