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Mamounia Lounge Knightsbridge (Knightsbridge) Address 136 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London SW3 1HY
Mamounia Lounge Knightsbridge (Knightsbridge) Phone 020 7581 7777
Mamounia Lounge Knightsbridge (Knightsbridge) Opening Hours Monday - Sunday : 11am - 12midnight
Saturday : Closed
Mamounia Lounge Knightsbridge (Knightsbridge) Food Price £35 - £60 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about Mamounia Lounge Knightsbridge (Knightsbridge)

138 reviews
  • Just around the corner to Harrods is this beautiful Moroccan restaurant

  • The smell of Moroccan foods and shisha's was warming to the heart

  • The cocktails were great (and strong

  • The price of this restaurant is to be expected due to the location

  • We went yesterday and the best part were their drinks and Sheesha

  • Just a few doors down from Harrods and surrounded in the heart of Knightsbridge is Mamounia a contemporary and modern Moroccan and Lebanese restaurant

  • I arrived at a time thats probably not the best to take advantage of the environment that mamounia has to offer

  • The decor is warming take on classic moroccan scene but with a modern twist mixed with the now somewhat classic Chic you expect from a Bar while watching made in chelsea

  • The large main area of the restaurant at the back was not in use

  • At this price i had to double check they were really Mocktails as the price suggested they were made with Alcohol

  • Fresh Mint shaken with Lime juice and Sugar

  • Whilst my friend opted for a Mamounia Fresh Fruit Cocktail with passion fruit

  • Rich flavour and yes it was very sweet

  • My friends drink was equally as impressive however i still think it's priced too high

  • Im pleased to report the the wings were really good

  • Braised Lamb Shank with a Spicy Tomato and Chickpea Sauce

  • I wasn't disappointed nor was i was blown away

  • I've had a few Tagines outside of Morocco and i don't think this was the best one

  • I still think it was good but lacked depth

  • The main reason I came where was i was getting 50% off the food

  • I made my way to Knightsbride and passed the beautifully lit Harrods on my route to the restaurant with one of my good friends and was very excited to try the food

  • Cor so this was just the perfect place for me

  • In the end was really delicious

  • Is a ground chickpee puree served with pan fried lamb and pine nuts

  • The flatbread which accompanied our starter was so divine that I am drooling just thinking about it as I write this

  • You could taste that it was made fresh on the spot

  • I felt it needed to either have 1 or 2 more meatballs or they needed to be a little bigger as it seemed like they were drowning in the sauce

  • My friend ordered the Lamb Skank and Chickpea Tagine which was also served in a tomato sauce

  • We ended up ordering the same dessert because there is no better way of ending a meal than with Baklava &ndash

  • I particularly liked the almond and syrup based one (pictured in the centre) which is usually one I avoid when buying baklava because I find they tend to be too dry/hard and not so tasty

  • T think I would make this a regular place to visit because the menu is a little bit on the pricey side &ndash

  • You have to remember that you pay for all your drinks and service charge is added on top &ndash

  • Mamounia lounge is a very modern Lebanese restaurant

  • I had made a reservation so we were quickly shown to our table

  • The interior of Mamounia Lounge Knightsbridge (Knightsbridge) includes a lot of rich colours and is very sophisticated

  • We ordered a mixed salad and brown rice with some fries for sides

  • The lamb and chicken were delicious and both were cooked perfectly

  • My virgin mojito was slightly too citrusy

  • Service was excellent and staff were very attentive

  • Eating here was expensive and I thought the shisha was a little over priced too

  • I visited Mamounia Lounge Knightsbridge (Knightsbridge) last weekend with my partner

  • There speed is one of the highlights of Mamounia Lounge Knightsbridge (Knightsbridge)

  • Food served was disappointing

  • The food was impeccable though there were a couple of downsides

  • The music was too loud to have any conversation and the dessert served was also pretty boring and lacked the inventiveness needed to make it presentable

  • You will be met with the most dismissive responses by a staff who is not interested in making sure their customers have a pleasant time

  • Ordered Sambousek Cheese with halloumi cheese

  • Also ordered was lamb which was as delicious as it seemed from the presentation itself

  • The food here is quite good

  • The portions of the food are big and generous

  • The ambiance is amazingly beautiful and the staff is also very friendly

  • I would certainly suggest Mamounia Lounge Knightsbridge (Knightsbridge) to everyone who ever is looking for a romantic evening

  • The couscous ordered by us was supposed to be accompanied with soup

  • The couscous itself was incomplete

  • The manager apologised and was humble enough to give us a set of baklava cake

  • The place is a peaceful one and the atmosphere is always quite relaxed

  • The prices are also in a reasonable range and I would be going back again for sure

  • They are very flexible with reservations and the like

  • The manager is also very nice and cooperative

  • The restaurant is always trying to keep customers happy

  • The food was cooked beautifully and was delightful

  • The staff importantly was pretty cordial

  • Mamounia Lounge Knightsbridge (Knightsbridge) was amazing and i for sure will return

  • Both of us were very pleased by our meals

  • The setting was very upscale and nice

  • The service was not very hasty

  • Mamounia Lounge Knightsbridge (Knightsbridge) is good for couples

  • The food we ordered was really yummy

  • Everything was really expensive

  • The staff looks at us with an uncomfortable judging eye and questions us if we are aware of the prices they charge

  • The ambiance here is very pleasant

  • The atmosphere is very relaxing and calm and beautiful lit

  • The tables and chairs and well placed and the entire place is very well decorated

