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Siam Restaurant and Bar (Stockbridge) Address 48 Howe Street, Stockbridge, Edinburgh EH3 6TH
Siam Restaurant and Bar (Stockbridge) Phone 0131 226 3675
Siam Restaurant and Bar (Stockbridge) Opening Hours Monday : 5:30pm - 10pm
Tuesday - Thursday : 12noon - 3:30pm, 5:30pm - 10pm
Friday & Saturday : 12noon - 2:30pm, 5:30pm - 11pm
Sunday : Closed
Siam Restaurant and Bar (Stockbridge) Food Price £28 - £48 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about Siam Restaurant and Bar (Stockbridge)

57 reviews
  • The restaurant was recently taken over and re opened in August this year following a full kitchen refurb and a few little touches to the inside and exterior

  • I was keen to find out if Siam was going to make the cut

  • Even the pork was quite nice actually

  • I had the seafood curry which was presented in an open parcel wrapped in aluminium foil

  • I wish there was more a kick in its spiciness

  • Not all curries are meant to be spicy (if you didn't already know that)

  • The chicken was mince and you can definitely see the prawn in there

  • It meant fantastically with everything you put the sauce on

  • Though I don't really know how you're suppose to eat it with the the vege

  • Nonetheless I was distracted from that point by how absolutely tasty it was

  • I was (and everyone else on the table) was way too full

  • Siam Restaurant Edinburgh is a great addition the Edinburgh food scene

  • I told myself this year that I wanted to try more Thai food so I was excited when the Zomato Meetup dinner was at Siam this week

  • This intimate little gem is situated in the basement which makes it perfect for a romantic date &ndash

  • Another meet up with Zomato brought me to this little Thai restaurant situated in a basement on Howe Street

  • This site has been taken over from a previous Thai with perhaps a below par reputation

  • The folks behind it are so passionate about their food that you are not going to be disappointed with your meal here

  • I've never lived in the city with such a high number of Thai restaurants as Edinburgh has

  • The setting of the restaurant is very intimate in the first room when you enter but once you pass to the room on your right

  • The ceiling gets higher and this room is perfect to sit in with a group of friends

  • The table was set perfectly with very funky cutlery

  • The host Chris and his wife were lovely and very attentive during our whole meal

  • This was a nice touch since most of us were starving after work

  • A crispy chicken wing that was cooked to perfection and I would go back to have it anytime

  • The sun dried pork was very lovely and it was accompanied with a chilli sauce

  • We also had a seared scallop with tamarind sauce which was nice but it was probably my least favourite since this was one was good but the others were simply awesome

  • The last one was thai calamari which I could go back for anytime

  • The portion was huge and I really enjoyed it

  • My fellow diner had the seafood curry and I'd probably try that next time since she said it was amazing but said the same about the spice

  • We have also had a crispy garden salad to share which was nothing like what I've ever tried

  • These were deep fried salad leaves with chicken and shrimp spicy sauce

  • My experience of Siam Restaurant was nothing but ordinary

  • The owners are so welcoming and passionate about their food it creates a great atmosphere

  • We started with prawn crackers and sweet chilli which was a great touch as we were all starting to get very hungry

  • Our starter was a platter and I enjoyed all of it

  • Scallop and sun dried pork were my favourites but the chicken and prawn was good too

  • Whilst the sauce was good I wasn't blown away

  • Think this was partly my own fault as I had a bit of food envy

  • Think when I go back I will go for something fishy as it is so fresh from Leith

  • I was sceptical but it was actually really good

  • I know the sauce it came with was a massive hit with everyone

  • Without a doubt the best sticky toffee pudding I have ever had in my whole life

  • I think it was made with a thai flour and it made it so light and just delicious

  • Great night with great food and wine

  • My obsession with Thai food has just become more extreme since trying Siam restaurant under the new ownership this week

  • The aim of Siam is to provide authentic Thai cuisine in a tranquil setting

  • It is a family run restaurant and uses local fresh ingredients with imported Thai spices and herbs

  • As we entered the restaurant we were immediately welcomed and taken to our table

  • Explaining that the fish was fresh from Leith and guided us on what he would recommend

  • We were given Prawn crackers with a side of sweet chili sauce to tuck into whilst looking at the menu

  • So the restaurant was quiet which was great

  • I ordered the panang beef with rice which tasted great

  • We like our Thai food and Siam is a short walk from home so it's been on our to do list for a while

  • They do an excellent value early bird meal which is essentially two main meals for the price of one

  • My drunken noodles were very tasty too but as with most things I order the portion was huge

  • The restaurant was quiet and the service was good

  • Truly authentic flavours using the best of local Scottish produce

Siam Restaurant and Bar (Stockbridge) Specialties

  • Thai
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