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Love Crumbs (Old Town) Address 155 West Port, Old Town, Edinburgh EH3 9DP
Love Crumbs (Old Town) Phone 0131 629 0626
Love Crumbs (Old Town) Opening Hours Monday - Friday : 9:30am - 6pm
Saturday : 10:30am - 6pm
Sunday : 12:30pm - 6pm
Love Crumbs (Old Town) Food Price £10 - £20 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about Love Crumbs (Old Town)

60 reviews
  • I really like Love Crumbs (Old Town) and think the cakes/tarts are super delicious

  • I would recommend to everyone as it's such a great atmosphere and the food/drinks are great value

  • The hook is the cakes providers of wholesale for some time the stock in the shop is excellent and gets people rather excited

  • The only reason Love Crumbs (Old Town) didn't get a 5 is because they did not have any fruit scones

  • I can appreciate that it's not a huge chain so this is obviously common

  • M guilty on that account with Lovecrumbs

  • Also towering delicious creations with flavours that at first seem unusual such as peanut and banana

  • A personal favourite for me are their savoury scones served with or without Marmite

  • Prices for cakes and scones and tarts are very reasonable

  • The violet tea is very refreshing

  • The windows were full of condensation it really ruined the nice window display that's supposed to be there

  • Love crumbs is super cosy and when we next checked the time

  • In a great place with great coffee tea and cake

  • It does get a little balmy inside but there is a great selection of baked goods

  • The coffee is definitely some of the best in town

  • What I think I like the most about Lovecrumbs though is actually their social media output they have a refreshingly irreverent style and their photos are always beautiful

  • A quirky venue with a great range of cakes (including dairy free

  • The window cleaner was right get the meringue

  • Gooey meringue with a tart but not overpowering filling

  • T too chocolaty with layers of pistachio frosting

  • Service was friendly with the cakes and tea perfect

  • T think it will be long till we are back again

  • Very friendly staff and the atmosphere was good as well

  • A visit to Lovecrumbs is like a hug from the inside out

  • I love that Lovecrumbs is a cake only cafe with no less than 10 different flavours of cakes

  • Their flavours are unique and inventive

  • Lemon cake with elderflower icing and gooseberry filling

  • Citrus filing topped with creamy meringue and a crispy base it was delicious

  • Love Crumbs is a lovely little coffee shop

  • It has such a nice relaxed vibe inside and it is a place you could easily spend ages in

  • The last time I was there I ended up getting the walnut brownie which was just wonderful in so many ways

  • Their coffee is excellent and their cakes are yummy

  • The only downside is that they're too busy all the time so it's very hard to find other seating than the high chairs on some days which are not comfortible at all

  • The atmosphere is so charming with its mix and matched furniture

  • Lovecrumbs is a place to relax

  • Love crumbs is known for its fabulous cake

  • Really it should be known for delivering great bakeds in conjunction with great tea and hot chocolates

  • All the cakes were amazing and really beautiful my fresh flavours

  • The orange and poppyseed wasn't too sweet which was perfect for me

  • I would definitely go back the coffee was also amazing and such a nice relaxed atmosphere for a cafe

  • What led me here was my love for brownies

  • When it comes to brownies I have to admit they are my guilty pleasure sweet

  • They had the universal walnut brownie which was great but the caramel brownie was a revelation for me

  • They have a good breakfast spread with hot drinks and the ambience is warm and cozy hence the name Love Crumbs

  • I met up with a friend here last Saturday and I was very lucky to find a table for us as there were people who came in after me that had to wait

  • People are encouraged to share tables with others which I don't mind

  • I went for the rose and chocolate cake with violet petal tea

  • The cakes looked amazing too and mine was freshly baked and beautiful

  • A great hangout place if you are in the Old Town area

  • I simply loved the cafe from the interior to the staff who were just super friendly

  • Felt the lavender was a little bit on the heavy side for my liking

  • Their coffee was also really good

  • One of the best places to get desserts in Edinburgh

  • The artsy vibe is so lovely and you are never rushed to leave

  • I always associate the grassmarket with pubs and bars so won't necessary go out of my way to come here for coffee and cake

  • Staff always seem rushed off their feet and place is always busy

  • A really special venue where cake is served in a closet and you can sit in the window

  • Scattered with fairy lights this bakery cooks with whatever natural ingredients they have on hand so you never know what kind of cake you might find

  • Everything is super fresh and I ve never had a bad cake no matter what I try

  • I recommend you go for the regular hot chocolate as the ones with additional flavours are not as good

Love Crumbs (Old Town) Specialties

  • Bakery
  • Cafe
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