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Mem & Laz (Islington) Address 8 Theberton Street, Islington, London N1 0QX
Mem & Laz (Islington) Phone 020 7704 9089
Mem & Laz (Islington) Opening Hours Monday - Sunday : 11am - 11pm
Friday & Saturday : 11am - 12midnight
Mem & Laz (Islington) Food Price £25 - £45 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about Mem & Laz (Islington)

112 reviews
  • They extended the restaurant a couple of years ago and also they have now open another restaurant (Italian) right next to Mem and Laz and it is just as good

  • The restaurants are nicely decorated

  • If you can book in advanced as it is very popular

  • This restaurant is very cheap and has a big selection on the menu

  • The mussels are fresh and you can easily share them between two

  • There is nothing particular in the atmosphere but it is a good place to go for a lazy

  • I would maybe not go there on a date but definitely with a good friend for a dinner

  • I went twice and was never disappointed

  • My friend had pasta which was slightly overcooked

  • Fresh mint lemonade was refreshing and the bill came to £

  • Despite initial scepticism about the varied food choice I was very impressed with the quality of the food

  • Tasty starters were followed by delicious mains

  • The walls are covered with theatre posters

  • The tables are piled close together &

  • The waiting staff are loud but attentive

  • The grilled meat selection is always on point &

  • Mem & Laz (Islington) is great value for Islington is super cheap

  • Added bonus is that it joins 3 resturaunts together and you can order off any from where you are sitting

  • The only thing veggies love more than a great vegetarian dish is having a variety of them to choose from

  • The staff here are also a blessing

  • The first I noticed was the friendly welcome and the open smiles from the waiters

  • Lovely restaurant with amazing food

  • The only down side is that I had to wait over an hour for my food and it wasn't hot

  • Twinkling lights on the high ceiling and low hanging lanterns made it seem quite intimate even though it is absolutely enormous

  • It would be great for a large party booking with Christmas around the corner

  • The food itself is kind of a fusion of Turkish

  • Greek and Italian and such a mix means the menu is extensive to say the least

  • One of the great things about the menu is the huge choice for vegetarians

  • The service is simply pathetic here

  • I had to remind the staff twice to bring the drink and the staff is unapologetic

  • When the main course was supposed to be served

  • I am really happy with our experience

  • The portions were very generous

  • The service was also nice and quick

  • The service was sluggish at times but the lively and buzzing atmosphere compensated for it

  • Delicious Delicious Delicious food is what you come here

  • The important thing to remember is to reach here before 6 pm

  • The course specials are a good value for money

  • The ambiance is very nice and inviting

  • The empty side of the restaurant was booked by a group as they said which never came

  • I came here on the weekend without booking and the place was quite busy but the staff was friendly so they were able to make us sit outside

  • I had aubergine parmigiana here and I was not at all happy with it

  • Kind to come with Friends not a date

  • I visited Mem & Laz (Islington) on a Friday in the evening along with a few of my friends

  • The ambiance of Mem & Laz (Islington) is quite alive and there are a lot of customers

  • The menu offered a huge variety with very reasonably priced dishes

  • I ordered the salad and moussaka along with a few other dishes

  • I was actually served a kebab doused in gravy with a broccoli floret and carrots and beans

  • The ambience is warm and cozy

  • What tastes great are their seafood casseroles

  • Whenever you try a new place you do not go in there with high hopes and same thing was with me

  • I got to tell you that the experience I had their was amazing in every aspect

  • That I would say was the best staff out of every new place that I have tried

  • Coming to the best part and that is food

  • Bread with olives was the perfect dish for me it was very tasty

  • I would definitely recommend Mem & Laz (Islington) to anyone who is looking for something new

  • In fact it was very memorable and definitely the stand out in the city

  • The food was made with amazing zeal and the dishes themselves had some really complex flavors which were lovely

  • Both the dishes were appealing and appetizing

  • Decor of the place is pretty and soothing

  • The place offers an extensive menu with both al a carte and set menu options

  • There is a wide variety of dishes to choose from and is excellent value for money

  • The food here is an absolute favorite of mine

  • The portions too are great and very filling

  • They are helpful and so are the owners

  • Though the place is pretty crammed up

  • Delicious and is served in large portions

  • The service is polite and friendly

  • The staff here is friendly and hospitable

  • The service was slightly slow and I had to reorder my mint tea

  • The waiters sang and danced around the table which was a good gesture

  • One dish which makes me come back to this restaurant again and again is their Baby and King prawns dish with creamy sauce

  • The dish is just too well prepared and it is a treat for your palate

  • The atmosphere of the place is pretty vibrant and their list of wines is quite impressive

  • This restaurant in my opinion and experience is suitable for all kind of occasions whether personal or professional

  • The value for money here is quite good too

  • The prices are healthy for our pockets and reasonable

  • The service too is very pleasant and attentive

  • The food was extremely delicious and every dish we ordered was extremely appetizing

  • The mint lemonade is a must try here

  • The service is excellent and it could not possibly get better

  • The place is fantastic with great ambiance and good music

  • I ordered mushrooms and lamb for starters and mains respectively and they were great to taste

  • The food presentation was also very appealing

  • The service was really good and efficient

  • I was very much happy with the service and the food

  • This is my first reviewfor this restaurant and unfortunately it is a negative one

  • I was utterly unimpressed by the place and my experience here was truly pathetic

  • I was to my astonishment was served raw wings

  • The quality of food was below par and on registering my displeasure

  • It didn't quite seem so Turkish and was a disappointment

  • The dishes that we ordered lacked some thing or the other and were not at all appetizing

  • Its a nice and simple place serving appealing and appetizing food with great value for money

  • The service is as poor as it could get

  • They did not know what they were doing and were extremely rushed

  • The worst part is that they were unapologetic

  • The assitance was great when then they got less busy

  • I had a mixed grill which was cooked well but quite tasteless

  • I had a prawn starter which was absolutely delightful

  • Mixed reviews as when I went with a friends there was bad customer service however fine food but when a friend went they had amazing customer service and very nice food

  • We were given a spacious area and the staff were really nice

  • Very squashy and food was not nice at all

  • Laz Brasserie is a Mediterranean and Middle Eastern fusion restaurant located in the heart of hipster Islington

  • You are visually assaulted with an abundance of colourful hanging lamps

  • Mem and Laz Brasserie is truly a gem in the heart of trendy Islington

  • Its popularity is so great that the restaurant had no choice but to expand

  • Appealing to a variety of tastes and the venue itself is something that needs to be seen to be believed

  • The marquezz sausages were the taste of Turkey

  • The decoration and setting transport you straight to the shores of the Bosforus and the venue is big enough for sereval tens of people

  • Fridays and saturdays night are usually very crowded and reservations get a bit confused but the food is a nice mediterranean style

  • Whenever I'm indecisive about what I want to eat I really appreciate a restaurant that has some great choices with little to no risk of ordering a dish I won't like

  • So if you're anything like me this is the place to go

Mem & Laz (Islington) Specialties

  • Turkish
  • Mediterranean
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