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Bombay Chow (Hammersmith) Address 220 King Street, Hammersmith, London W6 ORA
Bombay Chow (Hammersmith) Phone 020 8741 0292
Bombay Chow (Hammersmith) Opening Hours Monday : Closed
Tuesday - Sunday : 12noon - 2:30pm, 6pm - 10:30pm
Bombay Chow (Hammersmith) Food Price £20 - £40 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about Bombay Chow (Hammersmith)

62 reviews
  • I would recommend everyone to try dishes with paneer (indian cottage cheese)

  • Pepper chilli paneer is a really good started with good flavors of garlic and onions and moderately spicy

  • Like paneer schezuan with spicy saucy and peace that goes well with rice

  • The chicken manchurian is another good gravy to opt

  • One should also try the Bombay sizzlers with dishes with rice or noodles served on a sizzling hot pan

  • The place is small and beautiful with very friendly staff and very reasonably priced

  • All foods from soups to starters to their main is a must try

  • The ambience and its lightning is pure beauty handled by their amazing service

  • An entire wall near the entrance is painted with the best and amazing parts of Mumbai

  • Bombay Chow (Hammersmith) is a blessing for all food lovers specially from India

  • Highly recommended if you are missing mumbai Chinese

  • Paneer taipei was perfectly spicy and crunchy

  • The spicy mango juice is just a delight

  • The service is also very friendly

  • If they can make the vegetarian dishes so well then definitely they are much better at the non veg

  • Starters Tai Pai paneer as suggested by our waiter was really good

  • Vegetables in clay pot were good but something worth mentioning was egg fried rice and chicken manchurian must try

  • The place was noisy as it was packed with people

  • Very different from the normal munchurian we are used to having

  • It was soooo horrible that I was tempted to ask for money for having tasted it

  • Our 9 month baby was getting a little crancky and we asked the manager if we could get &ldquo

  • We were shocked when he replied saying that although they do Hakka noodles with vegetables

  • A perfect taste of Chinese food with the right twist of Indian in it

  • Indian Chinese is a cuisine in it's own respect

  • The dishes are an amalgamation of Indian and Chinese ingredients

  • Garlic and green chillies are the main components

  • I've grown up in Calcutta eating this cuisine and in spite of trying a wide variety of cuisines I still feel this cuisine is my favourite

  • Bombay Chow is one of those few places in London

  • Some of my favourite dishes are Calcutta Chilli Chicken

  • Sometimes the food is excellent and sometimes it just lacks flavour

  • I know of 2 indo Chinese restaurants in London and this one is pretty on point

  • Personally though I feel the food is a little overpriced however looking at the effort in decor and ambience I am happy to pay the extra value

  • I've had grief with using my gourmet society card as the app and the staff had different offers for using the card which caused confusion

  • We were told the kitchen was closed once due to being late on our reservation by 5 minutes

  • All in all the service and waiting time for food is more than satisfactory

  • The lady serving was very apologetic

  • I wanted to try my Bacardi with Thums Up (an Indian cola beverage)

  • I was gutted that it was unavailable (why raise expectations by putting it on the menu

  • We had manchow soup with Hakka chicken

  • Everything was up to the mark

  • The portion were just perfect

  • Throughly enjoyed with Ruchika Paralikar

  • Every single person from India is a fan of Indo Chinese food and that is why I decided to try out Bombay Chow because this lesser known cuisine from India is one of my favourite

  • The place looks small but it is not and the ambience is simple but it looks amazing

  • Service is with smile and portion sizes are very generous

  • Only shame is that they don't do any Indian breads to go with the dishes as naan or rumali Roti would definitely add to the pleasure

  • Chilli chicken was a bit on gravy side rather than drier as I expected but Singaporean noodle were fantastic and so was Szechwan chilli tofu in starter

  • Our ifthar today was dry chilli beef and chicken manchurian sizzler

  • This was a great Indo chinese restaurant with good ambiance and service

  • Their manchow soup is amazing on a cold winter evening

  • Singapore fried rice and Hakka noodles are great in taste

  • I missed the table sauces we need with these the vinegar with green chillies

  • The service overall is a bit slow

  • The waiter advised us to order the main course along with our drinks and starters as it might take time to get the food

  • The potato and okra starters were well made and presented

  • The spring rolls were quite good as wells

  • The noodles was not the best

  • We also tried the drinks menu and the chocolate cocktail was well liked by all my friends

  • They really didn't care even to refill water or ask us how was everything and if we needed anything

  • One of the staff even argued with many of us

  • This is a great place if you are a fan of Indian Chinese

  • A must try here I would suggest is the triple schezwan sizzler

Bombay Chow (Hammersmith) Specialties

  • Chinese
  • Indian
  • Curry
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