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Home Sweet Home (Northern Quarter) Address 49-51 Edge Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester M4 1HW
Home Sweet Home (Northern Quarter) Phone 0161 244 9424
Home Sweet Home (Northern Quarter) Opening Hours Monday - Thursday : 9am - 11pm
Friday & Saturday : 9am - 12midnight
Sunday : 9am - 10pm
Home Sweet Home (Northern Quarter) Food Price £20 - £40 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about Home Sweet Home (Northern Quarter)

44 reviews
  • It's quirky and kitch inside with mismatched chairs and tables

  • I enjoyed the Sun Devil Scrambler which has now led me to decided there is no sin in having onions

  • If you want a breakfast outside of the box this is your place

  • Home Sweet Home was recommended few times

  • The wallpapers are very 'homely' and the decor quirky

  • The service is quite slow from the go (we got our menu late

  • The waitress was quite friendly and the food is worth all that it's praised

  • We ordered a full breakfast and it was made to perfection

  • We finished it with a chocolate mint cake

  • Was just okay although they are famous for their cakes may be we should have tried other flavours

  • The coffee was quite good

  • D take it upon myself to show my little sister somewhere better to eat than you can get down in Stocky and took her up to Home Sweet Home whilst I was back in town for a weekend

  • S pure comfort food designed to have you slouch in your seat as you stuff your face with loveliness

  • You get a vibe which says that Home Sweet Home (Northern Quarter) will make you feel at home and fill your bellies with food made with love and perhaps we experienced just that

  • No matter how many tables are already taken and how busy the servers might be

  • They will ensure that they greet you with a smile and guide you personally to your table

  • We mapped our way to Home Sweet Home and were instantly enchanted by the feel good vibe of the place

  • Very pretty looking dish arrived at our table and I was ready with my weapons to cut through the waffle

  • I hope they are not supposed to be like this

  • A very cute little cafe with a very warm vibe

  • The five dollar shake was just simply too good

  • The main courses were also great

  • The atmosphere was very comfy

  • Very cute setting with that NQ hipster vibe we all love

  • Considering how hard to please he is it's safe to say our meal was a success

  • Milkshakes are good although also not suitable for diabetics

  • The main menu is what really bumps up the rating

  • There's something to suit every taste and appetite and if it's something a little bit greasy and comforting that you're after then this is most definitely the place to head to

  • The first thing that caught our eye about Home Sweet Home (Northern Quarter) was their selection of cakes

  • We didn't try any because we were going for breakfast so it was too early on in the day

  • Staff was also really friendly but there was a bit of a long wait so we decided to sit on the tables near the bar rather than inside the diner

  • Great attention to detail and the food was mouth watering

  • They were very helpful in keeping the food to what I was able to eat

  • The pot sizzled for ages afterwards which is always a good sign in my book

  • Service was a bit slow but I was dining solo so forgiveable

  • I would say everything is fabulous at Home Sweet Home (Northern Quarter)

  • The only downside is the fact that it's always packed and

  • My parter ate the eggs calie and I ate the veggie scramble with artichoke that was so delicious that I could eat that every days of my life

  • Staff helpful with advice on the menu and customising orders

  • Caesar salad was the best I&rsquo

  • Was delicious as were the extra skittles

  • If not the best place for milkshake in town

  • I would say this is the best milkshake I've ever tried so far

  • The food is great and the staff are super friendly

Home Sweet Home (Northern Quarter) Specialties

  • British
  • Burger
  • Cafe
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