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Viva Brazil (City Centre) Address 87-91 Bothwell Street, City Centre, Glasgow G2 7HX
Viva Brazil (City Centre) Phone 0141 204 0240
Viva Brazil (City Centre) Opening Hours Daily : 12noon - 10pm
Viva Brazil (City Centre) Food Price £28 - £48 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about Viva Brazil (City Centre)

27 reviews
  • Most of the cuts of meat I tried were really nice

  • There really is a fantastic selection of food available

  • Every diner has a card with a green side and a red side

  • The only complaint I have is that the table we were seated at was positioned so awkwardly that when some people wanted to get up

  • Staff dont push here which is a biggy for me when eating out

  • Some like the chicken heart are a aquired taste though

  • I would highly recommend to avoid this if you want to experience the palet of meats they will bombard you with in the coming half hour

  • At first the cuts were abit small i thought but there is so much meat to come you could eventually rebuild the entire animal you are eating

  • I was in a group of 8 people and were seated in table without any delay which was good as some restaurants make a small fuss when it comes to bigger tables

  • The food was great and there was plenty to go around

  • The staff were not pushy in any way which is good as we ate at a comfortable pace

  • I recently took my father for his birthday and it was an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone willing to try something new

  • If you have ever read any other SFR review you will be aware that we are big fans of Steak

  • So to me the idea of a place that gives you unlimited meat is like the idea of National Treasure Susan Boyle singing Mull of Kintyre at the opening of the Commonwealth Games

  • If the meat is off and runs out half way through the first verse

  • The salad bar was underwhelming however the pork bean stew was tasty

  • Great service with very friendly and helpful staff

  • Chicken hearts available for the adventurous but the texture is just too much

  • We came here for a friend's stag night since it was his favourite restaurant and I can see why

  • The meats they brought out were incredible

  • There is something for everyone here with every type of meat

  • Though one of the people I was with liked their meat medium/medium well/well done and they also enjoyed cuts from different places on the same piece of meat

  • You actually get your money's worth considering the (also decent) sides are unlimited in a self serve buffet and you can also have as much meat as you want when they bring it to your table

  • We first tried the Salad and Sides bar which was extensive and had some very tasty dishes

  • The servers were happy to bring the various cuts of meat cooked to our preferences

  • The salad and sides bar was regularly checked band refurbished with fresh item which added to the excellent food experience

  • We were there on a Sunday lunchtime visit and although it was not overly busy there was a nice friendly feeling to the place

Viva Brazil (City Centre) Specialties

  • Brazilian
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