Zouk Tea Bar & Grill (Oxford Road)

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Zouk Tea Bar & Grill (Oxford Road) Address The Quadrangle, Chester Street, Oxford Road, Manchester M1 5QS
Zouk Tea Bar & Grill (Oxford Road) Phone 0161 233 1090
Zouk Tea Bar & Grill (Oxford Road) Opening Hours Monday - Thursday : 12noon - 12midnight
Friday : 12noon - 12:30AM
Saturday : 12noon - 1am
Sunday : 12noon - 11:30pm
Zouk Tea Bar & Grill (Oxford Road) Food Price £35 - £60 per pax
Cash only

What people say about Zouk Tea Bar & Grill (Oxford Road)

39 reviews
  • It is the best option if one is unsure of where to go

  • Location is convenient and the prices are not very high

  • Though it could be not the best idea during winters or when its pouring down (which is most of the time

  • Aloo Paratha They nailed this one as well and it was well tasty and I don't usually say that

  • We had to wait for 50 minutes to get our food on a weekday afternoon when it was not even busy

  • Not so friendly staff Firstly they are under staffed

  • Burning Tongue I am Indian and I can handle my spices but even then I was in tears after having a few bites of the chicken we ordered *phew*

  • Yes the food is supremely spicy here and that is not exactly my thing

  • The presentation was quite impressive

  • The food itself was just finger licking

  • The lamb chops was so well done and juicy

  • The chicken liver was the table's favourite

  • The salmon was not small in the least

  • Staff was friendly and helpful but the highlight has to be the Zouk rib eye beef steak so perfectly cooked with pepper sauce and fries loved it with the mocktails and sheesha

  • I've been in Zouk Tea Bar & Grill (Oxford Road) several times and every time I was completely satisfied and happy with my choice

  • An example of the most delicious is their steak served with vegetables and mushroom sauce

  • Mango lassi is a must eat must have of Zouk Tea Bar & Grill (Oxford Road)

  • The menu says it will be served with charred peppers and onions but what I got was some charred aubergine

  • Zouk Tea Bar & Grill (Oxford Road) is in my opinion overrated and pretentious

  • I have been a couple of times and found that the food is ok and the service is poor

  • High prices are justified by presentation of the food

  • If you're easily impressed by things that appear flashy this is the place for you but if you want really genuine eateries there are plenty down the road in Rusholme

  • Zouk Tea Bar & Grill (Oxford Road) is a school in atrocious service

  • Food quality is inconsistent

  • The service is non existent

  • Just came for lunch with my little brothers fiance and it was well worth it

  • Thankfully our lunch was delicious and we had a fantastic time

  • The curries were lovely and were the fresh naan just yummy

  • Extremely understaffed and cocky manager who expected us to understand when our orders were not taken on time and not delivered on time

  • The breads are very good must try their Garlic naan

  • Gravy portions are small and good for one person

  • The service is good and prompt except on weekend nights

  • It's full and staff is incompetent to serve guests on time

  • The grill / cooking area is open and hence you to smell all the kebabs being char grilled

  • The interiors are very good with optimum lighting and high roofs

  • Aloo paratha was very bland and did not have adequate filling in it

  • The garlic naan was a bit too rubbery for my liking

  • The side dishes were ok but very oily

  • I came with friends from abroad and staff were friendly and hospitable

Zouk Tea Bar & Grill (Oxford Road) Specialties

  • Indian
  • Seafood
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