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Tian Fu (Shepherd's Bush) Address 39 Bulwer Street, Shepherd's Bush, London W12 8AR
Tian Fu (Shepherd's Bush) Phone 020 8740 4546
Tian Fu (Shepherd's Bush) Opening Hours Daily : 12noon - 10:30pm
Tian Fu (Shepherd's Bush) Food Price £25 - £45 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about Tian Fu (Shepherd's Bush)

70 reviews
  • The food that these guys will provide you is of excellent quality

  • The portions are also generous and all of this will come in a reasonable price

  • My friend had kung poo chicken and she was delighted by its taste

  • The food tastes okay but the service is what becomes a major letdown

  • The serving staff was ignoring us and even though i wanted to order

  • Even the food that was ordered was served after a really long delay

  • Another turnoff was the pathetic restroom

  • Celebrating the Chinese new years at Tian Fu (Shepherd's Bush) was a good option

  • I recommend you order the dan dan noodles as they are up to the mark in terms of quality

  • The pork belly too is melt in the mouth delicious

  • This restaurant is not located in the usual area where this cuisine is available

  • Was pleasantly surprised and the spice was manageable

  • All the dishes that we ordered were delicious and extremely appetizing

  • They also serve rice along with the dishes

  • The food and drinks are also reasonably priced and will not burn a hole in your pocket

  • If you have a limited budget and you wish to try some good food then this is not the place for you

  • The service was abominable

  • The food we had ordered was served cold and on asking them to get it changed

  • The prices are too high for the portions served

  • Tian Fu (Shepherd's Bush) was not extraordinary but was pretty alright

  • The hot pot was the only decent thing according to me

  • The beef in opinion was the best bet

  • I think it is better to not put vegetable in a meat hot pot as it ruins the flavor

  • The drinks are served bottomless making way for calm and flavor inducing experience

  • We have been visiting Tian Fu (Shepherd's Bush) quite often as my partner is a fan of spicy food

  • This time we we had to deal with a very rude waiter

  • He was cold towards the incident and didn't even greet us with a thank you or goodbye while we were leaving

  • The food is definitely not worth it if it is accompanied with the rude behavior of the staff here

  • My first dish lacked chicken pieces and whatever was there was much too hard to bit into

  • In the second dish the beef was not well done wither

  • The portions are not at all good enough so that they can fill your stomach

  • The quality of the food is okay but it had to be okay because you are paying so much for the meal

  • The service was okay but nothing great was about that too

  • Proper hygiene is a concern at the restaurant

  • The food is delicious but the menu is very limited

  • The prices are decent which is a good point since the restaurant needs to improve on so many fronts

  • The food here is very salty for my taste

  • The waitress refused to change our table which made us uncomfortable and we felt as though we were crammed up in a corner as a punishment

  • The arrogant service staff was obliging us by even giving us our orders

  • It is usually bustling with Chinese people

  • The portions are also hearty and fulfilling

  • The service is swift and prompt and the staff is friendly and hospitable

  • We had a Chinese hotpot and must say it was a popular choice among all the customers there

  • The entire meal was perfectly prepared

  • Tasted delicious and was reasonably priced

  • The staff was amiable and the service was a pretty standard one

  • Consistently delicious food is what one should expect of this restaurant

  • The portions are more than adequate

  • The food here is lip smacking and good to the tongue

  • The portions are pretty good and a great deal for money

  • The presentation of food is also very unimaginative and could be better

  • The ambiance takes you back to china and the feeling is very genuine

  • Tian Fu (Shepherd's Bush) is a bit expensive for some people who do not want to indulge in Chinese food mostly Szechuan

  • The service felt short of my expectations as the waiters were cold and made us feel uncomfortable

  • The food was substandard and one of the staff members was pretty rude and arrogant which spoiled the whole evening for us

  • The servers are very efficient and prompt

  • They are more than happy to help you with any little thing

  • The servings are huge and the food is good value for money

  • The service is very efficient and quick

  • The Sichuan spicy hot pot is known for being filled with Sichuan pepper

  • Condiments and sauces are self served

  • There are very tasty traditional Chinese dishes with manager recommended

  • The head chef's father was the only chef that Chinese Chairman Deng hired

  • The variety was great and the stock was tasty

  • I also had a look at their a la carte menu and it was great to see authentic Szechuan food

  • The service is also amazing

  • We tried the Gog Bau Chicken and Gog Bau King Prawn with steamed rice

  • I have been living in Shepherd's Bush for the better part of 30years I've always walked passed but finally decided to try it and boy was it amazing

  • They serve truly authentic Chinese food with only a small offering of "

  • Young chow fried rice with the pork belly cubes sauté

Tian Fu (Shepherd's Bush) Specialties

  • Chinese
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