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Ju Ju's Cafe (Brindleyplace) Address 1 Canal Square, Brindleyplace, Birmingham B16 8EH
Ju Ju's Cafe (Brindleyplace) Phone 0121 456 3384
Ju Ju's Cafe (Brindleyplace) Opening Hours Monday : Closed
Tuesday - Friday : 6am - 10pm
Saturday : 10am - 4pm, 6pm - 10pm
Sunday : 10am - 4pm
Ju Ju's Cafe (Brindleyplace) Food Price £10 - £20 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about Ju Ju's Cafe (Brindleyplace)

28 reviews
  • Juju's cafe is all about serving fresh local sourced ingredients cooking up the best of traditional British English cuisine

  • It's location is not far off by the surroundings of Birmingham's well recognised Broad Street

  • 7.99 (served with grated cheese &

  • 10.99 (crushed potato with a medley of mature cheddar cheese

  • 7.99 (served with brioche bun

  • * Soup of the Day Lamb stew with beans in a tomato based soup

  • 12.99 (served with spring onion

  • The experience we had a Juju's cafe was outstanding the food

  • Luxurious Royal eggs with salmon (not on zomato's menu)

  • The Pancakes and Eggs in Purgatory are totally recommended if you are going there

  • Every meal in this restaurant is a pleasant time when we enjoy authentic dishes and good quality

  • The service is pleasant and attentive

  • I visited Ju Ju's Cafe (Brindleyplace) with my family and this restaurant is incredible

  • The incredible thing is that if you have a taste for something which isn't on the menu or a special dietary need

  • I was there with my mates last night and I took myself the Fish and Chips which was very good and nachos we ate before the food was also great

  • They have a service which is in my opinion extraordinary

  • I have been to Ju Ju's for the third time and I have never been disappointed with the great level of service and the food

  • Last time I was there I had the Fish &

  • The prices are reasonable considering the freshness and quality of the products used and Julia is a lovely lady

  • Comfort is underrated is modern cooking

  • S Julia is boss and her world is about feeding others

  • On arrival we were greeted warmly and politely by the staff

  • We ordered the sharing breakfast platter for two with a glass of fresh orange each and extra toast for one

  • The quality of the food was good although a little cool

  • Sitting down by the side of the canal there is no where better in Birmingham to have your full English breakfast

  • This is by far the best British restaurant in Birmingham

  • The food portions are massive and really savory

  • Then we shared a sticky toffee pudding with custard which was delightful

Ju Ju's Cafe (Brindleyplace) Specialties

  • Cafe
  • British
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