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Cosmo (New Town) Address Omni Centre, Greenside Place, New Town, Edinburgh EH1 3AA
Cosmo (New Town) Phone 0131 557 0808
Cosmo (New Town) Opening Hours Monday - Thursday : 12noon - 3pm, 5:30pm - 10:30pm
Friday : 12noon - 3pm, 5pm - 11pm
Saturday : 12noon - 4pm, 5pm - 11pm
Sunday : 12noon - 10pm
Cosmo (New Town) Food Price £25 - £45 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about Cosmo (New Town)

54 reviews
  • Changing from Chinese to Italian to Brazilian is something which helps you get the most out of your money

  • The drinks are bottomless as well

  • Rather than mass produced like it is in other all you can eat buffets

  • The dessert selection is also fantastic

  • Cosmo (New Town) is a danger for other asian buffet places in Edinburgh

  • There was loads of choice and all was really well made

  • The desserts were something else it was like a sweetie shop

  • We popped in here (we had booked which was a bit of a hassle as it took ages to get through on the phone but worth it on arrival)

  • Value for money there's not much better anywhere in Edinburgh The drinks prices are also a lot cheaper than normal central edinburgh prices

  • It wasn't a surprise to me that every table was taken and birthday celebrations were a common site

  • What did surprise me is that even with all the crowd

  • So I took 2 helpings for starters and was already impressed

  • The taco is a self filling mini station kinda thing and the sushi is right next to a teppanyaki counter which I was so excited about

  • All the counters except Indian was okay (the Indian bread was too hard) and the American and Chinese/Thai were all really satisfying in my opinion

  • I'm super satisfied and will give it another visit after confirming that the chocolate fountain is functioning

  • The difference between them is that dinner time you can find a larger variety of food but I don't know yet I'll have to go and see

  • **sorry no picture because the place was really crowded

  • The air conditioning was blasting so high by the time we got our food to the table it was cold

  • The food was bland and everything tasted much the same seasoning was sadly lacking

  • One good thing about it was the prawn toast it was lovely

  • The price was very reasonable and cosmo's is good for a cheap lunch if that's what your looking

  • After all it would interfere with my supper plans)

  • The volume of food seemed impressive from a distance but on closer inspection it was nothing more than a clever mirage

  • Some of the 'troughs' were empty and others had dishes that had clearly been sitting and sweating out too long

  • A school dinner style chilli with authentic Old El Paso squeezy toppings

  • Perhaps it was an off day

  • Nothing warranted a repeat visit and the little glimmer of hope to be found in the dessert section was soon shot down when we found out they were only serving ice soup

  • Different types THIS is what you NEED in your life

  • Need to book well in advanced or get there hoping there is space but OMG ITS A MUST

  • I may complain about the reception are and the lack of space to wait so to be seated

  • I recommend the place for dinner so that there are mre variety and additional plates that may not be available for lunch

  • Cosmos managed to bring out the true authentic flavors for each cuisine and that was quite impressive

  • Cosmo is a nice place to visit for drinks and dinner as the service is good and the servers are friendly

  • Excellent food and very diversified with good flavours

  • I never regretted being at Cosmos so far as always was good value for money

  • Cannot give 5 stars as I think there is still room for improvement from some staff that do not look friendly but this is based on my point of view

  • One of the best dining experience I've had in Edin

  • Most of their servings are all delicious with such a wide array of choices

  • Didn't take a lot of pictures since I was too busy jumping from plate to plate

  • Be aware that dinnertime is offered with different price and different menu (they have teppanyaki

  • He probably might be having a bad day but it was no excuse for his appalling behaviour

  • The food was ok but we were unable to enjoy it because of the awful treatment that was greeted to us by this waiter

  • The spread was large and nice

  • What needs extreme attention is the quality of the food

  • The starters were as if lying dead and dry in the buffet plates

  • It took some effort to tear a naan which was more crispy than the poppadums which were like soft naan

  • The only thing which stood out were the gravy items in the main dish and the live counter

  • The prawns were not cleaned from inside and we could see the black thread of the prawn on its back

  • The desert spread was good enough to cheer up our mood and reluctantly I had shell out £

  • The place is really good as there are a lot of dishes(+150) the live counters were great

  • The pricing was totally worth

  • Service and ambiance was exceptional

  • The variety of food in the Buffet setting is unbelievable

  • Only downside was the ice cream was very runny

Cosmo (New Town) Specialties

  • International
  • Asian
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