  • The food was amazing and all the dishes we ordered were delightful

  • The drinks are on the expensive end but the vibrant

  • Maybe it is due to the fact that the lamp wraps I ordered were dry and not pleasurable to eat at all or the fact that the service staff was busy talking among themselves

  • Though the extreriors might throw you off as only a shisha place but the interiors are very relaxing and fancy too

  • The staff was pretty friendly and they were super helpful

  • Well it was because I take away my order and the packing of my food was not that great

  • The portions were also quite filling

  • I will be coming here with a date and instead of taking away my food I will sit here and eat

  • The starters were quite average and nothing great

  • The food here is absolutely delicious and a delight

  • The service is also great and the staff is extremely hospitable and cater to all your needs

  • Very traditional food great atmosphere beautiful restaurant and the Shisha is fantastic I would recommend definitely going here if you want Arabic cuisine

  • Service was nice so was the mojito's and rice and fries however shish was dry and way too much salt

  • Just a stone's throw from Harrods in Knightsbridge is Mamounia Lounge

  • A restaurant serving traditional Moroccan and Lebanese cuisine and a bar with expert mixologists

  • We arrived on Friday night amidst a scene of Porsches roaring down Brompton Road and tired looking shoppers with Mulberry and Harvey Nichols shopping bags dangling from their arms

  • All I really wanted to do was collapse in a puddle

  • Mamounia Lounge is made for socializing

  • From the fragrant wafts of shisha that welcome you at the entrance (the restaurant's outdoor terrace is perfect for enjoying shisha pre or post meal)

  • It's the type of place you'd want to arrive at with a gaggle of girlfriends

  • Recapping your new purchases and laughing the night away with a cocktail in hand

  • Because that little parcel of filo pastry baked with shredded saffron chicken

  • This hummus was creamy smooth and the pita

  • Little fluffy clouds of warm bread (not to mention the presentation was pretty impressive)

  • Our main courses had arrived and I was really looking forward to my lamb tagine again

  • The cous cous was light and perfectly cooked (mine's always either over or under cooked

  • I loved the delicate flavors of the broth that was served alongside my dish

  • No evidence of tinned veg or tomatoes here everything was fresh and cooked with precision and care

  • The spiced meats were smoky and perfectly grilled (the lamb medallions were my personal favorite

  • I visited Mamounia Lounge Knightsbridge (Knightsbridge) here with my sister to treat her for her birthday

  • On the day the staff advised that there was no booking made

  • The atmosphere is very relaxed with some really cool interior

  • The place was pretty much empty which was surprising to see on saturday afternoon

  • The tagines were very well presented

  • I looked to my sister and she seemed satisfied with her choice at first

  • I had a taste and although her dish was better than mine

  • I was't impressed with my meal at all here

  • Maybe tagines are not our thing or we just had a bad experience at Mamounia Lounge Knightsbridge (Knightsbridge) but I do not think I will be going anywhere near tagines or Mamounia Lounge Knightsbridge (Knightsbridge) anytime soon

  • Blasts modern tunes mixed with Arabian music

  • This is paired with a baroque style best demonstrated by the enormous chandeliers and red velvet drape spread across the restaurant space

  • Instead it is aiming for an eclectic mix

  • If you like being entertained whilst eating then Mamounia is the place for you

  • We tried the Mamounia Special which was similar to a Mojito and exactly what we needed to cool down on a searing hot day

  • We ordered a well spiced Batata Harra and Hommus Kawarma which consisted of a creamy chickpea puree topped with medallions of lamb and pine nuts

  • Both starters arrived in good time of being ordered and were a good portion size to start our meal with

  • Our main course I ordered the Chicken Kafta which were grilled skewers of minced chicken with fresh coriander

  • I was very impressed with this dish as the chicken was incredibly moist and tender

  • Chicken Kafta is probably a dish you can order in many restaurants in London

  • The dish served here was of a superior quality and definitely one of the best minced chicken skewers I&rsquo

  • My lovely dining companion choose the Grilled Lamb Cutlets and was equally impressed with the moist texture of the lamb

  • The seasoning on both dishes was also divine and added a beautiful extra layer to the dish

  • We had sides of rice and more Batata Hara with our food and although this was quite a large meal we had to try some desserts before we left

  • I surrendered to my chocolate craving and ordered the Homemade Chocolate Fondant with vanilla ice cream and fresh fruits

  • As this desert is made to order it took about ten minutes to arrive but this provided us with the time to digest our previous courses

  • When the Chocolate Fondant arrived it was warm and deliciously creamy and made an gorgeous paring with the ice cream

  • The fruits which were mostly an assortment of berries added a welcome tangy kick to the sweet flavour

  • The baklava were not the traditional simple selection we thought we ordered and they were neither crispy or sweet

  • 14 and desserts are also in the £

  • 6 range and the unique range of cocktails are approximately £

  • The food at Mamounia Lounge Knightsbridge was definitely the highlight of the experience

  • T hang around for the entertainment as we were there for the food but if you like to party after your meal

  • I hear this is the place to go

  • I thought it would just be sandwiches and some cakes but it was a good combination I have never had before

  • They included some macarons with Yogurt Shots of assorted flavours

  • A variety of traditional south Asian savoury treats like samosas and spring rolls and an assortment of baklava which was the best baklava I've ever tasted

Mamounia Lounge Knightsbridge (Knightsbridge) Specialties

  • Middle Eastern
  • Moroccan
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