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Jimmy's World Kitchen (North Greenwich) Address The O2, Millennium Way, North Greenwich, London SE10 0DX
Jimmy's World Kitchen (North Greenwich) Phone 020 8465 5511
Jimmy's World Kitchen (North Greenwich) Opening Hours Monday - Wednesday : 12noon - 4pm, 5pm - 10pm
Thursday & Friday : 12noon - 4pm, 5pm - 11pm
Saturday : 12noon - 5pm, 5pm - 11pm
Sunday : 12noon - 5pm, 5pm - 10pm
Jimmy's World Kitchen (North Greenwich) Food Price £28 - £48 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about Jimmy's World Kitchen (North Greenwich)

88 reviews
  • The lunch deal is super reasonable at 10 pounds even on the weekends

  • While I was dining at Jimmy's World Kitchen (North Greenwich) I was helping myself to some kebabs when the staff told me to wait as hot new batch was about to be ready

  • Jimmy is the best best best restaurent in east london

  • The best part is you can eat whatever you want

  • Try gulab jamun if you are going to jimmy's

  • Lunch menu is 10 pound which is great

  • Little secret saturday and sunday menu is always good

  • The lunch buffet is 10 pounds per person completely worth the price

  • I think the Sunday buffet here was priced at £

  • The spread is very impressive

  • The only things which I found good were fruits and ice cream (beaten on a cold stone)

  • Massive buffet spread with perhaps all popular cuisines on its menu

  • Sadly though this is where the good part ends

  • Given it's a buffet there is nothing to write about the staff

  • I really did after some of my friends were going gaga about it

  • The taste of almost everything is just average

  • Some of the Indian food might taste better than the other cuisines that are served here

  • It could be hard to find a table and as usual Buffets are a bit chaotic

  • If you are just out of a movie at O2 and are hungry then its one of the cheaper options out there

  • Went there with high expectations but unfortunately they weren't met

  • I just love going with families and friends

  • There kebabs are so delicious makes my mouth watery

  • There price is very reasonable and would reccommend it

  • There mock tails are really tasty and refreshing

  • The idea of a world buffet is one that fills me with excitement

  • We made our way up to the buffet and were met with nothing but disappointment

  • I never know what to expect with buffet places

  • The naan's are fresh which is a plus point

  • I think the let down here is the dessert's they can improve on that

  • Most important service is slow and awful

  • The quality varied but most was above average the mexican stand was a pretty novel idea

  • The gimmicks like an ice cream machine and chocolate fountain were available to make it seem we were getting more than we actually were

  • Service and atmosphere were both okay Jimmy's World Kitchen (North Greenwich) was noisier than JRC so probably more suited to larger parties

  • What really is not much money you can probably eat enough food for a week (not recommended for health reasons)

  • My last warning is to plan your meals

  • The best thing about Jimmy's World Kitchen (North Greenwich) is the unlimited

  • The downside to all the options provided is the dip in quality but I wouldn't expect a buffet of this size to compete with a traditional restaurant in taste

  • I thought the Mexican station and desserts were the best things there

  • Being Monday the place was quiet and quite empty

  • On entering we found a reception area at which the receptionist was on her phone/mobile

  • We waited for about two minutes for someone to notice there was a big group of people who had arrived

  • This was fine with us but I felt like the server couldv'e had a bit more patience while tending to everyone

  • Their deserts were a variety of small cakes and chocolates

  • That took ages as there was just one person to make/pour the drinks

  • The servers were quick to keep clearing plates so I guess that was a plus point for this restaurant

  • Most of the staff couldn't care less they were really moody

  • The one time I went I fully enjoyed it this is what a buffet should be a very large selection of Halal options available and regularly topped up

  • The desserts were again very nice with huge options and I will go again

  • Was really excited and yes Jimmy's is worth the money all the way

  • Jimmy's made sure that taste is maintained

  • The nan breads were really cooked well

  • Apart from that the pizza and Asian counter was my favorite

  • My colleagues are big fans of Jimmy's World Kitchen (North Greenwich) and cite 2 main reasons why they like it a) the value for money factor and b) the variety of cuisines and items available

  • The toilets are almost halfway across the stadium many more steps and long staircases

  • I have been to other such 'world buffet' restaurants and Jimmy's is no different

  • You can leave an empty plate and it is normally cleared before you return to your seat

  • Now for the food the options available are huge but static

  • Their noodle live counter and the naan breads made in front of you are the better offerings

  • I have not tried all the items as it is practically impossible

  • Overall the experience is average with no brilliant dish anywhere

  • The buffet is quite reasonable

  • If you have too many mouths to fill and limited budget this is the best place to go

  • The food spread is quite huge

  • Caution not too many dishes if you are a veggie in comparison with non veggies

  • One of the best restaurants in London

  • Restaurant managers are I'll disciplined and wild

  • The spread is quite good

  • They have different cuisines which is quite fun to try out and the drinks are amazing here

  • One downside is that they don't take your plates when you've finished so you have like 5 plates stacked up on the side of your table

  • The variety is really good and the taste is alright

  • I would suggest Jimmy's World Kitchen (North Greenwich) if you are looking for Indian food (Buffet) with some varieties around Canary Wharf

  • Good Starters to start with Golgappe (Panipuri) with some variety of pakoras

  • Overall food was nice with considerable options

  • Desserts section was not much pleasing

  • While The Indian starters were good in terms of both variety n taste the main course though had a decent number of dishes was just about average in taste

  • I have been here for my uk last dinner with my Office guys

  • They place is really quiet big and very decent ambiance

  • Fish chips are too good and Chinese food is not that great as expected

  • The drinks prices are very reasonable

  • Jimmys buffet with family on fathers day eve was quiet a nice experience

  • The desserts were nice but can do better with the cheesecakes

  • Gulab jamun were really nice and warm

  • Most of the crowd is either families or people throwing parties

  • Variety of salads and then main course which is not much happening they need to add more taste

  • Can be visited if you are looking for different cuisines at one place

  • Kids favourite are also a part of their menu

  • Though their was really nice friendly staffs

  • The sitting is huge and have enormous spread of items across both Veg and Non veg menus

Jimmy's World Kitchen (North Greenwich) Specialties

  • American
  • Indian
  • Grill
  • Curry
  • Chinese
  • Thai
  • Italian
  • Asian
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