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Basilico (Limehouse) Address 653 Commercial Road, Limehouse, London E14 7LW
Basilico (Limehouse) Phone 020 3302 5959
Basilico (Limehouse) Opening Hours Daily : 11am - 12midnight
Basilico (Limehouse) Food Price £20 - £40 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about Basilico (Limehouse)

28 reviews
  • The guy at the counter was quite cocky when we asked why it was taking so long for the pizza as well

  • The pizza was no good I paid for extra pepperoni on the pizza but the amount of pepperoni they put was very little

  • When I called they did send out a new pizza which was also tasteless &

  • Been a couple times for takeaway pizza (there is hardly any seating available so don't come for a sit down meal

  • The quality of the pizza is hit and miss

  • The first time I was impressed but the second time was a let down

  • Maybe it had something to do with my choice of pizza never pick pizza with asparagus in it

  • Despite a promising menu the service and quality were very disappointing

  • I went down 9 floors only to discover that they had my order wrong and the pizza was freezing cold

  • They did send out a new order but it was STILL incorrect and cold

  • I don't understand how this is possible as I live less than a 10 minute drive away at Shadwell

  • The service is swift and the staff is both friendly and attentive

  • The menu is elaborate with a lot to choose from

  • The prices are reasonable

  • The cheese just melted in the mouth and was a treat for my taste buds

  • I was disappointed because I paid an extra amount for the pineapple pizza and what I got was just a few chunks of those

  • So when I heard there is such a thing as vegan pizza and it is sold at the infamous pizza place called Basilico

  • As we walked in I was so excited that when I went to try and find a seat I ended up going into the kitchen

  • Where a couple were having a wild Saturday night date with a pizza each

  • I still perused the menu as if I was having anything else but that VEGETARIAN one with vegan cheese

  • S when they already know exactly what they are going to order&hellip

  • After having had a bad experience with gluten free pizza&rsquo

  • Taking pictures of one of the workers who was showing off by flipping it up in the air and checking if I got the perfect shot&hellip

  • I just wanted him to get on with it and make the damn thing

  • The pizza was full of colour and smelled a bit different but it was down to the vegan cheese that didn&rsquo

  • Italian base with just the right amount of tomato sauce and big chunks of grilled sweet red pepper

  • Grilled courgette and vegan cheese all beautifully cooked to perfection with crispy ends

  • With such a rubbery base that they were actually hard to chew

Basilico (Limehouse) Specialties

  • Pizza
  • Italian
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