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The Big Easy (Chelsea) Address 332-334 King's Road, Chelsea, London SW3 5UR
The Big Easy (Chelsea) Phone 020 7352 4071
The Big Easy (Chelsea) Opening Hours Monday - Thursday : 12noon - 11pm
Friday : 12noon - 12midnight
Saturday & Sunday : 11am - 10:30pm
The Big Easy (Chelsea) Food Price £35 - £60 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about The Big Easy (Chelsea)

148 reviews
  • The Big Easy (Chelsea) is fine and they serve wonderful American food

  • I would suggest going in with a large group of friends and just enjoy the food

  • The service is quite slow and if you do not book in advance

  • Great Atomosphere with amazing Burgers defintelly have to try The Big Easy (Chelsea)

  • Located in the Chelsea area you are going to find the Big Easy on the Kings Road

  • The cuisine in the venue is Mostly American

  • I would recommend to try their lunch menu Steak Fries and Margarita with wine or beer

  • The Lunch menues are with price around 10 pounds per person

  • S not huge but is big enough for hosting 40 50 tables

  • We shared the deep fried calamari which were very different from the small chewy rubber type things I had in the past

  • The whole atlantic crab is really well done and I can just say that was incredible

  • The location is great and the place is warm and welcoming

  • The seafood and the barbecue are both outstanding which is quite a rarity

  • My only problem was with the margaritas

  • It was not fresh and was dispensed from a machine

  • I must recommend the lobster and steaks if you are planning to visit this restaurant some time

  • The food is absolutely delicious and the music here is always good

  • You may feel cramped for room downstairs so I would recommend you to try the upper level which is a far more spacious one

  • The atmosphere here was lively but too loud for my taste

  • The food was detailed and described perfectly in the menu and one could here what the fellow table clients were ordering as the chairs were placed so closely

  • We went there on some other day when there was a deal of unlimited shrimps

  • The Big Easy (Chelsea) is a good bet

  • It has a fun filled atmosphere and is most enjoyable in large groups

  • The ambiance is great due to the live band playing until late

  • A great place with some good food and entertainment

  • I don't think that anything is worth getting insulted

  • The food here is good and the all you can eat deal is a bargain and great value for money

  • Everything is freshly prepared and well presented

  • The Big Easy (Chelsea) is an easy favorite and the quality is maintained with great consistency

  • The service staff in my opinion is very cordial and have really good skills

  • I don't understand why The Big Easy (Chelsea) is always crowded when in fact the food served is totally cold

  • The prices that they charge are ridiculous

  • The ingredients used are quite stale and I would definitely recommend you to think twice before you go there

  • The fajitas as well as the steak was great and cooked well

  • My favourite dish at this joint are the voodoo chicken wings served with a hot sauce that goes perfectly well with the entire combination

  • The place attracts people from all walks of life and that is what makes the place more charming

  • The staff is friendly here despite of the fact that The Big Easy (Chelsea) was pretty busy

  • The tables are very close and that cause a lot of disturbance

  • The cooking was decent enough and the portions are also pretty much filling so you are supposed to go here with empty stomach

  • Prior reservations are strongly recommended

  • The Big Easy (Chelsea) is full in the evenings

  • The service is swift and the staff is also friendly

  • The restaurant is particularly nice for dates and such

  • The service is great and very prompt

  • All the dishes were appealing and appetizing

  • I waited for an hour to eat here and I must say it was worth all the time

  • Placing a reservation is a better proposition

  • The Big Easy (Chelsea) is very crowded or I should say overcrowded it is next to difficult to have a conversation here

  • It seemed like staff was working from a long time because they looked stressed

  • The food was good but it was little overpriced according to me

  • The Big Easy (Chelsea) is mostly busy and yet has a relaxing atmosphere

  • Their staff is very helpful

  • The Big Easy (Chelsea) is worth every penny

  • The location of The Big Easy (Chelsea) is pretty good and that is the only reason

  • The sea food that these guys provide us is not that good

  • The atmosphere is bit full with crowd

  • The table are very close to each other so you really can not talk about some personal stuff because you are in a dilemma that someone might hear you

  • The portions are on the other hand pretty huge so you need not worry about the fact that you have to order many dishes

  • With the cheesy cream served with almost everything which is always fried

  • The ambiance of the place was great and very enjoyable

  • The steaks were great and everything was delicious beyond imagination

  • The portions of the food were rather big and we were very full

  • If one is looking for a good and enjoyable evening with friends in London

  • The Big Easy (Chelsea) is a must visit

  • It is a causal place with a live band playing downstairs

  • As such it is a bit noisy

  • The margaritas here are always on the go

  • The food here is decent but the lobsters

  • In my opinion are nothing special

  • What is interesting about The Big Easy (Chelsea) is the fact that it serves good quality American styled BBQ as well as delicately prepared sumptuous seafood

  • It tasted brilliant as the onions and garlic served with it really complimented the entire dish

  • This restaurant was recommended to me by a friend

  • They also have American beers which are not easily available around town

  • A great place with good atmosphere and good food

  • It is advisable to make a reservation beforehand as these dinners are very popular

