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Speedy Noodle (Kilburn) Address 238 Kilburn High Road, Kilburn, London NW6 2BT
Speedy Noodle (Kilburn) Phone 020 7328 9528
Speedy Noodle (Kilburn) Opening Hours Daily : 12noon - 11:30pm
Speedy Noodle (Kilburn) Food Price £10 - £30 per pax
Cash only

What people say about Speedy Noodle (Kilburn)

35 reviews
  • Speedy Noodles doesn't have great decor it reminds me a bit of the school canteen with its bench seats and budget tables

  • The restaurant is however quite a comfortable place if you're going for a family meal with young kids

  • The prices are also pretty good and they tend to give large portions

  • The food here is just so yummy

  • Speedy Noodle (Kilburn) is true blue Asian in nature

  • Everything at Speedy Noodle (Kilburn) seems like it is nothing unique

  • The noodles with beef that I had ordered

  • Seemed as though it was tossed over by some basic chicken curry

  • I was not perfectly happy with the outcome as it was nothing innovative

  • Speedy Noodle (Kilburn) is perfect for a wholesome and delicious lunch

  • Speedy Noodle (Kilburn) is only good for the takeaways and I must say that the experience of having your meal in the restaurant can be pretty disgusting

  • The food is pretty average and there are other restaurants serving better quality of food

  • Speedy Noodle (Kilburn) is a good option to have a quick bite in affordable prices

  • My favorite from their menu is the Singapore noodles

  • The interiors of Speedy Noodle (Kilburn) is nothing to write about

  • The noodles arrive within minutes and is also tasty to eat

  • The food is amazing and the portions are also pretty much filling

  • The quality of the food is also very nice and you can feel all the flavors here

  • The service was very fast and the waiters were also very helpful

  • It is favorable to stick with rice dishes here

  • The noodles are slightly bland and not very enjoyable

  • The staff and their service is quite good

  • Also the food is very reasonable priced and is easy on the pockets

  • The best bit is its convenient location

  • They offer basically noodles with a couple of options in Thai and Malay cuisine as well

  • The service is pretty quick and efficient with the staff being quite friendly

  • The food is excellent against the prices which are unbelievable

  • The ambience is quite good and comfortable

  • Amazing food I definitely recommend this restaurant it is really cheap and really fast also the food is really good portions so don't order to much ❤️❤️

  • Speedy Noodle (Kilburn) was a fantastic treat and I was very impressed by the staff and food on offer

  • The menu is not something I was unfamiliar with but I was still happy with the amount on offer

  • The portions here are plentiful and the price makes it great value for money

  • I find chinese food is usually a little heavy and salty for me but it isn't too bad here

  • Oriental feel and seating is set up a bit like McDonald's

  • The staff was very helpful and service is pretty good

Speedy Noodle (Kilburn) Specialties

  • Chinese
  • Thai
  • Curry
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