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Try Thai (Chinatown) Address 52-54 Faulkner Street, Chinatown, Manchester M1 4FH
Try Thai (Chinatown) Phone 0161 228 2218
Try Thai (Chinatown) Opening Hours Daily : 12noon - 11pm
Try Thai (Chinatown) Food Price £20 - £40 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about Try Thai (Chinatown)

49 reviews
  • Don't know why this is still not reviewed yet

  • I ordered Spicy Thai salad with beef meat as starter

  • The beef was very crispy and tasty and as the name suggested was very spicy

  • I ordered red curry with sweet basil as main dish which include either boiled or fried rice

  • The restaurant has a very good ambience and staff is very cordial

  • The place its cool and the plates are very fancy but the biggest point is the food

  • Im a regular here because the food is just that good

  • The hot and sour soup is really good that my boyfriend keeps coming back here whenever he's in town

  • I suggest you order the lunch set because its way cheaper and the portion is just the same

  • The location is also great because its in Chinatown and just a shot walk away from the bus station

  • The ambiance is great service is quick and the prices are reasonable

  • I would suggest going for their lunch menu which is pretty good

  • The three flavour sauce is a must try

  • It's also halal for chicken which is really good for me

  • My only complaint is the flat noodle dish

  • Possibly the best Thai restaurant in Manchester and definitely the one with widest menu choices

  • While I have been on a few occasions today's meal with my daughter was an exceptional one

  • We started with an assortment of starters which we orders separately and the once I will highly recommend are the Beef in crispy coriander and Soft shell crab

  • We had the Red curry with jasmine rice for main course which remains my measure of chefs competencies

  • Those sauces were really really hot

  • Eaten at many Thai restaurants in Manchester and this is by far the best one

  • The luscious green curry served with crispy tofu made the whole experience delightful

  • The lower one with a Thai Canopy style bar and the upper one for fine dining

  • These were king prawns and pork flavoured with lime leaves and lightly fried

  • The Pandan leaves with their sweet aroma and soft taste

  • Deepfried battered soft shell crab served with Thai sweet chilli sauce

  • These were tender pieces of beef enhanced with fresh coriander seeds and fried

  • This was the best among starters and fortunately the frying had not over powered the taste of the beef

  • Were deep fried and I was wondering whether they would have anything which is deep fried in the menu

  • Also the garnish with all the dishes were same &ndash

  • The classic red curry with aubergines flavoured with red chillies

  • Sweet basil and shallots was creamy with coconut milk and succulent pieces of chicken in it

  • The King Prawn Garlic and Pepper was in a sauce similar to an other

  • I thought the taste of prawns were subdued with sweetness of the sauce instead of the flavours of both garlic and pepper

  • We ordered was pretty good and I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and flavour of this dish

  • King prawns and squid garnished with fried cashew nuts served in a hollowed out large pineapple

  • The drinks served also were pretty interesting &ndash

  • Service was a tad slow since it was a Saturday night

  • I wanted to try siam smiles since it is listed by guardian as one of the best restaurants in uk

  • Quantity of food was a lot and it was good

  • The only complaint would be that the service was really slow

  • The dessert was a nice touch at the end to finish the value lunch

  • The price tag was reasonable

  • Used to frequent Try Thai (Chinatown) when I was living in Manchester as a Student

  • Corn Cakes and the Red Thai Curry were my go to dishes to eat there

  • I only went based on a recommendation from a local that have visited and they were right Try Thai (Chinatown) is good

  • The spice level is quite high too

  • Try Thai (Chinatown) is kind of Ok

  • It was very busy and earliest we could get a table was 9.30pm (Was a Saturday night) so advise to book as early as you can

Try Thai (Chinatown) Specialties

  • Thai
  • Chinese
  • Asian
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