Tapas Tree (Shipley)

Tapas Tree (Shipley) Location

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Tapas Tree (Shipley) Address Wharf House, Wharf St, Shipley, UK BD17 7
Tapas Tree (Shipley) Phone 00 012745 3398
Tapas Tree (Shipley) Food Price £7 - £17 per pax
Cash only

What people say about Tapas Tree (Shipley)

5 reviews
  • Never remembered to make the reservation (as with most Groupon vouchers you have to book ahead to use them)

  • It was drawing close to the end of July and the voucher was soon to expire

  • Our food and drinks arrived quickly and the restaurant was really busy

  • Came here the other night for dinner with family the restaurant wasn't easily found or clearly signposted so you have to know it's location to find it

  • Came in the restaurant was sat down fairly quickly

Tapas Tree (Shipley) Specialties

  • Tapas
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