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Noodle Time (Greenwich) Address 10-11 Nelson Road, Greenwich, London SE10 9JB
Noodle Time (Greenwich) Phone 020 8305 2109
Noodle Time (Greenwich) Opening Hours Monday - Sunday : 11:30am - 11pm
Friday & Saturday : 11:30am - 11:30pm
Noodle Time (Greenwich) Food Price £20 - £40 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about Noodle Time (Greenwich)

95 reviews
  • The food was always cheap and quite nice and drinks for students are free before 4pm

  • Great for chilling out with friends at lunchtime

  • Would have been nice to have eaten as we've been in this restaurant countless times with our Guide Dog

  • After being confronted on entering the restaurant we explained she was allowed with us

  • We were then told to move tables (we were already on a table out of the way with the Guide dog safely out of the way so no trip hazzard there

  • My go to dish is Singapore fried rice with satay sauce on the side

  • Noodle time is a favourite among students in Greenwich

  • If you have enough left you can get a container to take the leftovers home with you (or to snack on between classes

  • Noodle Time is a nice Chinese restaurant that also does takeaway in Greenwich

  • Noodle Time (Greenwich) isn't the best Chinese you will have neither will you be sitting in a luxurious restaurant but they serve really good food

  • All but the oyster sauce noodles was simply delicious

  • The oyster sauce in particular was tasteless and had no flavour

  • My favourite was the sweet and sour rice which was full of flavour and very nice

  • The Aubergine with chilli sauce was a great hit at my table

  • Noodle time is perfect for either a special occasion or a quick lunch

  • The place is spacious so there's room enough to go with a group of friends

  • 5) and drinks are around £

  • Not to mention the portions are even bigger

  • Practically everything on the menu is under £

  • It's a short walk from the Royal Observatory and Greenwich Park so if you are in the area looking for a cheap meal or takeaway

  • The portions were quite huge to satisfy your taste buds

  • The chicken starter is refreshing and the same is the case with other dishes

  • A small Chinese restaurant with nice and supportive staff

  • The food is freshly prepared and is extremely delicious

  • The service is absolutely fast but might be a little slow on weekends

  • The fact that the fresh juice are prepared on order is definitely amazing

  • We went to Noodle Time (Greenwich) for a laid back Saturday lunch and was very disappointed with our selves for choosing Noodle Time (Greenwich)

  • We ordered for one soup noodle with Thai sauce and one with prawn and along with it pork dim sums

  • Both the soups were really bland and watery

  • We knew the food here is relatively cheaper but never knew it would be so tasteless

  • My experience here was quite average

  • While the food was alright it was nothing spectacular

  • The portions however were very generous

  • The quality of the food was alright and goes with how the food is priced

  • The quality was horrible and the food inedible

  • Me and my brother's stomach was in an awful condition for some days

  • I have always found the meals to be delicious and the portions are very huge and generous

  • I must say that the quality of food was very bad and it tasted horrible

  • It was also served and cold and it was the first time that I walked out of the restaurant without eating my whole meal

  • In my opinion the food is excellent and is served at a great value

  • The best bit is that all of the food is very fresh

  • The service is very good and the staff very efficient

  • The unwelcoming and inattentive staff was not enough of a repulsion

  • I had visited Noodle Time (Greenwich) for a quick bite and I must say I was not pleased to experience it at all

  • The food tasted bland and the meet was raw and undercooked

  • Greasy dishes were being served by a staff that almost rushed through every order

  • I dissuade anyone who is planning a visit to this shoddy place

  • The order procedure is simplistic and the value for money quite high with substantial portions of food

  • You can take away the dishes you were unable to finish

  • There is lots of place to sit and it is extremely spacious

  • The portions are very generous sized and the food is always freshly prepared

  • Noodle Time (Greenwich) is quite a gem

  • The portions served though are quite large and the food is also reasonably priced but it is the quality which you look for and I must say it was quite disappointing

  • The salad was undercooked and most of the food served was quite cold

  • The roast duck with sauce based noodles are a must try

  • The dishes have plenty of meat in them and the portions are also good enough

  • The staff isn't exactly polite but the service is adjustable

  • All of that goes to waste as the quality of food is not good at all

  • I honestly had no intentions of eating at the Noodle Time but it was the circumstance that led me to it and I had to rush in and grab something to it

  • I can say that the food was tasty but the portions were average

  • Noodle Time (Greenwich) is one of my favorites

  • And is offered in a pretty good quantity along with decent prices

  • The ambiance is quite nice and casual

  • The menus are in the form of circled papers which is the food mat when the food arrives

  • The food is offered in bowls while you are placed on benches which makes it a typical noodle bar style set up

  • Noodle Time (Greenwich) is really cheap for the kind of food it offers and the quality one gets

  • I must say that it is a wicked experience

  • This restaurant is clean from inside and looks appealing

  • The service is rather prompt however

  • It isn't the most exciting or best place for this cuisine however

  • Noodle Time (Greenwich) is quite good

  • If you want a grab a quick bite which is not that disgusting

  • Noodle Time (Greenwich) is a little better in quality when compared to other Chinese places

  • They might not have the best noodles in town but is only okay for a quick bite

  • Whatever i got was good and it was at par with what i paid for it

  • We had to eat all of it because we were really hungry otherwise we wouldn't touch it with a pole

  • The samosas we ordered were our own mistake really

  • Why we chose to order an Indian food in a Chinese food place was something unacceptable by our own mans

  • The prawn noodles was bland at best and the soup noodles

  • Large in portion was largely tasteless

  • We were told was due to a new delivery driver not knowing the area

  • When our food arrived it was cold and inedible

  • The person taking our order said that she saw the note on our address that our previous order was delivered cold

  • Meaning we ended up having to pay most of the amount we were discounted in the first place

  • Noodle Time (Greenwich) has given us the runs too as the only thing my partner and I have shared was something from Noodle Time (Greenwich)

  • They took them away then bought them back out when we were ready but the food was stone cold (just bought back what they took away)

  • They give big portions but food is not that tasty

  • Still not satisfied with the taste of the food

  • The only thing that we miss about Greenwich is this restaurant Noodle Time

  • Last week I came back to Greenwich with my wife and we revisited the restaurant

  • It was so touching to see everything are still same there

  • The interior is fine not fancy

  • As mentioned that the dumplings were fresh made

  • Very casual restaurant with friendly staff and large portions for a decent price considering the touristy location

  • Only negative is the restaurant decor is dark and dingy

Noodle Time (Greenwich) Specialties

  • Chinese
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