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Zaibatsu (Greenwich) Address 96 Trafalgar Road, Greenwich, London SE10 9UW
Zaibatsu (Greenwich) Phone 020 8858 9317
Zaibatsu (Greenwich) Opening Hours Monday : Closed
Tuesday - Sunday : 12noon - 11pm
Zaibatsu (Greenwich) Food Price £25 - £45 per pax
Cash only

What people say about Zaibatsu (Greenwich)

49 reviews
  • The inside is basic and functional cash only

  • Reservations are recommended in the evenings and even on a cold Sunday afternoon

  • It's easy to see why there are so many positive comments about the presentation of the food

  • Husband was after something hot and ordered the schezuan squid and this is where things fell down slightly

  • The batter covering the squid was soggy and the sauce didn't resemble anything schezuan like in the slightest

  • The tiramisu is a nice touch to end our first visit

  • I'll try and be as honest and constructive with my feedback as possible because I've had mixed experiences in here in the at least half a dozen times I've been

  • There is nothing wrong with it but as expectations became increasingly raised based on reviews

  • The key thing here is that in and amongst all the mixed opinions

  • I find the range of sushi rolls are delicious whether you are opting for the Norwegian salmon roll

  • Many of the hot appetisers are also delicious on our many visits

  • I can never get past the starters and small plates here as there are plenty to choose from so I never waste precious stomach space on a large plate of main course

  • My tip would be make the most of the range of hot and cold appetisers and sushi as this is where they really excel

  • The interior is a problem it is very cramped

  • I must say that this is far from ideal

  • Mainly the problem is the slightly disorgansied chaos that can occur with booking

  • We were left waiting for half an hour whilst other people with later reservations came in after us and got seated before us

  • The argument the restaurant gave was that they had earmarked a particular table for us and those diners weren't leaving but regardless of

  • This is clearly poor management and was very inefficient

  • It was particularly frustrating as we are such loyal customers but they tried to make amends by offering us a small discount off the total bill

  • If you come with realistic the realistic expectations that as far as a small local

  • If you read some of the early trip advisor reviews suggesting that it is the best sushi in London or make a trip from miles away to try it because of the reviews

  • Then you may end up leaving disappointed it is fantastic for the area it is in but the expectations of many diners have been raised by the early rave reviews

  • The inside is fairly small and basic but it will bother you less when you realise how good the value of the food is

  • It gets very busy with locals and has received some great press and reviews

  • I thought it was time to post my thoughts on this local sushi eatery

  • The menu is vast and there are many options to choose from

  • We started off as usual with some edamame beans

  • The ribs are very good here and are coated in plenty of the sticky sauce that we all know and love

  • The yaki udon noodles are a huge portion and are combined with prawn

  • The Chicken gyozas were lovely and crispy outside with a good amount of filling and very flavoursome

  • Black cod tempura was a dish I was looking forward to the most

  • I think there was too much tempura making it very dry

  • The special fried rice which has the same ingredients as the noodles in it was very tasty and the rice was cooked perfectly

  • Where Zaibatsu (Greenwich) stands out is with its sushi rolls

  • Cucumber and topped with a creamy sauce

  • The gilded lily roll with prawn tempura topped with wasabi tobiko and gold leaf was the star of the show

  • Looking like royalty and was the best sushi roll I've ever eaten

  • If you happen to be in the local of area of Greenwich this is a place that shouldn't be missed

  • The inside is basic and functional &ndash

  • S easy to see why there are so many positive comments about the presentation of the food

  • The batter covering the squid was soggy and the sauce didn&rsquo

  • The place is very small so it's not the best place for big parties

  • I kinda feel sorry for the waiter because I was rushing him and changed my order but he didn't get angry at me

  • I have been here a few times with my wife and I love this small place for its great quality of Asian fusion food

  • Casual but staff is lovely and very attentive

  • I have been here just one time last week with a friend and I can definitely recommend Zaibatsu (Greenwich) to others

  • Though the place is not so great but food is awesome at very affordable prices

  • Salt and pepper squid was amazing and so was the sushi

Zaibatsu (Greenwich) Specialties

  • Japanese
  • Sushi
  • Asian
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