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BB Bakery (Covent Garden) Address 6-7 Chandos Place, Covent Garden, London WC2N 4HU
BB Bakery (Covent Garden) Phone 020 7836 6588
BB Bakery (Covent Garden) Opening Hours Monday & Sunday : 10am - 7pm
Tuesday - Saturday : 9am - 10pm
BB Bakery (Covent Garden) Food Price £10 - £30 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about BB Bakery (Covent Garden)

146 reviews
  • The Victoria sponge was quite possibly the best I&rsquo

  • Nearest tube is Embankment

  • I wrote to the owner to congratulate them on such a lovely cafe with very nice staff (I do that sometimes

  • T expecting was an email from BB herself inviting me to come and meet her and Philippe in their Covent Garden branch so they could tell me in person more about the bus

  • Former hotel and restaurant owners BB and Philippe moved to London four years ago to set up BB Bakery with the aim of creating classic

  • Good food for customers who wanted tradition with a touch of eccentricity

  • They employed three French and two English pastry chefs to ensure their goods were made with the right expertise

  • The result was a cafe in Covent Garden that is always full

  • When I was in there I certainly agreed with the results

  • Was the idea of an afternoon tea bus that takes in the best of London&rsquo

  • Rodney the Routemaster (Rodney being the name he was given when he first joined London&rsquo

  • I ordered a simple tart which was good and Earl Grey

  • Some in our company were vegans and the server went out of his way and tried to do his best to find something in the menu that the vegans could have

  • I've been to this bakery a couple of times and the first thing that strikes me is just how pretty and Parisienne it looks very feminine and definitely a great place for a girly catch up

  • I thought was quite unique) and a millefeuille they were both fantastic and the cakes are decent sized portions but next time

  • They also do quite nice savoury food as the person I was with ordered a delicious croque monsieur with a side salad

  • The staff are always really friendly and helpful the only thing I will say is that it is always so busy

  • It can be difficult though to find a table and may involve waiting and the tables are quite close together so be prepared for that

  • The pastry is amazing as other reviewers stated

  • I had a cupcake and was fresh warm from the oven

  • The store is nice and everything inside is really well made

  • The bakery is more than fabulous offering various desserts

  • Also can recommend to try their cookies with chocolate chips

  • Their Green tea with Jasmine from Japan is more than amazing as well

  • I love smoked salmon so I knew I could do no wrong by ordering a Salmon Croques and it was certainly marvelous

  • The service here is extremely pleasant and the setting is perfect for escaping crowds

  • The cake stand was laden with a variety of tarts

  • Cupcakes and quiches all of which were fresh and a delight to eat

  • My personal favourites were the warm nibble sized Ham &

  • To accompany the stand were two servings of warm Scones with Clotted Cream and Jam &ndash

  • My chosen beverage was a fairly standard Hot Chocolate

  • Arrived topped with a marshmallow &ndash

  • If visiting london on a vacation do book a tour with BB Bakery (Covent Garden)

  • The decorations inside the shop is great and is typically a girly place with pink colors all around

  • I ordered a Japanese green tea to go with the cake as it was refreshing and light as this is mainly tea and cake place

  • I came here yesterday with my father who was here visiting the city

  • The bakery has a very relaxed and quiet feel which is very different from the area in which it is located

  • The quality of BB Bakery (Covent Garden) is very close to that of a cafe in Paris

  • The decor here is very impressive and reminiscent of a posh Parisian cafe

  • The staff here is amicable and efficient

  • Only thing that keeps me enticed is great food joint i am discovering along my tour

  • I was not satisfied with the size of the portions offered here on the bus tour

  • My only complaint at this city bus tour is the fact that you do not pay extensively for the meal but for the tasting menu

  • The portions are ridiculous

  • The bus tour was one of the things I decided to visit as a result

  • I was here for an afternoon brunch a couple of days ago and was really disappointed by the small portions of food that they offered

  • Visited BB Bakery (Covent Garden) with expectations to put it on my list of memorable and great joints i am extremely disappointed in the dishes served and price charged for them

  • I must say how upset I was by the amount of food that was offered on the tour's afternoon tea

  • I was really disappointed with the portion size of food that was offered

  • The ambiance is not at all pleasing and very uncomfortable

  • The cost of the food is also very high and I do not recommend to spend money here which is not at all worthy enough

  • The quantity offered is outrageously small

  • You pay thinking that you are paying for a meal but it is really for small bites

  • The staff is friendly and the tour guides are informative

  • It is not cheap but highly expensive and the food is certainly not worth it

  • We had decide to drop in without planning and were pleasantly surprised

  • Making a reservation was easy and finding the place wasn't that difficult either

