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Kazan (Victoria) Address 93-94 Wilton Road, Victoria, London SW1V 1DW
Kazan (Victoria) Phone 020 7233 7100
Kazan (Victoria) Opening Hours Monday - Friday : 12noon - 3pm, 5:30pm - 10pm
Saturday & Sunday : 12noon - 5pm, 5:30pm - 10:30pm
Kazan (Victoria) Food Price £38.5 - £66 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about Kazan (Victoria)

68 reviews
  • A good time was had by all for the hours we spent there (although a lot of that was waiting for food

  • Despite being seated at a long table (which usually kills any chance of a group discussion) the atmosphere was so conducive to having a good time we didn't even notice

  • Especially if halalness and conversation are paramount to your enjoyment of a meal

  • So I did manage to go in to Kazan with a relatively open mind

  • I think the immediate impression given by Kazan was one of a more "

  • The mezze's were pretty standard

  • I went for the naked burger (and will admit that I was both surprised and embarrassed when it arrived without any sign of a bun)

  • Tasted great and went down well and looking at the platters received by others at the table it seemed that this assessment was to be pretty common across the board

  • Atmosphere was decent but not the best it wasn't quite the place to go for a quiet and intimate meal

  • Falls short of a total recommendation but only because there are already so many other options in London that just about pip it to the post

  • That's why it was such a delight to have recently found Kazan

  • There are 2 restaurants opposite each other the more form restaurant Kazan with a larger menu and the more informal

  • Mainly because I love it so much but I was so impressed by the quality of the food

  • Mains included aubergine with lamb mince in a tomato sauce with a delicious and tangy yoghurt sauce and a portion of rice

  • Were so tender and came with a side portion of chips

  • The falafel wrap was stuffed full with lots of fresh salad

  • We were quite relieved that we hadn't ordered starters and we were stuffed to the brim with this

  • Desserts are worth saving space for we chose a plate of baklava and a Turkish apricot and apple crumble with ice cream to share

  • Even more delicious than a normal crumble with a soft pastry like casing and served lovely and warm

  • The baklavas were so good but perhaps had just a touch too much honey drizzled which made them just a bit too sweet

  • Coconut water blended with fresh strawberries or grapes (I ordered this but wasn't a huge fan) and some delicious smoothies as well as a very aromatic cinamon tea

  • Relaxed and informal and if you are after a more formal dining experience with a larger menu

  • Kazan (Victoria) is simply described as WOW

  • I had the steak it was soooo nice

  • Makes it the perfect setting for an intimate night out with your nearest and dearest

  • From the moment you walk in you are greeted with warm welcomes and a friendly customer service

  • All bookings have been well organised with the help of the friendly staff

  • My most recent visit was for a friend&rsquo

  • I must say our designated waiter did a great job at handling our orders for all 10 of us with much patience

  • Every dish is rich in flavour

  • The Ottoman Grill is my personal favourite

  • Can also be shared between two with a smaller appetite (their portion sizes are fairly large)

  • They have great service and it is an extremely classy place

  • The only downside was that they took a huge piece of my cake without asking

  • The restaurant is beautifully decorated

  • I got a mixed grill with chips and salad and could not finish it because of how big the portion size was

  • It is at a walking distance from Victoria station and is very easy to get to

  • Despite my awful experience with the waiters

  • Mediterranean delicious food which was very filling

  • So yesterday was a complete food day for me and seeing as the weather was miserable I decided to eat a little closer to home

  • The prawns were marinated in a delicious sauce mixed with finely diced onions a cream sauce and various herbs absolutely gorgeous taste

  • The calamari did not have as much crunch to it as I would have liked but did come with an unusual curry like glazed sauce

  • The beetroot dip was fantastic and extremely moreish in my opinion but did not have an overpowering taste which was lovely

  • My favourite however had to be the Borek which looks like a samosa but has a cheese mint like flavour with the consistency of melted morzarella absolutely to die

  • The mains ordered were the lamb kofte and the special which was seabass which came with a rocket salad

  • Perfect texture the seabass was crisp on the outside but moist on the inside with the thyme blending into the fish and not dominating the flavour

  • The kofte was also perfectly cooked with the right amount of moisture

  • I was looking forward to dessert but the portions were so big I simply could not finish had to get some of my fish to take away

  • Chargrilled served with bulgar (£

  • I start every time with their amazing Mixed Mezze Platter

  • Needless to say the grilled hellimi (halloumi to you and me) is utterly indulgent salty deliciousness

  • Middle Eastern food is one of my weaknesses

  • It attempts to be rather grandiose and with all the meat on offer it kind of is

  • The most enjoyable though is the mezze starter platter for two

  • All the elements on the plate were fresh and tasty highly recommend this dish

  • It arrived under a golden cloche and the presentation was all rather impressive

  • The sauce overpowered the meat (which was otherwise well cooked) and it was a bit of a let down after the starter

  • The waitress also failed to tell us that two of the dishes we had ordered were not available that day and so we had to wait a while until everyone's newly ordered mains were ready

  • Definitely one of the best Turkish restaurants I've ever been

  • Beautiful salad with pomegranate

  • You can see how juicy they are the moment you put your knife onto them

  • The chilli sauce is a must with grills if you can tolerate mild spice

  • Assorted dessert plate is a good one if you cannot decide which one to have

  • Otherwise Turkish Syllabub is definitely on top of dessert list with raspberry soaked in cherry brandy served with magnificent Cointreau and orange blossom syllabub

  • Dinner opens from 5.30pm and multiple groups of people (both with and without booking) already presented at door

  • Definetelly the best Turkish restaurant in London not sure why Liman gets all the hype but anyways Kazan's signature is great meat dishes and I highly recommend trying lamb

  • Desserts are nice and so are the starters

  • The highlight is impeccable service which is something hard to come by even in a high end restaurants

Kazan (Victoria) Specialties

  • Turkish
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