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Stravaigin (West End) Address 28 Gibson Street, West End, Glasgow G40 2SN
Stravaigin (West End) Phone 0141 334 2665
Stravaigin (West End) Opening Hours Monday - Saturday : 9am - 1am
Sunday : 11am - 1am
Stravaigin (West End) Food Price £5 - £10 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about Stravaigin (West End)

35 reviews
  • The first time I went to Stravaigin in Gibson Street was almost 7 years ago

  • I was there with Mr S and his family to celebrate his graduation &

  • I remember thinking the menu was so adventurous

  • I had monkfish with risotto &ndash

  • Recently we were in the West End and decided to pop in for dinner

  • Stravaigin is an old Scottish word that means to roam or wander so it seems appropriate for the food that is inspired by different places around the world

  • Stravaigin is split into three areas

  • Ve heard that some of it is also dog friendly for those not wanting to leave the pooch at home

  • Mr S opted for the seared featherblade and I was excited by the venison special

  • Ve heard of featherblade but this was my first time tasting it

  • These meats are always served red/pink because they go tough if they are cooked any longer

  • After ordering dishes like this three times now it was rated as second best out of the three

  • Within five minutes we were back on track with a &lsquo

  • My venison haunch was served with carrot puré

  • My only real niggle was that there was a smattering of gravy/jus around the plate but nowhere near enough

  • The bites I took that had some were greatly improved by those that did not

  • I shared the whisky sauce (that actually went with the flavourings) but if that had not have been on the table I would not have enjoyed the dish as much

  • To end the meal we shared some homemade churned mint chocolate ice cream with an Anzac cookie

  • T usually have chosen mint chocolate but it was the ice cream of the day so thought we&rsquo

  • I want to mention that they do wine flights for you to enjoy with your meal because I love this idea

  • The menu is filled with interesting dishes consisting of quality local produce

  • Tasty food with a twist in Glasgow

  • The downstairs space is more refined and better for a date and the upstairs is more pubby and casual

  • Interesting mix of Scottish food but with an Asian flare

  • The staff were a delight and the space itself was relaxing and informal

  • After chatting with another regular patron

  • It seems like Stravaigin (West End) is a staple you can always rely on

  • Love the ambience the recent expansion is tastefully done and has added character to the place

  • Stravaigin is an old Scots word that means "

  • Even if it was premeditated

  • Bar and restaurant is a firm favourite with locals and foreign visitors alike

  • Even though the menu is a selection of cuisine from around the world

  • Fell in love with the haggis with whiskey sauce (yummylicious) plus the roasted wedges

  • As my title suggests we were rather an unusual party to get somewhere to eat at a lunchtime in the west end of Glasgow

  • The service was excellent and so was the food

Stravaigin (West End) Specialties

  • Scottish
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