  • A coconut macaroon which was absolutely delectable

  • I came to visit this tour with my sister for the tea in the afternoon

  • The staff was very accommodating and they were able to adjust us in

  • I must especially commend their crockery because it was really pretty

  • I thought that was a nice touch

  • The tea itself was pretty amazing

  • The bakery is actually very nice and amazing

  • They have a really extensive menu with a variety of choices for sandwiches

  • We were served scones with cream and jam

  • The scones which are full of cream and jam delight you to no end

  • The sandwiches are quite delicious too

  • A ladylike place with beautiful and alluring interiors is very attractive

  • The seating is comfortable and relaxing

  • I came here with my friend while we were on tour of this city

  • I especially enjoyed the cakes and scones that were served here

  • I thought that the sandwiches were a little stale

  • It was evident that the staff was working hard to make everybody comfortable

  • Also had scones along with jam and cream

  • The pricing is reasonable

  • The cupcakes here are just delicious

  • The interiors are ornate but warmly done

  • They have displayed very delicious looking cupcakes at their window which are accompanied with other amazing looking desserts

  • I came here with a few colleagues the other day and was very disappointed

  • The service was attentive at first but later just waned off

  • The cheese focaccias were very hard to bite into and not very nice

  • The restaurant has a good vibe and is a great place to visit with friends and catch up

  • The food served here is of good quality

  • They began cleaning while we were still seated

  • They also forced us to order the food on being told that we were yet waiting for someone to join us

  • All of the staff's attitude was unwelcoming

  • The interiors of the restaurant are beautiful and well done

  • I would prefer that the server's are better educated about the dishes here

  • The restaurant is a very expensive

  • I'd like to wish that they came up with more of the freshly made things than the pre made mix

  • The restaurant definitely catches your attention as the place is very well decorated

  • It certainly is very spacious

  • They serve a wide variety of desserts which as far as i have tried are quite good

  • The decor of the place is very feminine but it didn't hinder the rest of the people to stop by and try BB Bakery (Covent Garden)

  • The juices we had decided to order were just divine

  • This establishment is highly recommended

  • The waiter was nice and the service was good

  • Almost making you feel like you are in the comfort of your own home

  • The food was excellent and was cooked to perfection

  • The service was pretty efficient and the staff took good care of kids if there were any

  • The ambience was great as most of the crowd seemed to be having a good time

  • Especially the cakes which were quite tempting and were cooked to perfection

  • BB Bakery (Covent Garden) is quite reasonable as well which makes BB Bakery (Covent Garden) all the more attractive

  • The service was pretty quick and efficient with the staff being super efficient and warm

  • Purchased their cake of the week which was gluten free and it was out of this world coconut base with passionfruit and raspberry topping

  • Unfortunately they were super busy when I visited so there were no free tables to sit down at (just prior to christmas) however it looks like a lovely place to stop and have a cake or two

  • Mother's Day is just around the corner and what better way to spend it than with some quality time with your Mama

  • When we arrived at the bus stop there was no one to be seen

  • It turned out our hosts were quietly scurrying around preparing the bus

  • We had drinks holders and even our plates were stuck to the table

  • The experiential marketing event was organised to celebrate happy eating

  • One of my favourite things about writing this blog is that it opens my eyes to new experiences doing all kinds of things I wouldn&rsquo

  • Crumbly scones with clotted cream and butter

  • A few weeks ago I was invited along to BB Bakery&rsquo

  • I have visited this fabulous establishment several times with a friend of mine

  • I had the most wonderfully cooked breakfast of Poached free range eggs on whole meal toast with 2 rashers of bacon and a butcher&rsquo

  • Every mouthful was excellent and beautifully cooked

  • You also get a traditional pot of tea with real tea leaves

  • The french breakfast is the best here and their pastries

  • I like their sandwiches with mint and cucumber

  • The scones with clotted cream are heavenly

  • The prices are reasonable for London

  • BB Bakery (Covent Garden) is definitely for people who love calm and Wally welcome atmosphere and

  • Thoroughly recommended if you are in Covent Garden

  • BB Bakery based in Covent Garden came up with an ingenious idea of Afternoon Tea on a bus tour around London &ndash

  • One such unique concept is BB Bakery&rsquo

  • BB Bakery has combined the quintessential English custom of traditional Afternoon Tea with French Patisserie to offer a chic Afternoon Tea experience on board the iconic Routemaster bus

  • The concept is entirely unique and innovative

  • So therefore whether you are a tourist or a Londoner

  • Well presented with decent coffee

  • Service is impeccable and the entire experience is a pleasant one

  • Really happy with the service and the food

  • The macaron and trifle were good too and we are really not fans of trifle

  • I mean we hate it but this was just delicious

  • The staff went out of their way to ensure that we were well looked after

  • My favorites were the chocolate cupcake and lemon meringue

  • They specialise in afternoon tea with a French twist

  • The carrot cupcake was a blast with the jasmine tea

  • BB bakery is cool bakery we gone in London club sandwich was really delicious and we also tried some beverages and its really good

  • The cupcakes was also tried by us and we enjoy their thanks

  • Most of their savoury food were really delicious

  • My favourites were the mushroom quiche and the ham and cheese sandwich

  • What impressed me the most though were their sweets

  • I was on the fence about them since they were mostly pink (which meant they were berry flavoured and those aren't my fave flavours) but I didn't hate a single sweet and that made me really happy

  • The bus tour was fun as well

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