  • The food was great and so was the service

  • The staff members were attentive and cooperative

  • If you're looking for a perfect weekend getaway then this is surely the place for you

  • The quantity of food is more than sufficient

  • The atmosphere is great and the service is also up to the mark

  • The place was bit noisy but that is okay if you are visiting here with your friends

  • That according to me was delicious and was of full value too

  • The Big Easy (Chelsea) is always so full that i would suggest an advance booking is a pre requisite for visiting The Big Easy (Chelsea)

  • I recently tried The Big Easy (Chelsea) and was quite disappointed with it

  • The food was substandard and was not worth the price it was charged

  • The service was pretty bad

  • The ambience was the only thing that was good about The Big Easy (Chelsea)

  • Visited with a friend on a Saturday so it was quite busy

  • The lobster roll was sort of a let down (maybe I expected too much) and the pirates of the caribbean milkshake which is a blend of vanilla ice cream

  • Fresh mint and coconut ice cream was also very good

  • The shrimp starter was out of this world

  • My hubby had the surf and turf which was such a big portion with the succulent lobster

  • Had me wishing I hadn't just gotten the lobster by itself because the steak was cooked to perfection

  • That I had intended to meet a prospective American client at Big Easy and I was motivated in choosing the restaurant due my clients love of barbecued food

  • T even try to accomodate me and blamed me for everything when they were in the wrong

  • They failed to realise the serious implications of their error and they were not at all concerned of the compromising position it would leave me in with my prospective client

  • I will be speaking with Paul Corrett and seeking compensation for loss of income and reputational damages caused by Big Easy's negligence

  • The ultimate place for a cheat meal though they have plenty of healthy options on the menu as well the frozen margaritas are to die for The Big Easy (Chelsea) is always packed and has a great atmosphere

  • Anything brave enough to adopted this nickname is doing more than that

  • One such eatery is doing just that in London

  • The original Big Easy has been delighting West Londoners and BBQ lovers alike with its friendly atmosphere and hearty portions of good ol&rsquo

  • The long awaited opening of a 2nd branch was announced in equally iconic Covent Garden

  • I approach with scepticism yes Big Easy may have been good 22 years ago

  • When American BBQ was nothing more than a myth in London

  • Maybe it's because it has the air of being the original but I found that it was livelier than its Central London sister

  • My first visit was for the bottomless fried shrimp and my second

  • The only limit I will say though is that the unlimited barbeque does come with a caveat as sadly the ribs are one portion per person only

  • With a frosty greeting from the floor manager I was unsure if this was a sign of things to come

  • My lobster and steak were cooked beautifully and the salad was lovely and light

  • The portions were on point and you get the true sense of the south by the dimmed ambiance

  • The food was served with a frozen Margarita which refreshed your palate

  • So The Big Easy is a fun time

  • I first went to the Big Easy 20 years ago gosh that makes me feel old writing that the restaurant was totally kicking then and I was very surprised to see that it is still super popular now

  • I booked for 6.30pm on Friday night and we were lucky to get a table the place was heaving

  • Service charge is ridiculous

  • The service is good but the wait for a table can be long at times if you don't book in advance

  • Also sitting downstairs when the live band is there is loud and can be disturbing

  • Come with an empty stomach cause it is just impossible to leave The Big Easy (Chelsea) without your trousers unbuttoned

  • Meaning it was cooked probably hours before sitting down

  • I came on a Thursday night when there's a great steak and lobster deal which comes with a margarita

  • Oozing with flavour and the lobster was cooked to absolute perfection

  • All washed down with a delectable margarita

  • The prices are not that much

  • The big easy is a great place to get friends together and eat some yummy food

  • I always get the crab claws to start they are huge and so fresh

  • I then usually get the lobster with chips for mains

  • I'm obsessed with the garlic and cream sauce it comes with

  • The restaurant has a funny decor and the way the way the staff welcomes you is cery friendly

  • The Big Easy is a very lively spot on Kings Road

  • Very lively place with excellent music and vibe on Kings Road

  • This crabshack combo comes with crab claws

  • The lobster my wife had was also very good

  • I loved the idea of 1 appetizer with both onion rings and chips

  • The big easy is a nice place

  • My favourite is the lobster burger

  • You have to start with their delicious margueritas

  • This was a coleslaw roll with FOUR small pieces of lobster stuck in the middle of the roll

  • 20 for that was nothing short of shameful

  • It remind me with a local fish house in my hometown lebanon so simple so tasty so yummy and pocket friendly

  • Their lobsters are simply top and now i had some french scallops with sweet chilli and soya sauce and it was yummy

  • This restaurant has 3 branches and they are all the same

  • The big easy is one of the famous places where you can have a HUGE lobster with prawn and Moules prices are fair comparing to the HUGE portion amount its a must try

  • Visited the newly refurbed Chelsea branch on Friday evening with a group of 3 friends

  • The standard of food was exactly how I remember

  • The sizes of the portions are still HUGE

  • The waffle I had for dessert which I was surprised I managed to fit in is something I will definitely be returning

  • The food came out in good time and was pretty tasty

  • The blue cheese sauce for the lobster is also a definite star

The Big Easy (Chelsea) Specialties

  • American
  • Seafood
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