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Tattu Restaurant and Bar (Spinningfields) Address Gartside Street, 3 Hardman Street, Spinningfields, Manchester M3 3EB
Tattu Restaurant and Bar (Spinningfields) Phone 0161 819 2060
Tattu Restaurant and Bar (Spinningfields) Opening Hours Daily : 12noon - 2:30pm, 5pm - 3am
Tattu Restaurant and Bar (Spinningfields) Food Price £52.5 - £90 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

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55 reviews
  • To help with suggestions and ensure that we were taken care of

  • The lamb was chops were just about medium rare

  • Ve preferred them slightly less cooked but they were still wonderfully juicy inside with intense flavour from the deep char marks on the outside and a spicy marinade

  • Shredded pumpkin and red pepper with a real kick and toasted pumpkin seeds for texture

  • My only complaint was the size of the dish

  • Stand out dishes were the venison won tons and the squid

  • A big fan of Asian cuisine I was very excited to try out what has the reputation of being one of manchesters unique and most reputable asian dining experiences

  • After leaving I was left a little underwhelmed

  • My partner and i are promptly seated in the upstairs area which is stunning

  • The blossom tree situated In the centre of the upstairs dining area which changes colors is the main feature and is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen

  • The hostess brought us our menus and it was then we waited 30mins for a waiter to even greet us

  • Our personal favorite was the foie gras

  • The latter was very disappointing

  • So the bowl was a separated combination of sloppy batter and calamari

  • The combination of coriander leaves and mint were a great and flavorful base to the salad

  • My issue lies with the pouring of our drinks

  • We ordered a nice bottle of wine (grape for my Dubai readers) and it seemed that we were in a race to finish that bottle

  • Our glasses were being filled within and inch of the top of our glass

  • So what was happening was the wine in the glass was getting warm

  • Any wine drinker knows with white wine especially you do not fill it above the line of the bowl of the glass

  • The manic pouring continued so I tried to explain the the waiter that the wine was getting warm and not to pour so much

  • So he put what was now half a bottle of in a new bucket of ice ( he clearly misunderstood my point) We carried on drinking the wine in our glass

  • When our glasses were low went for a top of the wine

  • We were enjoying a nice meal together and there was two of us so it was highly noticeable that the wine had disappeared

  • Our mains we opted for the wagu beef and a Chilean seabass along with a serving of the green beans

  • Both were delightful the wagu beef was cooked to perfection fantastic flavor

  • Chilean seabass was tasty and cooked beautifully

  • Apart from the chilli squid the food really is outstanding

  • The food and decor are the two things that will be bring me back

  • As our trip was booked so last minute (the day before) and my parents were out of town

  • These are not the typical duck pancakes I'm used to as these were very small

  • The pancakes were also stuck to the plate so when you tried to remove them to eat they broke apart

  • It was quite spicy which was not specified on the menu

  • Not very helpful and then when getting the bill they then brought it back with multiple drink on it that was had not ordered

  • The cocktails are bland and sour

  • The food is not very tasty and the portion is extremely less

  • The desserts are very gorgeous looking but tastes pathetic

  • Some of them are very sweet and some lack the sweetness

  • The restaurant is called chinese cuisine

  • My friends who are Chinese didn't acknowledge it to be authentic Chinese cuisine

  • S been almost 8 years since I was last in Manchester

  • I used to spend a lot of time partying in this city all those years ago and so returning a little older (and perhaps a little wiser) was rather interesting

  • M not sure if I fell in love with Manchester this time around

  • One place on my list was one of Manchester&rsquo

  • One of the best restaurants I have dined in

  • The staff care so much about the customer journey and are very passionate about service

  • Dining here is truly a treat for the senses and made me feel very special indeed

  • From the moment you walk through the door you feel somewhat transported and as a result you really end up with a dining experience that rivals all

  • The wine list was extensive and the ambiance also perfect

  • We had the Nutella espresso martini and skull candy which are both picture perfect

  • I have eaten at both Tattu's and the service and food were both top class

  • The friendly but professional approach is very fitting in the beautiful surroundings and the food is a very unique offering

  • The food was outstanding and the service was impeccable

  • Everything was literally out of this world

  • Chinese is my favourite food and this is my new number 1 place having eaten in most of the &lsquo

Tattu Restaurant and Bar (Spinningfields) Specialties

  • Chinese
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