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Fiesta del Asado (Edgbaston) Address 229 Hagley Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B16 9RP
Fiesta del Asado (Edgbaston) Phone 0121 455 9331
Fiesta del Asado (Edgbaston) Opening Hours Monday - Friday : 12noon - 3pm, 5:30pm - 11pm
Saturday & Sunday : 12noon - 11pm
Fiesta del Asado (Edgbaston) Food Price £35 - £60 per pax
Payment by Cash,Cards

What people say about Fiesta del Asado (Edgbaston)

65 reviews
  • On entering you are warmly greeted and shown to a bar to the right with seating

  • It was quiet to begin with but soon filled up and had a good atmosphere

  • The decoration is pleasant but not entirely to my liking

  • An exposed brick wall with metal bread oven doors dominates the room

  • At the back is an open plan kitchen showing the chefs busy at work on the large Asado (barbecue)

  • A meat feast was what we&rsquo

  • D come for and a meat feast is what we ordered

  • Cheese and bread with sobrasada (a rich pork based spread)

  • The quantity was perfect for a starter

  • Very rare steak was one of the best I have ever tasted

  • Salsicha criolla (tasty mini sausages with a citrus flavour)

  • Chorizo and morcilla curada or black sausage with garlic and paprika (for me too overpowering)

  • The selection was served with a small dishes of good sauces (chimichurri and malbec)

  • Whereas I decided another beer was in order for me

  • The almond and orange tart served with honeyed ice cream looked good and seemed to disappear very quickly (so it must have been good)

  • Went down very well with the meat feast

  • It had some of the best meats I have eaten out for a long time

  • This restaurant is of a high calibre and the price reflects this so I have reviewed it accordingly

  • The menu can be expensive but the value for money was good about £

  • 300 for 6 with mains/ a few desserts and a fair bit of alcohol (I think it was 3 bottles of wine a few shots and a few beers)

  • Considering it was a bit of a feast I think the price was reasonable

  • The restaurant was misleading from the outside

  • Looking at face value to be a rundown building on Hagley Road with an Argentine flag outside and limited parking (reasonable at the back looked a bit dodgy for the cars parked at the front)

  • Once inside it was a different story

  • Well presented staff in a comfortable setting in style with the restaurant

  • I found the service to be of the highest standard and was suitably impressed from booking to the end of the meal

  • We felt welcome upon entering and our waitress was attentive throughout

  • She explained how each cut would be when cooked which was quite helpful for the larger dishes (they have a 40oz t bone which was cooked pretty well considering its size)

  • I did notice that the staff taking the orders were much more professional than the staff serving the meals

  • The restaurant was absolutely packed and I noticed the serving staff squeezing past customers and even forcing themselves in front of customers being seated

  • The overall service was very good however and enough to compensate for this minor occurrence (however I wouldn't expect customers to be brushed aside in any restaurant let alone on of this calibre)

  • I would say that if you order the large 40oz t bone to ask for it to be seasoned more as it was lacking compared to the other dishes

  • Towards the end we asked for part of the t bone to be cooked a little more as it was too rare for our liking and they were happy to oblige)

  • Oddly enough for a steakhouse I thought the sausages and chicken of the mixed grill were the best parts of the meal

  • I was slightly disappointed with the short ribs that were ordered as having had this cut abroad in south america in the past I held very high expectations

  • I came expecting them to be cut long with most of the bone intact

  • This is actually only part of the short ribs with the majority of the meat being from a different cut

  • Desserts were ordered with 2 of us opting for the churros and one portion of the orange pancakes

  • Pancakes were great and the ice cream that came with it was dense

  • The churros wasn't fully cooked through and was like a soggy donut inside

  • The replacement was better but still a bit of a soggy inside (maybe a bad batch

  • Considering every seat was full with a few covers

  • Fiesta del Asado (Edgbaston) is really recommended

  • The pasta had a thick tomato sauce with a subtle taste of spices

  • I also tried the Yerba Mate Tea which was decent (similar to green tea I suppose)

  • The seats looked classical but to be honest were not that comfortable however that was not a big deal

  • On the bone with Malbec sauce however

  • A fantastic bottle of Malbec coupled with the rack of lamb

  • When I told them it was the BEST steak I had ever eaten

  • Fiesta del Asado is an absolute must for anyone who loves their steak and actually for any other food lover

  • Came here on a weeknight with my friends celebrating my birthday

  • The steak is the best I've tasted in Birmingham

  • The creamed spinach side is so moreish

  • The portions are very generous fantastic value for money and I will come back again and again

  • I was not able to try the steaks because they are cooked alongside shell fish

  • The 12 hour cooked brisket was an excellent alternative

  • Those who chose sea bass were also very pleased with this choice

  • The contamination of the steak dishes with fish and it is bit pricey

  • Classic restaurant with dishes that make you feel like each dish was made especially for you

  • If the prices are too much is up to you but enjoy food that you probably never had before

  • Visited as a large group which meant we were sat on a large table in the middle of the restaurant

  • All steaks were cooked perfectly and can definitely be recommended

  • A full midweek dining room is a sight that makes me happy

  • Those who eat on school nights are committed gluttons

  • They know where the good stuff is at and they don&rsquo

Fiesta del Asado (Edgbaston) Specialties

  • Latin American
  • Italian
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