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Cafe East (Surrey Quays) Address Surrey Quays Leisure Park, 100 Redriff Road, Surrey Quays, London SE16 7LH
Cafe East (Surrey Quays) Phone 020 7252 1212
Cafe East (Surrey Quays) Opening Hours Monday - Friday : 11am - 3pm, 5:30pm - 10:30pm
Tuesday : Closed
Saturday : 11am - 10:30pm
Sunday : 12noon - 10pm
Cafe East (Surrey Quays) Food Price £15 - £35 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about Cafe East (Surrey Quays)

67 reviews
  • I went here with a group of badminton friends after a 3 hour session

  • This restaurant was very busy so we were lucky to get a table without booking

  • The only drawback is that they don't take credit cards and only accept payments in cash

  • A Vietnamese noodle soup served with razor thin slices of meats (Or chicken

  • The prawn) with fresh lemongrass

  • One of the best cafe in Canada water area (there isn't many restaurant or cafe)

  • Good Vietnamese food with reasonable prices (around 10 quid per person)

  • The only downside is they're close on Tuesday and near to holidays like Christmas

  • It was busy and there was still more people coming in

  • Walls and curtains are plain white

  • A large square dining room with four or five rows of tables and chairs

  • Very similar to a canteen but with more comfortable chairs and proper tables that easily join together for larger groups

  • I give credit to the fact that most diners there were large families or gathering of friends

  • Not sure if that was only applicable to takeaways because there were also busy with takeaway orders

  • I did not time this but I was already hungry with the waiting for a table

  • Our starters and mains were all served up together

  • Dressed uniformly in black was merely an indication that they worked there

  • No further waitressing service is to be expected

  • I am not used to eating beef and having a large soup noodle in beef broth was a little heavy for me

  • Sauce on the side is needed otherwise it is quite plain on it's own

  • Sauce on the side is important for flavour

  • Thin rice noodles with spring rolls and lemongrass pork

  • Different levels of flavouring coming through with each mouthful

  • Fine vermicelli noodles topped with crispy chicken

  • The chicken was slightly salty but apart from that it is a good dish

  • Pork belly marinated with spices and herbs

  • This time I was left a little disappointed and in the words of many an X Factor judge

  • The result is a queue as early as 7pm

  • Whose only other draws is the cinema and bowling alley

  • Practicality triumphs cosiness and their priority is squeezing as many tables in as possible

  • One vegetarian and the other with both prawn and pork (both £

  • The peanut sauce was gloopy and lacked the piquancy I usually love about that sauce

  • 8) vermicelli noodles topped with crispy chicken and served with cucumber

  • The chicken was perfect with deliciously crisp skin that was never soggy

  • I always go for the Bun Thit Nuong essentially the same dish only with lemongrass grilled pork rather than the chicken (£

  • It also comes with spring rolls) and I didn't regret going astray

  • A broth of rare and well done beef with noodles and vegetables and herbs to add separately

  • I've had it there before and it was much better

  • One unexpected winner was the traditional Chinese herbal tea with fresh longan fruit

  • Or rice rolls filled with mince pork

  • Bun bo Hue or spicy noodle soup with beef flanks

  • The popular Vietnamese dish is pretty good here too

  • I don't think spring rolls are authentic here cos of the lack of fillings

  • They serve this with spices and without so it depends on what you prefer

  • Please bear in mind that the soup is on the side

  • Then your pho is ready to go

  • This Pho Kho Cay (with spices/spicy) is the one and only food I will miss from London after going back home for good

  • It was Friday night and it was my birthday

  • My sisters was out sample sale shopping and I joined them

  • The previous business was a pub where I used to get 50p shots from

  • Cafe east is always busy if you go with more then 4 people in the party you need to wait at least half a hour to get seats

  • The interior is very modern with White Walls and beach wood furnishing the restaurant seats around 50 odd people

  • These are steamed rolls with mince pork

  • What really lets the place down is the environment

  • Such that the conversation either side of you is fully audible

  • Brick Lane is home to the curry house

  • M expecting a fruitful 2016 with many more reviews in London

  • M partly based now) and finally get a move on with my abroad reviews

  • Having heard much about Cafe East I was dying to try what I&rsquo

  • Vietnamese cuisine is becoming more common as the weather is getting colder and Cafe East certainly impresses as a cheap eat for a nice soupy dish

  • I declare as the best pho ever in my life

  • The ingredients are really fresh

  • The broth is rich and so flavourful and the spring rolls are generous and fresh

  • Australia and this is the place that reminds me of home

  • The ambiance is functional whereas the outdoor seating is pretty

  • What I like about here is that their authentic spicy Pho

  • The broth is rich and so flavorful and the spring rolls are generous and fresh

Cafe East (Surrey Quays) Specialties

  • Vietnamese
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