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Mr Cooper's House & Garden - The Midland (Deansgate) Address The Midland, Peter Street, Deansgate, Manchester M60 2DS
Mr Cooper's House & Garden - The Midland (Deansgate) Phone 0161 236 3333
Mr Cooper's House & Garden - The Midland (Deansgate) Opening Hours Monday - Saturday : 12noon - 2:30pm, 5pm - 10pm
Sunday : 12noon - 9pm
Mr Cooper's House & Garden - The Midland (Deansgate) Food Price £38.5 - £66 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about Mr Cooper's House & Garden - The Midland (Deansgate)

36 reviews
  • It's a seriously impressive space with the grand windows

  • You'll know I'd already earmarked what we were eating after some negotiation

  • The more interesting dishes as a 'foodie' for me were the starters

  • The staff running the show are equally as great at presenting the food in a way which would excite even the grumpiest of guests

  • The restaurant is really funky yet stays in line with the heritage of The Midland

  • There is a big tree in the centre of the restaurant to reflect the garden and a wall of live herbs were growing as well which I thought was pretty cool

  • We started the evening with cocktails at the bar which was actually the library section of Mr Cooper&rsquo

  • Mr Nom was surprised that his Garden of Tea den cocktail was served in a teacup but it clearly stated on the menu

  • Mr Coopers at the Midland hotel is the embodiment of consistency

  • Each time we have visited there seems to be new dishes on the menu and the quality is retained for old favourites

  • Where the restaurant is currently located

  • A study area with leather booths where friends can enjoy intimate chats and some lovely food

  • Garden comes from the hands of Simon Rogan who is undeniably one of the best chefs in the UK

  • Garden the food is more casual than that served at his Michelin outposts

  • Particularly interesting were the starters with their many Asian inspired touches

  • We started with some caramelised scallops (£

  • These were nicely cooked and were accompanied by a delectable cucumber sambal

  • Memorable because it was nice and tangy

  • To temper the sambal was a lovely tahini dressing

  • As garnish there were some jalapeno fritters which were glorious

  • 8.50) crumbed in a buttermilk and polenta batter were scrumptious

  • The coating was uniquely crunchy with a fabulous texture to it

  • Accompanying the oysters was an interesting and lively kimchee puré

  • Served with the crab was a deliciously sweet avocado and sweetcorn relish

  • Also on the plate was a truffle pudding made using layers of croissant

  • 7) had an earthy flavour and paired well with the contrasting acidity and sweetness in the accompanying blood orange in miso butterscotch

  • 7) was gorgeous with its smooth

  • The highlight dessert was the key lime pie (£

  • 7.50) which came with a delectable filling that was creamy

  • I would probably skip the mains and choose additional starters as these were far more enjoyable than the mains

  • The starters were particularly original and interesting

  • Classic location with beautiful interiors

  • We checked the bride and family into this beautiful hotel and Mr Coopers was a natural go to often during that period

  • The bar is really lovely and relaxed and the staff are very attentive and look after you very well

  • I was a bit concerned it may be a bit repetitive but that was not the case

  • The food is of excellent quality and i had no complaints at all the staff are very attentive

Mr Cooper's House & Garden - The Midland (Deansgate) Specialties

  • European
  • Mediterranean
  • Contemporary
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