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wagamama (Old Town) Address 1 Castle Terrace, Old Town, Edinburgh EH1 2DP
wagamama (Old Town) Phone 0131 229 5506
wagamama (Old Town) Opening Hours Monday - Saturday : 11am - 11pm
Sunday : 12:30pm - 10pm
wagamama (Old Town) Food Price £25 - £45 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about wagamama (Old Town)

48 reviews
  • I came here on Friday after work so was 'rush hour' for diners so to speak

  • The girl who was looking after our table was absolutely lovely and explained the menu very slowly

  • The dishes were really good having had Pad Thai in Thailand only fairly recently

  • I didn't think it was as authentic as it could have been but it was still very good

  • The most annoying thing is the wait for a table but guess the whole being able to rock up without a reservation does add to the charm

  • Managed to have a good dinner which felt I rushed even though we were probably in and out in under an hour

  • Not only is it affordable especially if you are a student but its also has a eye filling menu

  • The service is super quick

  • Wagamama's is a pretty easy option

  • It doesn't take long for food to arrive and the quality is fairly consistent

  • Our squid was a little on the chewy side and my firecracker chicken was lacking in sauce

  • It was full on flavour though with a dark smokey chilli kick

  • My dining partners dish was delicate and creamy but lacking any punch

  • S each time I walked past but my resolve stayed until it was time to experience the Winter menu or otherwise known as the UK specials

  • 30 the queue was almost out of the door

  • S an eating area with tables for four rather than the long benches we&rsquo

  • Ve got children with you though but I rather hankered after sitting at the long tables

  • They taste great and are so refreshing

  • Chillies and peppers in a fiery sweet and hot sauce with shichimi (hot pepper)

  • Had the lemongrass and mint chicken soba which was equally delicious

  • I wondered whether they were explaining how the dishes come when they&rsquo

  • I expected a very similar menu and level of service considering that the seating was very similar to the former branch

  • This branch is comparatively professional

  • The tables and seats were set up as soon as we entered

  • The menus were handed to us and we were first guided to a rack to hang our coats after being assigned a waiter

  • Starters we ordered sake and fried squid which was cooked to absolute perfection and sprinkled with delicious spices

  • The quantity was just enough for one person but not if you're agonizingly hungry like some of us always pretty much are

  • I went with the traditional Yaki Soba which was quite a lot honestly and I some how finished the entire thing but I'm pretty sure 2 people could do very well with sharing it

  • The last main course was the Wagamama Ramen which again I believe is enough for 2 and was delicious

  • What was most astonishing for me was the cheesecake

  • We ordered alongside chocolate fudge cake (I was really excited about this one)

  • This was white chocolate cheesecake with caramelized ginger and it's like nothing I've had before

  • I'm not a fan of cheesecake but this particular one with all of it's flavours drove me crazy

  • The fudge cake was delicious as well but that cheesecake stole the show

  • This branch and the food was an absolute delight

  • Two of the meals came out at similar times whilst the third was a good 5 mins later

  • The gyozas to start are always a winner

  • One of my goals was to get to Wagas as often as I could on my trip to the UK

  • Superbly flavoured with herbs and spices

  • Whenever I have dined with them be it lunch or dinner

  • They have recently launched their new separate vegan and vegetarian menus along with their new Jinzu Fever Gin and Tonic

  • We went along to indulge in their new and old menus and see what was new on the vegan

  • I was happy with the food and service

  • The waitress was very friendly

  • We came away with a memorable culinary experience

  • The portions were served as large meals in a bowl

  • I met a women named Deima she was very kind and friendly

  • I kept asking her so many questions she patiently answered with a sweet smile

wagamama (Old Town) Specialties

  • Japanese
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