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Tipu Sultan (Moseley) Address 43 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8AA
Tipu Sultan (Moseley) Phone 0121 449 8539
Tipu Sultan (Moseley) Opening Hours Daily : 12noon - 11pm
Tipu Sultan (Moseley) Food Price £31.5 - £54 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about Tipu Sultan (Moseley)

62 reviews
  • Worst thing ever was they didn't even give any hot towels

  • Waitresses were first class

  • This high class restaurant was a experience I will not forget

  • All the staff were very attentive and offered to show us round

  • When we arrived we were told our table wasn't ready and shunted off upstairs into a lobby off their empty banqueting suites

  • After waiting for 20 minutes with nobody coming to see us

  • We were told an earlier booking had overstayed and they were trying to encourage them to finish up and leave

  • Still no news the manager said the table was being prepared and we would get free popadoms and pickles (something we regularly get in other local restaurants in any case

  • After another 5 mins (30 mins after our booking time) I went down again to chase them up and was told we could come down

  • When we came into the restaurant we still had nowhere to sit and were asked to go back to the lobby

  • At 9.35pm we all walked out after a member of our group had contacted another local restaurant who were able to accommodate our group

  • Sultani platter n naan is really nice been a few time but it is in the expensive side

  • Their Biryani is something else

  • Their prices are really amazing for such food quality

  • Those guys are my favourites in Birmingham (Indian cuisine)

  • Been here and the food wasn't as good as I was expecting as I was told it was the best place ever but the overall experience was good the decor is really nice and well presented

  • It is undoubtedly one of the best Pakistani restaurants in the Midlands

  • The girl at the reception was courteous and polite

  • Ordered keema kulcha and it was a huge one

  • Even though alcohol was missing it was an amazing place to have food

  • It is like a majestic place with unbelievable low price

  • Even the foods were greatly tasted

  • All of these were lamb dishes

  • Lamb meat according to me is of a slightly higher quality in Birmingham as opposed to say Delhi

  • I love a fiery dish being an Indian that I am but Handi Ki Mirch is overpowering on the palate because I believe they are a tad too liberal with the pepper

  • Nihari for a discerning Indian palate is overly subdued

  • I think the starters are a let down

  • Murgh Wings and Fish Pakoras were not up to scratch

  • The layer of Basan was too thick to be an enjoyable Pakora

  • You can never go wrong with the Pappadoms but I think they are priced nearly 10 times higher than what they should be (including profit)

  • The staff are not much different from that of Rajdoot in that they are ignorant about the items in the menu and the contents there in

  • The insides are lush but not quite as good as Rajdoot's

  • The decorations are not subtle

  • I have a 'less is more' style but nevertheless fine

  • Have been here a lot of times there was a time when we went here thrice in a single week

  • Full marks to Tipu Sultan (Moseley) even though this is just a couple of years old

  • Tipu Sultan (Moseley) was in my wishlist for a while

  • 30 pm on a weekday (It was a Monday actually) and we were surprised to see it was still almost full

  • Tipu Sultan (Moseley) is quite large

  • Plenty of nice non alcoholic options are available though to quench your thirst

  • Vanilla and Coconut) and another drink which were quite refreshing

  • We had Hyderabadi Chicken Handi along with ever favourite Garlic Naan and a Murgh Biryani

  • Handi Chicken was good but was a bit dry to my liking

  • Another stand out thing about Tipu Sultan (Moseley) was cleanliness and courteous staff

  • We finished off with a Black Currant Ice Cream and had really nice time at Tipu's

  • I went to this restaurant with my best friend who recommended it to me and i loved it

  • I had a lamb curry and it was so nice i also enjoyed the lamb chops

  • The place and food was amazing inside was fantastic and the food was first class

  • We hadn't booked but were given a table after a 5 minute wait

  • There was a wedding/event upstairs and they were clearly very busy this did not affect the service

  • All the portions were big and after admitting we couldn't eat it all

  • We came home with a 'doggy bag' to finish later

  • Roomali roti were perfect with butter chicken

  • The size of rice they serve is very less as per the price they offer

  • The tables were sticky and the service was poor

  • Tipu Sultan is deserving of all the positive reviews it has amassed over the short few years it's been open

  • As a regular from its first weeks in operation to now the one thing that I feel they deserve the highest praise for is ' consistency '

  • Style presentation are all vital but if the food doesn't excite the taste buds there's no point

  • Portions are generous and one main dish is more than enough for two

  • The only reason I didn't score it a five is a feeling that the soft drinks are a tad over priced when comparing to the cost of food

  • The comparison I use is a starter of seekh kebabs made of lamb cost £

  • A small complaint and I always have water with my food so why am i complaining

Tipu Sultan (Moseley) Specialties

  • Indian
  • Pakistani
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