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Kitchen & Pantry (Notting Hill) Address 14 Elgin Crescent, Notting Hill, London W11 2HX
Kitchen & Pantry (Notting Hill) Phone 020 7727 8888
Kitchen & Pantry (Notting Hill) Opening Hours Monday - Friday : 7am - 9pm
Saturday : 7am - 8pm
Sunday : 8am - 8pm
Kitchen & Pantry (Notting Hill) Food Price £10 - £30 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about Kitchen & Pantry (Notting Hill)

89 reviews
  • Walking around Notting Hill and visiting the Portobello market are two of my treasured pastimes when am in London

  • Asked the helpful girl at the shop I was at to suggest a place that would work well and she told to me try Kitchen and Pantry

  • As far as coffee is concerned &ndash

  • I know this is a strange mix but that&rsquo

  • The BAKED POTATO was heaven &ndash

  • Huge serving of one large sweet potato baked to perfection inside its jacket with a sinful drizzle of herbs &

  • The CREPE was divine with a wonderful part chunky part creamy filling

  • The coffee was MOCHA &ndash

  • Their version has it as an espresso with hot chocolate topped with frothy creamy milk

  • The coffee mug was big and the serving generous

  • Its atmosphere is excellent &ndash

  • It has a wi fi service you can avail of as well but it is a paid facility I think

  • Giving you company is their coffee and eatables

  • I know I can never go to Portobello market without catching a quick date with self at Kitchen and Pantry

  • This restaurat is located conveniently in the area of Notting Hill where you will find people from all walks of life walking in to have a great time

  • Kitchen & Pantry (Notting Hill) is a true charmer

  • I had orange ginger juice and must say it was quite a delicious one though the sausages were pretty average

  • Cor was quite nice with some very comfortable seating

  • The staff was amiable and the service was quite good

  • The pastries here are nothing great

  • All the dishes we ordered were quite ordinary and nothing great

  • Was pleasantly surprised by the wide range of options on the menu to choose from and each of them was quite delicious and tempting

  • The atmosphere here is always lively

  • The location though is quite a convenient one

  • The place which gives you a wide array of drinks to delicious food is Kitchen and Pantry

  • It's quite crowded so to get one of your favorite couches is hard at times

  • They maintain a good hygiene level and is within your budget

  • The interior is also very nice and makes you stay there for long

  • It is filled with awesome wooden chairs

  • I had sweet potato and roasted veg and cheese and everything and it was perfectly cooked

  • Kitchen & Pantry (Notting Hill) is a divine experience and the view it offers from inside is also extremely spectacular

  • The lounge space is spacious and spread across a vast expanse

  • The ambience here is surrounded by large wooden blocked tables and luxurious leather couches

  • It feels as though you are inside a French restaurant

  • The food standards are fairly decent

  • The prices are a bit too expensive

  • I visited Kitchen & Pantry (Notting Hill) with my friend for coffee

  • The entire experience was ruined by the waitress who was waiting on us

  • The matter was taken up to the manager who was

  • Kitchen & Pantry (Notting Hill) is really spacious

  • Comfortable seating and with varied food and coffee options

  • You can come here for a good meal if you are in a big group of people

  • The service is not that great

  • The waiters are not really attentive

  • They really need to raise the bar for the coffee they serve which is really average

  • I ordered the chicken caesar wrap which was below average

  • It had flavorless mayonnaise and the wrap itself was a mess in terms of look

  • I haven't even heard of it before coming here but I have to say that it was a baked potato and really better than what some of the restaurants have on offer

  • I also had chicken and mushroom that came with a cream sauce and salad

  • The other person with me ordered sweet potato and I got to try it also

  • I need to mention that it was quite delicious

  • I ordered mocha which was well made that is not too creamy and with the right amount of chocolate

  • Bit of a maze interiors with random placement of couches and chairs giving it a very warm

  • We had ordered the chicken wrap which was filling and flavorsome

  • The desserts are a must try too

  • The portion sizes are more than generous so be careful while ordering

  • The seating area outside is incredible and the dishes here are very delicious

  • The staff is really rude and they don't care if the customer is asking to access the WI FI

  • The coffee is okay and apart from that

  • The place is a nice cozy cafe with a great view

  • The food here is absolutely unappetizing and you would not want to consume it

  • The food served here is somewhat like the food that used to be served in the 1990's

  • In a place where there are so many restaurants and all of them well known for having a nice service

  • I had checked out Kitchen & Pantry (Notting Hill) when out with my walking club mates

  • My experience here was quite alright

  • The interiors are nice but the seating arrangement not that excellent

  • In fact i happen to think that Kitchen & Pantry (Notting Hill) is unsuitable for large groups

  • The food though is quite tasty

  • Another area they need to work on is their singular toilet which has long queues lining up in front of it

  • Food served is well cooked and delicious food

  • The only downside which is most repulsive is the service

  • Extremely unpleasing and unwelcoming staff seems frustrated with their work and are rude to customers

  • The coffee is delicious and so are the small snacks to munch on

  • The ambiance is simple but nothing to be written about

  • While so many families are struggling to feed their families

  • This restaurant branch is throwing away unsold food

  • We happened to find Kitchen & Pantry (Notting Hill) by chance and were pleased to

  • The staff is wonderful and go out of their way to make sure that everyone is comfortable and having a good tome

  • The lunch menu is simple and light

  • The view from the cafe is good and the ambiance is very relaxing

  • We ordered a Carrot Cake and Brownie with walnuts and both were amazing to taste

  • They were not too sweet and were perfectly baked

  • The service was also very good and efficient

  • The next i ordered was muffin which was dry

  • Kitchen & Pantry (Notting Hill) is expensive and the service as well was inefficient and slow

  • Granted it was a busy Saturday

  • The brownie was the best part

  • Jacket potato and sweet potato with chicken and mushroom were lacking flavor

  • Cannot say the same for Victoria Sponge which was not fresh and actually hard even to cut with a fork

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